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  • Trilogy Essences

    Trilogy Essences

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    • The Trilogy Pack is a combination of Owl, Wolf and Snake Medicine Essences. Owl 🦉 = open mind/awakening/consciousness Wolf 🐺 = open heart/unconditional love/family Snake 🐍 = transformation/transmutation/quantum shifts/rebirth Trilogy = Merkabah activation /chariot/ascension/consciousness/light body




    Owl Medicine
    • "Shifts old patterns of belief
    • "Removes psychic blockages
    • "Emotionally uplifting
    • "Helpful for developing insight and clarity
    • "Guides your path both spiritually and physically
    • "Attunes you to higher vibrations
    Wolf Medicine
    • "Clears childhood issues
    • "Increases self-love, self-worth, compassion and nurturing of self and others
    • "Assists with speaking (voicing) your heartfelt desires
    • "Activates and opens the heart centre and throat
    Snake Medicine
    • "Transforms, reweaves, reactivates and cleanses DNA patterns
    • "Supports quantum leaping and evolutionary changes
    • "Aides rebirth
    • "Assists with adapting to new frequencies
    • "Helps with shifting consciousness
    • "Opens the heart and anchors the body of light
    The Merkabah or Star Tetrahedron
    At 8 cells or The Egg of life, the merkabah is formed. It comprises two tetrahedrons or in 2 dimensions it is the Star of David.
    It is the Asension vehicle
    Translates to chariot from Hebrew
    Mer – light
    Ka- spirit
    Ba- body
    A form of spiritual body counterrotating at the speed of light.
    It symbolises heaven and earth, male and female, balance of polarities and fire and earth.
    The configuration of the Star Tetrahedron is formed within the first eight cells of life and remains fixed at the base of the spine throughout one's life.
    When first discovered, it was said that the rotating light spun at the speed of light. However, the Merkaba these days is not ‘switched on’ as it used to be. After I believe the fall of Atlantis, the Merkaba stopped spinning. We are here now to reactivate our own Merkaba through our conscious awakening. When we as individuals allow ourselves to switch the Merkaba back on, it will start counter-rotating once again and help on all levels of healing and ascension.
    To reactivate and reignite the Merkaba, two main things need to occur. The first is to experience unconditional love and know divine love of self (wolf medicine). Without divine love, the Merkaba will only act as a machine and thus have its limitations. To be able to move beyond our limitations, we need to learn to express love of self and universal love. The second is to connect to our higher self, which only you can work on and try and understand through awareness of your soul’s journey, knowing who you are and where you have come from (owl medicine). We will learn to shift our consciousness. Access can be gained through stillness and meditation, reading, holistic healing and teachers who cross our paths to name just a few.
    When we perfect the use of the Merkaba, it will allow us to shift through dimensions and access information of our ancestors and prior civilisations and connect into higher realms. We will experience expanded awareness and elevated consciousness as we shift our vibration.
    Owl + Wolf = Snake = open mind + open heart = quantum shift, DNA recoding and reawakening, rebirth
    Snake medicine brings with it duality on all levels. Male and female, heaven and earth, light and dark, body and spirit, old belief patterns – new belief patterns.
    This medicine will help with light activation and reweaving of our DNA patterns. It is like rebirth on many levels as it reactivates and realigns all subtle bodies and ultimately the physical.
    We gain an awareness of our thoughts and actions on all levels.



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