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  • Dreamweaver Template

    Dreamweaver Template

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    • DREAMWEAVER template makes perfect as a manifestation Grid as well as allowing us to create the balance needed within all aspects of our lives.
    Spider is the most amazing creator of his home and laying his foundations. He is adaptable and interchangeable at any given time. Spider builds his web of life over and over again. Each web is unique and a true masterpiece. Dreamweaver is an adaptation of Spider’s web. By using the building blocks of life to create our foundation, this gives us strength, ambition, will and ultimately makes us truly unique individuals. By building a firm infrastructure, we ground ourselves to Gaia. As our foundations grow upward and outward, we can create perfect balance and harmony with our lives and connect to our Soul Purpose, hence creating a beautiful flow of energy. As Above, So Below. We are the master builders so what we sow, we reap, what we perceive, we create. Thus, this template makes a perfect manifestation grid as well as allowing us to create the balance needed within all aspects of our lives. Use Dreamweaver to; Create firm foundations in your life Help with our ambitions and will Find balance within our lives Manifest dreams and desires Create abundance in personal and business lives Manifestation on all levels Excellent for use by practitioners or during self healing sessions. . Use as a grid to create beautiful essences or place accordingly within a body layout during a healing session. You may choose to place under your pillow or bed whilst sleeping to absorb the vibrational frequency of the template. The templates can also be used on an alter, place on the wall of your healing room or sacred space. Place this template in the wealth corner of your home or business and grid accordingly.
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