Healing Grid and Crystal Set


Included are – Merkaba Template A6 and 4 x clear quartz points, shungite, rose quartz, carnelian, smoky quartz, garnet, 2 x selenite rods Create a divine grid to assist you on your healing journey. Know you are loved and safe. Use the affirmation – ” I am free of physical pain and release all negative karmic and emotional energy for optimum healing to occur.”

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“Gridding is an art form which can be expressed in many different ways. When we grid, we are bringing in light, colour and sound comprising different vibrational frequencies – much like a musical composition. Placed together with such things as crystals, herbs, feathers or fruit, we can create a specific ‘musical’ harmonic giving the most amazing vibrational frequency which can be felt within us and may even be heard by some.” ~ Emily Kisvarda