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  • Trilogy Essence

    Trilogy Essence

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    • The Trilogy Essence is a combination of Owl, Wolf and Snake Medicine Essences
    Owl Essence Through the shadows of the darkness an owl flies through the night deep in the forest comforted by the knowing of his surroundings. Owl brings through clarity, perception, wisdom, attunement, all knowing and protection. With owl medicine you go within the depth of the shadows to release all energetic imprints that no longer serve you. FROM THE SHADOWS INTO THE LIGHT. Owl medicine works through our etheric layers, working as a vacuum by clearing and cleaning old debris and filling each space with light. Picture a light bulb turning on and shining light and clarity into these spaces. It reawakens and pineal gland and reawakens our light codes which lay dormant within our DNA strands. By shifting our energy, we find ourselves feeling lighter and with more clarity you can find yourself connecting to source easier. As owl is the seeker of wisdom, you will gain greater insight as this essence helps to clear, open and activate the third eye. This essence attunes to the highest vibrational frequencies, accessing the ketheric template and working with the Ascended Masters such as Merlin. Whilst working with these frequencies, you will still find yourself anchored to Gaia as the frequencies are received and grounded to mother earth. Excellent to use for; Shifting old patterns of belief Feeling psychically blocked Emotionally down Needing insight and clarity Finding your path both spiritually and physically Attune to higher vibrations WOLF Essence Wolf medicine is the second in the trilogy following Owl medicine. Wolf symbolises strength, intelligence, strong instincts and a deep connection to self and family. This essence is about love, compassion, acknowledgement of self, inspiring self, calm, serenity, peace and speaking your heart felt desires. When i began wolf, I felt very drawn to having to use the platonic solids octahedron and icosahedron. The combination there is being able to connect heart and throat. The theme here is very feminine as the element of water has a large role as does the colour blue. I kept being told I needed to use rosehip within the grid. At first I thought it was to be as an essential oil but found it wasn’t about the oil as much as it was about bringing in the vibrational frequencies of the rosehip. Rosehip brings in the feminie aspect, element of water, self love, self nurturing, and attracting love. It works with deities such as Aphrodite and Isis. How beautiful is this? Wolf helps to activate and open the heart centre, bring in the awareness of the “ I Am” presence, work with sacred union and family. Wolf works with the pack mentality which relates to universal consciousness at a 5th dimensional frequency, yet still maintain our individuality. Allows us to work in harmony. When used with Owl medicine, which clears and brings about a clearing and cleaning of debris within our etheric layers, we then have a clear channel to work on heart and truly allow ourselves to speak our heartfelt desires. Wolf allows you to stand your ground, to love, nurture and protect. Wolf also helps deal with childhood issues, surrounding this with love and helping release what is no longer needed. It will help bring back balance to the sacral area. Use wolf medicine when; You need to help clear childhood issues Self love, self worth, compassion of self and others Acknowledgement of self, nurturing Speaking (voicing) your heartfelt desires Activating and opening the heart centre and throat Snake Essence Snake medicine is the last of the trilogy in the vibrational essences i have just created. The other 2 that make up the series are Owl Medicine and Wolf Medicine. Snake ties the trilogy together. So many words come to mind – nurture, honour, light activation, rebirth, regeneration, duality, wisdom, the new paradigm transformation, quantum leaping. It took a while for even me to understand the frequencies this essence is to hold so let me now explain. To do this, I will talk about the merkabah as this essence is directly related to this vehicle and where the other essences tie in. The Merkaba, which is ancient Egyptian, translated from Hebrew means “chariot” or “Throne of God”. It primarily translates to Mer meaning light, Ka meaning spirit and Ba meaning body, in this instance the physical body. So the Merkaba are two tetrahedrons counter rotating fields of light carrying within it body and spirit. It is used as an ascension vehicle but can be used for other reasons. When first discovered, it was said that the rotating light spun at the speed of light. However, the merkaba these days is not ‘switched on’ as it used to be. After I believe the fall of Atlantis, the Merkaba stopped spinning. We are here now to reactivate our own Merkaba through our conscious awakening. When we as individuals allow ourselves to switch the merkabah back on, it will start counter rotating once again and help on all levels of healing and ascension. To be able to return to our original state as explained by Drunvalo Melchizedek ( The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life), there are 2 main processes. The process, in which this occurs, will depend on our belief system. The first is to experience unconditional love and know divine love of self . Without divine love, the Merkaba will only act as a machine and thus have its limitations. To be able to move beyond our limitations, we need to learn to express love of self and universal love. This is where Wolf Medicine plays a role as it helps to open and activate the heart. It is about love of self, compassion, serenity, peace, speaking your heart felt desires. The second is to connect to our higher self, which only you can work on and try and understand. Here is where Owl Medicine plays a role. Owl brings through clarity, perception, wisdom, attunement, all knowing and protection. It is no coincidence that this essence has been created and sat through the two astrological events of July and August 2013. That being the Merkaba activation and alignments. Between them, we are seeing an activation of the heart centre and an awakening of consciousness, bringing about all 8 dimensions from the Earth Gateway, right through to the Galactic Core or Cosmic Gateway. When I sit with Snake Medicine, I see a physical body encapsulated within the Merkaba. This essence brings with it all 8 dimensional frequencies. It is symbolic of ‘as above, so below’. It brings with it duality on all levels. Male and female, heaven and earth, light and dark, body and spirit, old belief patterns – new belief patterns. This medicine will help with light activation and reweaving of our DNA patterns. It is like rebirth on many levels as it reactivates and realigns all subtle bodies and ultimately the physical. We gain an awareness of our thoughts and actions on all levels. Snake Medicine is here to help with our own ascension, as we come into 5th Dimensional frequencies, it will help with the quantum leaping we are all experiencing as the frequencies of the earth and our universe are ever increasing. Right now we have entered into the photon band, meaning that we have aligned with the Galactic core which has sped up the energy fields around us. Whilst our souls are here, having a physical experience, we need to help ourselves within the ever changing energy patterns in the world we live in. Use Snake Medicine for; Transformation, reweaving, reactivating and cleansing our DNA patterns Quantum leaping and Evolutionary changes Rebirth Adapting to new frequencies Shift of consciousness Opening our heart and anchoring our body of light
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