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  • Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle™ - Set of 16
    Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle™ - Set of 16

    Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle™ - Set of 16

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    • Divine Vibrational essences each carrying their own energetic and vibrational signature that can help on different levels of healing. Buy for yourself, give as a gift and excellent for healers to use within their own practice Set includes-Condor Medicine, Bear Medicine, Owl Medicine, Wolf Medicine, Snake Medicine, Spider Medicine, Triple Goddess, Starlight Essence, Solfeggio 528hz, Pain away, Whale Medicine, Munay Ki Medicine and Alchemy of Thoth Medicine Essence. The Set Includes – Owl medicine essence wolf medicine essence snake medicine essence Starlight essence Bear medicine Essence Spider Medicine Essence Solfeggio 528hz essence Pain Away Essence Triple Goddess Essence Condor medicine Essence Munay – Ki Medicine Essence Whale Medicine Essence Alchemy of Thoth Medicine Essence

    Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle
    are vibrational essences which are very much like a homeopathic, as a rule you are treating like with like. They are a natural method of treating the self W-holistically on all levels of our being. When I alchemically create the essence, I use my perception, intention and intuition by bringing in light, colour and sound comprising of different vibrational frequencies, such as feathers, crystals, fruit, metals and energy from sacred sites, that when placed together, create a specific musical harmonic that will reverberate on every level of your being. Each essence created has its own underlying story and use.
    All essences I create can be ingested, rubbed into the body or even put under your pillow. No essence is toxic as any crystal that is toxic is made via the indirect way. Please note as with all forms of complimentary therapy, essences ARE NOT a substitute for any form of medical treatment or a replacement for medication.
    As a recommendation, 9drops/3 times a day to be placed under the tongue. If you prefer not to ingest, you can rub into an area on your body, place into your cooking, beverages or even carry the bottle in your pocket. It is best to keep the essences away from EMFs to avoid any interference with the frequencies.


    Bear Medicine
    • "Assists in finding inner strength and confidence
    • "Supports courage and willpower
    • "Inner healing
    • "Shamanic work


    Owl Medicine
    • "Shifts old patterns of belief
    • "Removes psychic blockages
    • "Emotionally uplifting
    • "Helpful for developing insight and clarity
    • "Guides your path both spiritually and physically
    • "Attunes you to higher vibrations


    Wolf Medicine
    • "Clears childhood issues
    • "Increases self-love, self-worth, compassion and nurturing of self and others
    • "Assists with speaking (voicing) your heartfelt desires
    • "Activates and opens the heart centre and throat


    Snake Medicine
    • "Transforms, reweaves, reactivates and cleanses DNA patterns
    • "Supports quantum leaping and evolutionary changes
    • "Aides rebirth
    • "Assists with adapting to new frequencies
    • "Helps with shifting consciousness
    • "Opens the heart and anchors the body of light


    Spider Medicine
    • "Helps to create firm life foundations
    • "Supports ambitions and will
    • "Balancing
    • "Assists with manifesting dreams and desires
    • "Helps to releasing any fear that may be holding you back


     Condor Medicine 
    • Soar above your limitations
    • Break limited patterns of belief
    • Change thought patterns
    • Reweave DNA patterning
    • Reach and create a world of unlimited potential

    Starlight Essence
    • "Grounding
    • "Increases tolerance
    • "Refines behaviour
    • "Reactivates DNA coding
    • "Reawakens the subconscious to remind you of who you are


    The Triple Goddess Essence
    • "Empowering and nurturing
    • "Increases creativity and healing
    • "Supports emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing
    • "Excellent to use during pre-, peri- and post-menopause
    • "Assists with fertility, inner balance and harmony


    Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz Essence
    • "Restores balance and harmony
    • "Repairs damaged DNA to its original state
    • "Cleanses your physical and auric fields, bringing a sense of wellbeing
    • "Assists with clearing unwanted energy/debris
    • "Works within the heart space


    Pain Away Essence
    • "Treats physical pain on all levels
    • "Use after a medical procedure to help ease pain
    • "Helps you deal with painful emotions
    • "Gets to the root problem of your pain


    Munay- Ki Medicine Essence
    • "Opening and expanding your heart
    • "Self-realisation and self-discovery
    • "Self-love
    • "Self-acceptance
    • "Self-nurturing
    • "Self-truths


    Whale Medicine Essence
    • "Enlightenment
    • "Unification
    • "Nurture
    • "Well being
    • "Trust
    • "Emotional release
    • "Harmony
    • "Breathe - believe
    • "Slow down - graceful
    • "Awakening
    • "Wisdom
    • "Love

    Alchemy of Thoth Medicine Essence

    • . Consciously awakening
    • . Discovering your soul’s purpose
    • . Aid sleep patterns
    • . Vivid dreams
    • . Pineal gland activation
    • . Greater insight and visions
    • . Strengthen spirit connection
    • . Alter your vibrational frequency




    ☥ Alchemy of Isis-
    • Love from your heart
    • Nurture
    • Hope
    • Compassion
    • Forgiveness
    • Acceptance of self
    • Loyalty to self
    • Grief and Loss


    ☥Alchemy of Sekhmet-
    • Release self-destructive patterns and behaviours
    • Release guilt
    • Release hardships
    • Release wrongdoings
    • Personal power
    • Time to heal and nurture yourself
    • Be true to yourself


    ☥ Seed of the Soul-
    • Initiation
    • Rebirth
    • Transformation
    • Amplify energy, frequency and







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