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  • Shape Shifter A6 Template

    Shape Shifter A6 Template

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    • Shape Shifter A6 template to help shift your perceptions and understandings. Let it help you in your awakening and help meld you to the person you want to become.
    The Chakana or Andean stepped cross or Incan cross, can be found throughout South America in one form or another. Translated, chakana means bridge or stairway to heaven. It connects heaven and earth, the spiritual experience with the physical experience. It is a sacred and mysterious symbol which holds the key to many of the ancient knowings that connect us within this universe. The Cross can be found in artwork, carved into stone blocks as seen in Machu Picchu or found within the intricate textile weavings of the Andean people or within the pyramids which date back to around 4000B.C in Caral and even Tiwanaku which is said to be as old as 14,000 B.C. It is found within much of the Andean architecture. When you start looking at the geometry and sacred numbers of the chakana, you see a direct link to The All. It is harmonically in tune with the vibration of the universe and as I keep saying, it is a shape shifter which contains shape shifting geometry.
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