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  • Unlimited potential Template- A4

    Unlimited potential Template- A4

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    • Use this UNLIMITED POTENTIAL template A4 when Feeling stuck, Wanting to create life changes, Rising above programmed limitations.
    We live in a world controlled by money, greed and power. Although we aren’t physically shackled to our environment, we are still controlled by it. Life gives us choices, however advances in technology and needing money to survive, we have over time, had to change our lifestyles to comply with the ever evolving world in which we live. We eat more fast foods and our other foods are becoming genetically modified. We are looking for more “quick fixes” to keep up with life that is going faster and our stress factors increase as we try to maintain financial security, look after families and forget about our own needs. It’s no wonder that for some, alcohol and drugs are an escape. In hindsight, we have lost the essence of who we really are, hence emotional and physical well being has suffered greatly. Was it in our blueprint to come to this world to see evolution and technology change so much that it has created a world of people who are highly stressed and emotionally less stable, causing a multitude of illness across the board? As more and more people consciously awaken and start to unify, they see our universe in a totally different light and are able to step back. The way we are heading will ultimately be like the Fall of Atlantis. Greed, power and in our case money; has caused so much disharmony, that not only has it affected humanity globally with war, famine, disease outbreak, religion and segregation , it has also created mental and neurological issues to 1 in 4 people worldwide. Due to the disharmony of our outer world, Mother Earth is also feeling our pain and is responding. Although many shifts are out of our control gravitationally, we aren’t helping as our frequencies are so “out of sorts”. We are emanating too much anger, hate and negativity into this world, as well as pollution, rather than giving love and healing toward ourselves, Gaia and everyone around us. The Unlimited Potential template is here to show us that life gives us choices. From a young age we acquired programs and behaviours through watching others and learning from those closest to us. Not all of us had the choice to be raised in an ideal world with ideal rules, logic and behaviours. For some, through habit, it becomes a struggle to do things differently. Choice is knowing that habits are made to be broken, to see that life is short and to live out life in a way we know to be right, takes time, practice and a total acceptance that mistakes are allowed as it is through our abilities to fail and make mistakes, that we learn. I also remember a conversation with my father once. He said “do you know what an axiom is “ to this I replied no. He said “an axiom is ultimately self evident truth. So when I say to you sometimes it’s best to learn from the mistakes of others so we don’t make the same mistake, this is what I mean”. My father’s words were true words of wisdom and I have never forgotten. Perception and intention is so important as this helps form our belief system. We can go through life as a pessimist, seeing life as too hard or we can create optimism, knowing that life has its challenges but when we see the positives in what we are doing and wanting to achieve, there is light at the end of the tunnel and great satisfaction. We are here to consciously create the lives we want to live. We don’t always have the means or choice to reside where we do, but we can make the best of what we have around us. From creating harmonious living and work conditions, taking care of our body by exercising, meditating, eating right, avoiding harmful chemicals, to creating a beautiful and positive belief system to make us feel energised and truly alive. To read the full write up, email me for a copy
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