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  • Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz Essence

    Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz Essence

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    •  Restore balance and harmony  Repair damaged DNA to its original state  Cleanse your physical and auric fields, bringing a sense of wellbeing and clearing of unwanted energy/debris.  Work within the heart space.

    The Solfeggio Frequencies are a group of frequencies, with the main one being a 6 tone scale of electromagnetic frequencies (though some use 9). Believed to have been lost throughout history, these tones have been replaced by different tuning applications over time. Well-known in Gregorian chants, in particular it was found in the hymn to St John the Baptist, Solfeggio Frequencies are considered sacred tones. Each one of these tones, when sung in harmony, can bring about spiritual blessings, harmony, healing and miracles into individuals lives. This is possible as energy and vibration reverberates all the way to the molecular structure of our DNA. – MI (Transformation/Miracles) The MI which is the musical note given to this frequency, translates to Mira Distorum which means miracle. This tone is already used by Bio Geneticists. It returns damaged human DNA to its original state. This tone is said to bring about miracles and transformation into one’s life. The 528 Hz is considered the blueprint of life (as discussed by Dr Leonard Horowitz in The Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse). Also known as the love frequency, the colour used to associate with this frequency is green. 528Hz The number 528 using the Pythagorean Method becomes a 6. = perfect water shape as seen in Masaru Emoto’s work; Through Emoto’s work and others, we know that memories of sound can be held in water. The Human Body is made up of up to 75% water and our DNA can be seen as crystalline lattices surrounded by bodies of water. Crystals themselves, as we know it, are electromagnetic receivers and transmitters. Primarily it is our DNA that works as transmitters and receivers, sending out ‘messages’ to the cells in order for everyday life functioning to occur. When the balance of water to DNA is out of balance, the correct signals are not being received and this in turn can create disharmony and ‘dis’ ease within our genetic makeup.

    Restore balance and harmony
    Repair damaged DNA to its original state
    Cleanse your physical and auric fields, bringing a sense of wellbeing and clearing of unwanted energy/debris.
    Work within the heart space.


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