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  • Integrated Healing Sessions with Emily
    Integrated Healing Sessions with EmilyIntegrated Healing Sessions with EmilyIntegrated Healing Sessions with Emily

    Integrated Healing Sessions with Emily

    • $150.00
    • 1 hour integrated healing session with Emily. This can be via skype or in person.



    Are you ready to rise like the Phoenix?

    Pain on all levels defines who we are until we are ready to process and heal it. For many of us, we need to sit in our pain, make our mistakes and get to a point that you can’t keep going down the path you are on. It may become self destructive and detrimental first and foremost to the relationship you have with yourself and then the relationships you have with others.

    The challenges we are faced with can make or break us. Through my own experiences, I have learnt that for every crisis there is a gift. The hardships we face, actually become the triggers we need to consciously awaken and start our journey of self healing and self discovery.

    There’s no better time than now to gift yourself an integrated healing session with Emily. With the changes occurring in frequency universally, we are needing to step up and shift the old limiting belief system we carry that no longer serves us. Time to stand in your power and take hold of your life on all levels of your being. Confront your shadows and wounding that you are ready to release and turn them into light so you can rise like the Phoenix and access the unlimited potential awaiting you.

    Sessions are available via skype and in person. Please use the link below to purchase and contact me via email or phone 0411335842 to organise an appointment time.

    As we are not restricted to time or place, integrated healings can take place hands on or distantly. I find distantly working with a client can be more potent.


    Due to time differences overseas, this may be of benefit as a time can be arranged when the healing can be done and the client notified.

    Every session is different and  may also include a meditation or working with specific tones .

    I use my Sacred Geometry Healing cards in the healing and may do a reading for you as well.



    * Emily is a gifted reader & healer who gives it to you straight & from the heart.Her readings are spot on and healing sessions are sublime. She's the Real Deal! - Meg Twidle


    * After my healing session with Emily I was left feeling refreshed, clear and reconnected.
    I felt reunited with my soul, and have gained a much needed sense of balance restored within.
    Thank you Emily! - Emma - Leigh Sims


    * Emily has an awesome deck of cards that I use in my own practice for reading and healing.

    I just received an amazing healing from Emily, which was so powerful and in tune with what I needed. I trust Emily so much with knowing what things I need and she brings a cacophony of knowledge and healing tools to every session. All I can say is wow and thank you. - Maurice Katting




    My Qualifications  -

    Bachelor of Nursing

    Author and Teacher

    Reiki I,II,IIIA

    Crystal Healer

    CLH Teacher

    Integrated Healer


    A teacher of sacred geometry and life and still learning *




    Weight gm


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