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  • Rebirth A6 Template

    Rebirth A6 Template

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    • Rebirth Template is excellent to use for Transformation, reweaving, reactivating and cleansing our DNA patterns Quantum leaping and Evolutionary changes Rebirth Adapting to new frequencies Shift of consciousness Opening our heart and anchoring our body of light Excellent for use by practitioners or during self healing sessions. Use as a grid to create beautiful essences or place accordingly within a body layout during a healing session You may choose to place under your pillow or bed whilst sleeping to absorb the vibrational frequency of the template. The templates can also be used on an alter, place on the wall of your healing room or sacred space.
    Sacred Geometry is the basis of all creation and everything organic. The five basic sacred geometrical structures are called the platonic solids. These are visual solids that can bring our vibrations into harmony with the rhythms of nature. Everything you see around us is ultimately made up of these solids, so we are taking the rhythms of nature and helping us to reorganize our own thought patterns and ultimately ‘switch on’ our DNA . These solids are cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron. In actuality, our bodies are made up in a set of geometrical patterns. The end result is Metatron’s Cube which holds all 5 platonic solids and is the basis of the fundamental All within the micro and macrocosm. From shells, flowers, pinecones, to our own octahedral bodies of light and ultimately the galaxy.
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