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  • 528Hz Elixir
    528Hz Elixir528Hz Elixir528Hz Elixir528Hz Elixir

    528Hz Elixir

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    • Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz Essence:  Restore balance and harmony  Repair damaged DNA to its original state  Cleanse your physical and auric fields, bringing a sense of wellbeing and clearing of unwanted energy/debris.  Work within the heart space. My life is filled with miracles, bringing unlimited love and wellness.




    Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz Essence:
    Restore balance and harmony
    Repair damaged DNA to its original state
    Cleanse your physical and auric fields, bringing a sense of wellbeing and clearing of unwanted energy/debris.
    Work within the heart space.


    My life is filled with miracles, bringing unlimited love and wellness.


    If you only knew the magnifi cence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would hold the key to

    the universe.

    —Nikola Tesla

    The Solfeggio frequencies are a group of frequencies—the main being a six-tone

    scale of electromagnetic frequencies (although some use a nine-tone scale)—that

    are considered sacred tones and used in well-known Gregorian chants and, in

    particular, can be found in the hymn to St. John the Baptist. Each one of these

    tones, when sung or played in harmony, can bring about spiritual blessings,

    harmony, healing, and miracles. This is because energy and vibration reverberate

    all the way to the molecular structure of our DNA.

    The six main tones that make up the Solfeggio frequencies are Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La.

    The other three frequencies, which can be used in conjunction, don’t really have a

    tone but do have a frequency, although 963Hz can be given the toning “Si.”


    528 Hz: MI (Transformation/Miracles)

    MI—mira gestorum in Latin means “miracle.” This tone is used by genetic

    biochemists. It returns damaged human DNA to its original state. This tone is

    said to bring about miracles and transformation.

    Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love, speaks in

    depth about the secrets and miracles of 528 Hz. Dr. Horowitz says that music

    is the universal language, love is the universal healer, and water is the universal

    solvent. When you put all these together, you get the best-kept secret.


    Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle – L.A.B


    Is a complementary therapy, much like a homeopathic that works on different emotional states of well-being as well as on pain.


    Elixirs are a water frequency, made with a combination of different energies such as sound, crystals, herbs, feathers and geometry. It is then bottled with a small amount of alcohol so that it keeps. Lots of love goes into the creation process and infuses the elixir.


    The elixirs are very much like a homeopathic in that as a rule, you are treating like with like. They are a natural method of treating the self W-holistically on all levels of our being. They can be taken with Western Medicine but please note, do not replace prescription medication as prescribed by your medical professional with the elixirs.


    The elixirs that have been created through L.A.B, can be divided into a number of categories –
    . Manifestation
    . Love
    . Healing
    . Ascension
    . Protection and Grounding
    . Solfeggio Frequencies
    11 reasons to work with L.A.B
    1.Help to reprogram our mind and body
    2.Shift consciousness
    3.Release dissonance and Create coherence
    4.Alter our vibrational frequencies
    5.Change and shift perception and belief systems
    6.Use in Meditation = expanding consciousness
    7.Aid children and adults with behavioural issues
    8.Release physical pain or lessen the pain
    9.Work on aspects of self-love
    10.Believe in yourself and see yourself in a radiant light
    11.Assist in nurturing those dealing with grief or trauma


    Working with L.A.B, not only are you consciously creating change, you are changing your biology, as the elixirs work at a cellular level and enhance optimal being. What you start to notice is a shift in energy. This causes a chain reaction as our frequency starts to change. As our frequency contains specific codes, we are in turn, changing the information we are communicating on a cellular level both internally, and externally. As these energy patterns change, we can start to understand that we can manifest infinite possibilities into our reality with the changes we make.


    The elixirs work beautifully and can be enhanced in combination with other healing modalities and meditation.
    As a recommendation, 9 drops/3 times a day to be placed under the tongue. You may find it’s too much and 9 drops/ 2 times a day is fine as well. If you prefer not to ingest, you can rub into an area on your body, place into your cooking, beverages or even carry the bottle in your pocket. For those who can’t drink alcohol or for children, dissolve 9 drops into your water bottle. It is best to keep the essences away from EMFs (Electro Magnetic Field) to avoid any interference with the frequencies.


    You can also intuit how you want to take the Elixirs as there is no set rule. Sometimes this is actually the best way to work with them as your body knows best.


    Shake bottle well before each use. Discard after 12 months of opening.


    One way to fully activate the essence and bring it in line with your energetics, is to succuss (tap) the bottle on your palm or even the heel of your foot. It has been suggested to tap 108 times but I feel again to intuit it or work with a multiple of 9 as it is the universal vibration. 108= 1+0+8=9.





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