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  • Starlight Essence

    Starlight Essence

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    • Vibrational Elixir. Grounding and Increase tolerance. Increase focus Refines behaviour. Reactivate DNA coding. Reawaken the subconscious and help remind them of who they are.
    Starlight Essence
    This essence has been created for the star children of today that have come forth to evolve on this planet. Note that this essence can also be used by adults.
    Many children coming through today are showing traits of many behavioural issues such as A.D.H.D. A.D.D, Asperger’s syndrome, Anxiety, O.D.D and so on. Our conditioning as such has not allowed for integration of their complex thoughts and ideals.
    The light dimensional bodies and frequencies which were once activated lay dormant within their DNA strands. The complexity of these frequencies allows them to converse and operate at 7th dimensional frequencies.
    The geometric shape associated with this essence is the stellated icosahedron.
    The icosahedron when stellated, its 20 triangular surfaces make for a larger shape and when you join these points together, it creates its dual, the dodecahedron. What happens with this shape is it can actually be made larger or smaller when it reaches a specific angle. It is a true shape shifter and the pair or dual are a marriage made in heaven, so to speak.
    The connection then to 7th dimensional frequencies and the stellated icosahedron, is about being able to work as a collective and be able to shape shift through time. Within the purist of light, we will be able to speak our divine thoughts and share in the wisdoms as a collective, working with the utmost of love and in a fearless existence.
    Our star children can attune to these frequencies as can those consciously awakening and activating their clair abilities.
    Grounding and Increase tolerance.
    Increase focus
    Refines behaviour.
    Reactivate DNA coding.
    Reawaken the subconscious and help remind them of who they are.
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