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  • Pain Away Medicine Essence

    Pain Away Medicine Essence

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    • Use pain away – To treat physical pain on all levels, Use after a medical procedure to help ease pain, Dealing with painful emotions
    Pain on any level is such a subjective feeling. The way in which I feel and experience pain will be different to the way you feel and experience pain. We can look at pain as our teacher. It is there to draw our attention to an unwanted desire or emotion. Where are we being stagnant in our lives to the point we are manifesting illness (physical or mental) and disease. Where are we stuck in our flow? How do we create an outlet to move unwanted and stagnant energies and blockages? Pain hurts but we need to deal with it as it arises both physically and mentally. I believe that through pain we can learn truly valuable lessons. These lessons are invaluable and are a gift. Whether directly to the person involved or at times the lesson can be given to those closest, even if we can’t see it at the time.
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