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  • Intuitive Reading with Emily

    Intuitive Reading with Emily

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    • An intuitive reading using the Sacred Geometry Healing/Oracle Cards.

    Emily has been doing channeled work for the past 14 years. Her gift came about after the death of her husband.

    Emily is clairsentient first and foremost, followed by claircognizant, clairaudient and clairvoyant. The longer Emily has worked in this field, the stronger each becomes. It is also a process of trust. 

    When you book in, Emily will ask if you have a specific question that you want her to answer.



    Emily will connect to you energetically or in person and channel all respective information. she will draw cards after this using the Sacred Geometry Healing Cards and will work through the question you have.

    After the reading, all information will be written up ( only if reading is not face to face), along with  suggestions for carrying crystals or working with sound, grids and so on.


    Here are a couple testimonials -


    "Love The sacred geometry cards and I use them every day in healing and during my own meditations. Emily’s readings are intuitive, to the point, gentle and precise. Make sure u book in with her for her energy readings!" Andrew


    "A wonderful reading and I love it so much. This was so kind for you to do this for me. I’d not expected it! You’re amazing. I wrote notes answering your paragraphs because everything was so “on”—well you just had to know. You are not only a joy in the world but a true wise empath." Dinah








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