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  • Wolf Medicine Essence

    Wolf Medicine Essence

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    • Use wolf medicine when; You need to help clear childhood issues Self love, self worth, compassion of self and others Acknowledgement of self, nurturing Speaking (voicing) your heartfelt desires Activating and opening the heart centre and throat
    Wolf medicine is the second in the trilogy following Owl medicine. Wolf symbolises strength, intelligence, strong instincts and a deep connection to self and family. This essence is about love, compassion, acknowledgement of self, inspiring self, calm, serenity, peace and speaking your heart felt desires. When i began wolf, I felt very drawn to having to use the platonic solids octahedron and icosahedron. The combination there is being able to connect heart and throat. The theme here is very feminine as the element of water has a large role as does the colour blue. I kept being told I needed to use rosehip within the grid. At first I thought it was to be as an essential oil but found it wasn’t about the oil as much as it was about bringing in the vibrational frequencies of the rosehip. Rosehip brings in the feminie aspect, element of water, self love, self nurturing, and attracting love. It works with deities such as Aphrodite and Isis. How beautiful is this? Wolf helps to activate and open the heart centre, bring in the awareness of the “ I Am” presence, work with sacred union and family. Wolf works with the pack mentality which relates to universal consciousness at a 5th dimensional frequency, yet still maintain our individuality. Allows us to work in harmony. When used with Owl medicine, which clears and brings about a clearing and cleaning of debris within our etheric layers, we then have a clear channel to work on heart and truly allow ourselves to speak our heartfelt desires. Wolf allows you to stand your ground, to love, nurture and protect. Wolf also helps deal with childhood issues, surrounding this with love and helping release what is no longer needed. It will help bring back balance to the sacral area.
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