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  • The Triple Goddess Essence

    The Triple Goddess Essence

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    • It is an essence for empowerment, nurturing , self loving, creativity and healing. It assists you on all levels emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Excellent to use during pre, peri and post menopause, to call upon the inner goddess/feminine energies, to assist with fertility, to assist with inner balance, nurturing and harmony.
    When I close my eyes, I see the variation of quartz. The intricate details of it’s makeup as though it was forming a mountain of beauty. It takes me back to Lemuria as this where the healing aspect of this essence stems. It is from the High Priestess who weaved her magick in the purist of light form. The High Priestess spread health, healing and infinite abundance. The healings that have taken place are multi dimensional , using the 8 dimensions as we know it. The essence combines the ‘Triple Goddess’ – Maiden, Mother, Crone. It combines the Goddess energies of the different life cycles.
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