“Emily’s focussed work is a revival of a set of psycho-active yantras or Power Art, that affect consciousness on a deeper level.
These beautifully crafted disks of Ancient Sound Frequencies assist us in remembering the knowledge that has been lost, yet it is contained within our cells.
Her choice of Harmonics and Symbols that have been colourfully executed and explained, give insight into the deeper meaning of Sacred Geometry,
the Art of Remembering who we are and where we came from, utilizing the Universal Language of Shape and Pattern Recognition.
For those students who were fearful of mathematics and numbers, here is a set of exciting new Templates that translates Number Into Art  and permits whole-brain Learning.
I look forward to seeing your next stream of timeless new codes”.

Jain 108

“This sacred geometrical deck of cards is an alchemical amalgamation of consciousness, sound frequencies, fractal geometry, and esoteric knowledge possessed by the ancients. From the seed of life to Metatron’s cube, to the Solfeggio Frequencies and the Platonic solids, this collection beautifully illustrates this lost hermetic gnosis. When we peer into the depths of sacred geometry and the archetypes of existence, a self-awakening occurs that forever transforms our waking reality of coincidence and serendipity into a realm of meaningful synchronicity and divine creation.”

Joe Dubs

Are you looking for more than just your standard oracle deck? Look no further than Emily’s “Sacred Geometry Healing Cards”. These cards and guides are a synergy of sacred geometry, animal, plant, frequencies and vibrational energy put together to strengthen your personal healings and awakening. For those thinking - “argh geometry and awkward school flash backs”, don’t panic as Emily has focused her work into a set of power art that will help take your conscious level deeper. Once you start using these cards, you’ll find yourself discovering more and more about frequencies, light language, geometry and how these building blocks can awaken more of our cells and DNA within our body. You will also find yourself going deeper into different beautiful grids and layouts creating a world of opportunities from wealth, health and protection to name a few. When Tarotopia first saw these cards and met the beautiful Emily, we knew that these cards were special and for people in the field of healings or looking for more of a personal connection that these cards were the ones to use. I myself was never a big geometry person but needed more than the standard deck could give. Since using these cards, I have been on a journey of discovery. These cards, as I put it, “nail me” every time and the frequencies recommended and transitions they have given me work a treat. I personally, highly recommend this deck to anyone who is in the healing field or has an interest in light energy, geometry or looking for that bit more. Thank you, Emily, for providing such a wonderful deck and wealth of information for users and a beautiful deck to sell to clients.
Peter and Debbie - Tarotopia



"I have just completed an amazing workshop with Emily Kisvarda on Sacred Geometry, Solfeggio frequencies, Platonic solids and all you need to know on these topics. I have been looking for this kind of workshop for 18 months. Emily is an amazing teacher who is extremely knowledgeable, patient and supportive. I was able to ask a lot of questions and she has this ability to explain complex concepts in a way the mind is able to comprehend. Emily's meditations are awesome and they activated latent codes within me where I had deeper understanding of who I was in my past lives. Emily is Awesome and an Amazing Soul!! Plus I made my first elixir from the grid we created during the workshop and I'm using it now:))) It was an awesome day with Emily.
Jelena B, Melbourne, Australia" 10/9/19


My first experience with Emily’s essences was at a workshop. She offered me a sample of the latest essence she had just created ‘The Alchemy of Thoth.’ The potency metaphorically knocked my socks off. I instantly felt a huge shift and became aware of what was being cleared. As an Emotional Reprogrammer and Multidimensional Healer, I offered the essence to selected clients and friends, whose patterns I was acutely in tune with. Each received from that essence exactly what they needed at that time, unique to each of them. Emily recently spent time in Egypt and created three new essences equally powerful to accelerate shifts in ones consciousness and patterns. Her range of essences address shifts on all level. My experience was a profound shift, while others were more subtle. Her essences are a testament to her mastery in alchemy’.
Jules Pahor . Bioenergetic Health Central Coast NSW

Emily created a space of learning that was supportive, comprehensive and experiential. She covers essential material which sets the foundation for the afternoon where you are able to play with the tools and apply the learning and access your own Intuitive Self - taking home your own vibrational essence which assists you to step forward into your future path - highly recommended !! Emily is a passionate researcher and soul guide.
Kinds regards,
Lian x


Thank You so so much for today’s awesome Sacred Geometry course. I feel like so many shifts have happened on multiple levels through your teachings and the meditations.
I know I will continue to integrate for the next few days.
Emily you are truly unique in how you are bringing your truth to your work. I will be recommending not only your elixirs to my clients but also your programs. “
Emma Woolrich
Founder and creator of Life Symmetry Pty Ltd.
Tribe leader at Experience You and creator of self healing modality Orb Genetics TM


"I was fortunate to attend Emily Kisvarda's As Above So Below Sacred Geometry class here in Albury recently and what an absolute eye opening experience it was. Emily's warm and friendly nature, her depth of knowledge and her ability to teach and intuitively guide us is just incredible. I am absolutely loving Emily's Sacred Geometry Healing cards also. I feel very blessed to have been a part of this class and I highly recommend it. Thanks so much Emily."
Jaycee Bee.

In the time I have known Emily, she has taught me some amazing things. She has given me the gift of some of her knowledge and the basic tools to be able to work with Crystals and create my own amazing grids. I was fortunate enough to attend her workshop and was absolutely blown away by her amazing knowledge of Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Gridding and her amazing Essences that she so lovingly creates. I am very fortunate to be working with her and I look forward to the amazing things she will be teaching us all in the future. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next Emily, you are constantly surprising me! As I watch you grow and evolve it makes me proud that you will be sharing your future experiences, creations and knowledge with us for many years to come.
Kaliopi ~ Oriental Tea Leaf Card Reader/Psychic/Clairvoyant.
Readings By Kaliopi.

Hey Emily ❤️ had to share! I am ‘playing’ with my new gifts.
So I pick up energetically through the bottle purely holding in my hands.
I tested each one as I had done at your stall.
Isis - something wonderful happened. When I moved the bottle from my left to right hand in front of my body...I literally felt my energy (like all of it) moving from left to right...much like moving your hand through water.
I held the bottle in my right hand and moved vertically up and down my body about 10 inches away from my body and felt the energy in my body moving up and down....much like a singing bowl Experience but much deeper.
This is like working with crystals and oils simultaneously.
I am going to try tomorrow simply placing drops into my palms and running through my aura to see what happens.
Emma Woolrich - Life Symmetry Pty Ltd


June 2019

I met Emily at this year’s Melbourne Mind Body & Spirit festival.
An incredible lady who has created amazing Liquid Alchemy in A Bottle - LAB.
She travels around the world to ancient sites and has channeled the Solfeggio frequencies into a liquid form!!
I was so blown away by the way these impacted my energy, that I am recommending my Orb Genetics TM Practitioners and students to include in their research as part of their own spiritual evolvement.

Emma Woolrich - Life Symmetry Pty Ltd




August 2019

Hey beautiful just wanted to tell you that Thoth is soooo amazing! 😍😍😍 the first night I had the most amazing "dream" adventures on spaceships. The second night, it allowed me to travel to beings who needed me. I actually prevented a suicide. It was beautiful! I've been able to do these things before but this time it wasnt random like usual. Far more conscious "to go where I am needed" thank you so much!!! Caroline


Absolutely beautiful and strong sacred geometry healing cards. Emily was a delight to trade with, prompt service, communication. I sense beautiful healing warm energies around her and within her. Highly recommended

Jasmine Baker



Love The sacred geometry cards and I use them every day in healing and during my own meditations. Emily’s readings are intuitive, to the point, gentle and precise. Make sure u book in with her for her energy readings!

Andrew Yeo

I have been using Emily’s templates and essences for some time now.  I use the templates for crystal grids, manifesting, healing and general ‘right now’ energy.  I love her work, it deeply resonates with me, and I feel the energy of each template and essence strongly within my being.  Emily has sparked my interest in sacred geometry and these templates have helped to further my knowledge. Thank you Emily for all of your hard work for bringing these tools to us to help heal humanity and our planet.

Kylie Davidson – Krystal Love


I really like these cards, I am a card fiend having created two oracle decks myself and collected cards for years. What I love is their originality, they are full of information that is not just another set of the same old thing. They are beautifully produced and a pleasure to use.

Felicity Skye


The Sacred Geometry healing cards are amazing! Emily has combined so many elements of healing and practical application into one beautiful deck and guidebook. Her intuitive knowledge is incredible and she offers fractal geometry, sound (Solfeggio) frequencies, chakras, crystals, numerology, affirmations and other areas of ancient wisdom to guide you on your path. Highly recommended and I use them every day!

Michelle Oberdorf



Wow! Emily, I’ve been incorporating your gorgeous templates in my Women’s Circle’s, Mediations and Guide to Healing work with individuals. Your templates add another aspect to all healing work. I’ve found them to be powerful in assisting clients to move through blockages and old programmes with less resistance. They blend beautifully with Crystals, Sound, Colour and Touch Therapy. In group work the templates add a grounding; soothing quality and just looking at them has a positive effect. For a number a week’s I had your healing templates under the massage table with different crystal grids and all the healing work was profound both for myself and my clients. It’s a beautiful gift you have Emily, to me it feels like alchemy, a blending of the Sacred. Thank you for creating your templates and sharing your wisdom and love with the world. Love and Gratitude Natasha x Healing Heart Therapies



I just want to say, I use Emily’s templates in my healings, both on myself and for my monthly Free distance healings AND on individual clients. They are AMAZING!!! I often sit with the energy of the healing I am to conduct and then intuitively choose a template. I put it under the sheets on the healing bed and often forget which one I have chosen!! The healings and things that come up during the healings are SO relevant to what is needed and what comes through during a healing, BETTER STILL even the CLIENTS pick up on the energies without even knowing they are on a template!!! Emily’s knowledge, wisdom and energy is simply Divine. I HIGHLY recommend these for all healing modalities, you dont have to understand them completly, Emily has already done the hard work for us!!! Just TRUST the process and enjoy the results… truly beautiful tools for lightworkers at ALL stages… Thank you so much Em for creating these for us. XXX

Emily Pettigrew, Natural Energies Practitioner



Hi Em! I’ve been meaning to email you! He has Parkinsons – I’ve been using your templates regularly (love them!) His overall mood has lifted and his pain seems to have eased quite a bit – he’s not so focused on it any more. Great results – I can’t wait to try your essences.

Toni Imrie



Thank you so much for the beautiful “Super Moon Essence for stability, balance, love & allaying fear”. It truly has transformed me. Your product works on such a high vibration, you truly have created a gem. Look forward to doing more soulful business in the future. In love & light! X

Talia Ward



Thank you Emily for your amazing healing/massage yesterday! I feel so much better today ~ u are a truly gifted healer ~ will be booking in again when ur up next! ♥

Megan Twidle


Many Thanks for your crystal essence. If you do not have one on order for this coming moon transition please make me another. The impact and support from the essence and ultimately your intuition/connection has been remarkable, from its amazing arrival/events to now – quite amazing. Thank u.

Horse Instincts – Transformative Programs Using Horse Wisdom


I wanted to let you all know how wonderful Emily from Phoenix Gateway – Healing, Crystals & Jewellery is. I have been struggling physically after the birth of my son, 19 weeks ago and something prompted me to ask Emily if she did up medicine bags for my infection. I am so glad I did! She opened her arms, heart, time and energy to me and has supported me so much this week. Going above and beyond to help pick the right crystals for me, doing me an amazing grid and also my first ever essence. She has offered words of guidance, encouragement and love. I am so looking forward to my very
special package arriving. And to a long friendship with Emily ♥

Fiona Gardner



Hi Emily. was so lovely seeing you at MBS, i had a wonderful day. i want to thank you, because if not for our healing session, i would not be feeling as free as do in this very moment. you’ve helped me let go and accept my reality, and now i’m giving myself permission to be happy using a new-found spiritual awareness. each day i get better at loving myself, and those around me. whats more, i’ve fed off your passion for crystals, and can really feel the power they evoke. i look forward to our next session, and many more to come, as they keep me in check, and in balance. i’ve shifted my focus within, and with your guidance, i feel in control and confident. and nothing beats that feeling!! x x x

Tal Mazor


I want to thank Emily so much for such a relaxing and beautiful healing. It was so gentle but I came away with more clarity on a situation that was bothering me, it seemed the healing put the jumble of my thoughts and emotions back into the ‘filing system’ and cleared the confusion. Very talented lady who works from her heart and I would recommend her to anyone needing clarity, peace and guidence. Her use and knowledge of crystals is just divine, I cant wait for my next encounter!! Thank you from one Emily, to another. xxx

Divine Jewellery



My beautiful friend Megan recommended Emily to me for a distance healing, I needed help to ‘let go’ of a situation/person that was no longer good for me and was causing me some very detrimental problems. Just one day after Em created a crystal grid and an essence for me the problem was solved, I took the essence until the bottle was finished to help anchor the healing. Emily’s healing was very profound I can not thank her enough for the difference she has made in my life, I am ME once more…the unconditional love that eminates from Emily is so amazing, I feel I have not only been healed of my problem but i have also found a soul sister. Much love & Blessings to you dear Emily ♥

Yvonne Lodge


I met Emily at The Dream Festival last year and felt an instant connection to her and her grids/ sacred geometry. I had no idea this stuff even existed but have been set on a path that sees me play with her amazing grids on a daily basis. I also purchased a set of her amazing essences and I have enjoyed placing them on my grids, which I believe enhances the vibration. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that Emily has to offer and her knowledge is absolutely out of this world when it comes to her craft. I’m on tenterhooks waiting for her tarot cards to become available too! Thanks Emily for being your amazing self. xxxx Lee Poulson



Emily has the most amazing gift. She is my Guru and one stop shop to everything beautiful and wonderful! One of her extraordinary gifts is the most divine essences that have been lovingly created by her from scratch to soothe and aid any of your ailments; whether it be pain, heartache, emotional etc…I have found that her essences bring out your most true potentials. These essences, her knowledge of crystals and gridding alongside her healing, are the most amazing gifts from a truly authentic and humble healer. – Readings By Kaliopi



I have found my experience with Emily to be extremely profound. Her compassion for the human experience and the depth of work, time and love she puts into each individual is incomparable. Emily has an amazing gift of insight and healing that I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Forever grateful.

Jodie xo



Emily is an amazing healer!! Emily is working from her heart and her intention is to assist you in moving through your stuff. I had a healing from Emily recently and her message was profound and deep, I appreciate and honour her honesty and love. Emily is working her purpose and is truely gifted with her gridding and essence creation. My healing/essence are still moving through the layers of my being as I write this and I’m ever so grateful.
Love Natashaxx



I have had a Grid and Essence created for me by Emily and have to say her knowledge, both technical and intuitive is remarkable – her innate ability to sense issues at hand, and what is needed to address them, is quite astonishing.

Emily’s crystals are of the highest quality and reasonably priced – she is a great source for beautiful, rare or extraordinary stones and her information on their metaphysical properties, uses and benefits is comprehensive to say the least.

She’s a caring and skilled practitioner and lovely to deal with – her love for what she does is clearly reflected in her work. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Julie Hewat


Really amazing crystals – I have been so thrilled with all of my purchases from Emily. A wonderful experience every time.

Heidi LaFaerie


Hi Emily, Firstly I would like to say, Your crystals are of the Most Highest quality ♥ them all….Your a caring wonderful person & is always willing too help those that are learning…thank you Emily xo ♥

Mandy Holmes


Emily was kind enough to assist my dog who was having a few issues. Her insight an knowledge is amazing. The grid was perfect, the energy from the picture was amazing and the crystal essences were fantastic in helping my dog. I also took her advice on placing crytals in his bedding. The results are amazing. Thank you again 🙂

Shona Forbes


I have bought quiet a few things off Emily so far and everytime I am so impressed with the quality of crystals she supplies. The price she charges is so reasonable and you can tell she has a real passion for crystals and helping people.

Fiona Gardner


Hi Emily, I received the Mookaite and Petalite yesterday! Thankyou so much for hand selecting such gorgeous stones. The energy of the mookaite is beautiful. I am always happy with the quality of your crystals xx

Janine Huygens


Hi Emily. I received the beautiful crystals today in the post – thanks for the fast postage and very friendly and helpful service! I can’t wait to make the mermaids that will go with them! Many thanks, Vanessa.

Mermaids Dreaming by Vanessa Witschi

Thankyou Emily for the amazingly powerful grid & essence that you created for me recently. I could feel it before you even finished it! Both have assisted me so much more than I could have expected & have helped me stay grounded through my own personal shifts ♥ You are a Blessing & have a very special gift to share with the world! ThankYou from the bottom of my heart ♥

Stytchy Wytchy Stuff By Meg Twidle


Emily oh Emillyyyyyyy!!!!! I got my package today and I am in HEAVEN – thank you so much yet again for a parcel chock full of the most amazing and incredible crystals. I adore them all – thank you for my gifty too. The amphibole tumbles are amazing I really love them ♥ Amethyst elestial is simply divine and how powerful is the flourite octy piece!! omygoddess! the muscovite quartz is so beautiful, i love it even more in person, and the red amethyst is crazy beautiful. i love it all, big hugs and thanks again ♥ xxx

Heidi LaFaerie


Thank you Emily so much for my grid and essence!! You were spot on with your info and I could feel that what was happening with my grid was spot on in my life…The cards you pulled out to go with the grid – AMAZING!! My healing will take time but you have been very helpful and getting back to me quickly with extra info/emails to check in on me and provide support when most needed. Thank you!! And also supplier of awesome crystals….xx

Lee-Ann Bunyoung


I had a grid done for my son, JMS, and he is healing. The essence has helped immeasurably – and he doesn’t even believe in mum’s ‘witchy shit’! That has somewhat changed now, and he is becoming more in tune with himself, and to opening to experience – it doesn’t have to be negative. So, if I didn’t say it before, blessings on you for all your hard work – oh, btw – is it poss to get more essence if needed? In deepest gratitude, Emily. )O(

Jo Edwards


Em, just received my AMAZING box of crystals, all lovingly packaged – it was just like Christmas and Mayrah-Claire has spent the last 1/2 hour playing with her faerie crystals you included! Much love for them and the little giftie tangerine quartz and amethyst! Am overwhelmed by how beautiful they all are and their exceptional quality. I am going to spend the afternoon playing and finding just the right spots for them in the house. Thanks again and you know I will be back soon! Laini xoxo

Jelaina-Kim Fayle-Forman


Thanks Emily for my grid and essence. As soon as you started on my grid I felt an instant connection. You freaked me out with how accurate you were with some things. And that gorgeous grid ~ just love it. Every time I sneak a peak, I find new things I hadn’t noticed.Thanks so much. I am not sure how you do what you do ~ but you have an incredible talent and a beautiful soul. Thanks Jacqui ♥

Jacqui Ryan


I have an Autistic son, and thanks to Emily for offering him a chance at peace. Her Starlight essence has ( unbeknownst to him) has calmed the angry frustrated spirit inside him, also her selection of calming stones has been permanently padlocked to his bedrail ( by him ) to allow for peaceful deep sleep!

Stones recommended and supplied by Emily have helped me to sleep better, restore calm and tranquility to my hectic life, being an anxious, stressed bi-polar with 5 children!!

I thank Emily from the bottom of my heart, and would recommend her to any and all who look into her services!

I have an Autistic son, and thanks to Emily for offering him a chance at peace. Her Starlight essence has ( unbeknownst to him) has calmed the angry frustrated spirit inside him, also her selection of calming stones has been permanently padlocked to his bedrail ( by him ) to allow for peaceful deep sleep!

Stones recommended and supplied by Emily have helped me to sleep better, restore calm and tranquility to my hectic life, being an anxious, stressed bi-polar with 5 children!!

I thank Emily from the bottom of my heart, and would recommend her to any and all who look into her services!

Cassie Sutton




I enjoyed watching Owl Medicine come into creation & felt the clarity & clearing it offered ~ most noticably in my head ~ whenever I looked upon the grid. Now, as an essence (which I take internally), it is working for me on a much deeper level. It has assisted me to see situations clearly, leaving me to wonder how on Earth I missed signs & signals before. Owl Medicine has shown me that Clarity can also feel like a cold stinging slap to the face, but sometimes we need that to snap out of our haze 😉 .I love to keep my bottle in my sewing room, helps keep the creativity flowing when I feel a block come up by clearing away the mental fog & internal noise. Couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me! I also infuse my bath with these drops ~ nice & relaxing!! Thankyou Emily for weaving your beautiful grid magick & bringing Owl Medicine to us.

Meg Twidle (Stytchy Wytchy Stuff by Meg Twidle)


Taking the Owl Medicine essence brought about a much needed hibernation for myself, to sit in stillness and to look within, it was during this time I was able to step back from troubling situations and be able to see them more clearer and with a new perspective. The owl medicine gave me the wisdom to help me shift through thought processes, blocks and stagnant situations. I am looking forward to learning some more truths with the Wolf being the next instalment


Maya Giampa



My entire family took the amazing Owl Essence magically made by Emily.  My personal experience was amazing.  All of the busyness in my mind, and confusion about a particular task fell away and left me with an amazing clarity of the next step and all the steps leading up to our goal.  Clear direction without fear of stepping forward, and a calmness that ‘all will be as it should be’, no need to rush, all in divine time.   I also found myself letting go of things that were of no benefit to me anymore easily.  Hubby made decisions, my 8yr old son calmed down and i found him coming out with amazing wisdom for his age, he loves the owl essence and takes it by himself when he felt he needed it.  It evened us all out and we began functioning better as a family.  We now can’t wait for Wolf, my 8 yr old in particular. Thank you Emily for bringing your healing magic into our lives. I think most people will benefit from taking this essence.


With Love Kylie Davidson from Krystal Love



I have been taking Owl Essence for a few weeks now.  During this time my fear of finances and the future have eased. For a very long time i have wanted to launch into my own business but have been blocked and have been unable to move into it due to the feeling i have had to go out and work for other people. Since taking owl, i have realised that the business i have wanted to do is not for me, hence why i have borked at jumping into it.  I have also realised that what i am meant to be doing and working on, and my energies have fully moved into this direction.  This has been a block for me for many many years and now i am moving forward with great excitement for what the future holds for our venture.  The processes that have happened since beginning this essence has been wonderful and has helped me greatly move into the next phase of my life.


From Jacqui S, QLD, Australia