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  • Raven Magik A4 Template

    Raven Magik A4 Template

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    • Raven Magik Template/Grid (release fear, heighten intuition, ptotection)
    Raven Magik (release fear, heighten intuition, ptotection) When Raven appears to us, there are a number of reasons. Raven depicts Magik and Mysteries, intuition, visions, shape shifting, spirituality, power, wisdom, truth, self knowledge, perception and ultimately change. Raven is there to help teach and show us when change is inevitable. So many of us fear change, fear the unknown and fear stepping outside the square. He allows us to see our shadow selves, but rather than fear what we see, he shows us how to deal with the obstacles and challenges. As Raven acknowledges that changes are difficult, he shows us how to anticipate the end result by using our perception, wisdom and intuition. Raven helps show us how to release the unwanted and outdated belief systems we carry within our energetic bodies. Hence begins our ability to shape shift and shed. The full moon depicted here will help in the shedding of the outdated beliefs and emotions. It will help create balance and can bring in the Feminie aspect. Remember, just as the oceans and tides are affected by the moon, so are our emotional, mental and physical bodies. Raven also is a teacher of magik and mysteries. By creating changes within our lives and energetic body, it allows us a clearer space to work with our intuition, gain a higher perception and deeper wisdom by allowing us to follow our true selves. By heightening our perception, we can bring through more messages and visions. There is a strong Shamanistic presence in this grid. It can also be used in Earth Healing and Shaman work. Sage and labradorite work well within this template as well. Having the 7 pointed star within this template, creates a shield of protection to the user of the template/grid. It is said that due to the way the Elven star is created, that once it is set into motion, the star continues to circulate forever, making it an eternally spinning shield or protector. The Elven Star, also known as The Fairy Star, The septagram or heptagram, is a 7 pointed star, symbolising mystery, integration and a gateway between our world and that of the Fae. It is a representation of 7 being the number of the mystic, 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 main Hindu chakras, 7 days of the week, the 7 planetary spheres (moon, mercury, Venus, sun, mars, Jupiter, Saturn), heaven and earth. Interestingly in the Kabbalah and The Tree of Life, its position sits at number 7. It also represents the 7 alchemical metals (silver, mercury, gold, copper, iron, tin lead). The star is also a part of various bands of the Cherokee Nation. The Navajo police also use it on their badges. The seven points are symbolic of the seven directions (north, south, east, west, above, below and within) and the seven stars, known as the Seven Sisters which is found in the constellation of the Pleiades. I would also like to add that Raven Magik = 11. Eleven is a master number as it is a double digit of the same number. Hence the vibrational frequency of this number is said to double. Raven on its own is a number 6. This is very important as 6 represents, family, love, imagination, nurture, protection, taking responsibility of choices. It is also about the merkabah, in its 2D state it has 6 sides. ©Emily Kisvarda Phoenix Gateway
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