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  • Take Hold A6 Template

    Take Hold A6 Template

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    • Use the Take Hold Template ; To reach and find your unlimited potential Work on your dreams, desires and aspirations Sexual awakening Unlimited Creativity Love Letting go Willingness to change Remove blockages Excellent for use by practitioners or during self healing sessions. . Use as a grid to create beautiful essences or place accordingly within a body layout during a healing session. You may choose to place under your pillow or bed whilst sleeping to absorb the vibrational frequency of the template. The templates can also be used on an alter, place on the wall of your healing room or sacred space.
    The Phoenix is a mythical bird that has the ability to consciously consume itself into flames when he knows death is eminent and then rise again from those very same ashes. As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, he takes hold of the essence of his whole being, bringing through with him the remnant s of his past. The Phoenix is a representation of our being. We all have a path to follow once we choose to walk the Earth’s plane but the method we use to get to where we are supposed to be going is a matter of choice. We can choose to walk a path of light, understanding and growth or go down a path that is dreary, dark and one that contains addiction. Phoenix is here to show us that throughout life, transformation is inevitable. To truly gain a full life here on earth, we must awaken ourselves on a conscious level that allows us to see the depth of the layers of not only our soul but that of our surroundings. We are all given choice and free will when we birth through our Soul Star to create the lives we want to live before we encounter the inevitability of death. As we open up on a more conscious level , living in a 3D body in 5th dimensional frequencies, we are learning to create the transformation needed in the time we are here, to not only make our lives better, but that of The world in which we are living. We are being able to see our unlimited potential.
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