Integrated Healing and Soul Reading


Integrated healings and soul readings on offer. I am an integrated healer, and work with my sacred geometry healing cards and vibrational elixirs. I can assist you in these vulnerable times as you find your direction and bring about healing on all levels of your being.

Given the current situation worldwide, I offer my reading and healings on Zoom. With my healing, I practice Pellowah which translates to a radical shift in consciousness.

Allow 90 minutes



There’s no better time than now to gift yourself an integrated healing session with Emily. With the changes occurring in frequency universally, we are needing to step up and shift the old limiting belief system we carry that no longer serves us. Time to stand in your power and take hold of your life on all levels of your being. Confront your shadows and wounding that you are ready to release and turn them into light so you can rise like the Phoenix and access the unlimited potential awaiting you.

Sessions are available on zoom. With the healing aspect, Pellowah has been my modality of choice. It translates to a radical shift in consciousness. It’s a high vibrational energy that connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation. pellowah helps to unblock s well as re-align all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connection and well-being.

Pellowah works well with pets and plants and is an excellent  technique to use in absentee healing.

The growth and change that comes about with Pellowah, allows the old framework , the old belief systems that you have, to be built upon without it being a traumatic experience. Pellowah helps to expand consciousness, hence making a person more objective.

Over time, you will notice how the energy changes you. The healing happens from the inside out which creates the light within you.


The card deck I use when reading, prior to a session, are with my Sacred Geometry Healing Cards. Depending on circumstance, I may do the read prior to our face to face and then expand on it.