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  • Owl Medicine Essence

    Owl Medicine Essence

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    • Owl medicine Shifting old patterns of belief, Feeling psychically blocked, Emotionally down, Needing insight and clarity. Vibrational Elixir


    Owl Essence
    Through the shadows of the darkness an owl flies through the night deep in the forest comforted by the knowing of his surroundings.
    Owl brings through clarity, perception, wisdom, attunement, all knowing and protection.
    Owl medicine allows you to go within the depth of the shadows to release all outdated energetic imprints that no longer serve you. FROM THE SHADOWS INTO THE LIGHT.
    Owl medicine works through our etheric layers, working as a vacuum by clearing and cleansing old debris and filling all spaces with light. The more we shift energetically, the more balanced and lighter we become. Clarity returns and intuition strengthens.
    It resets our pineal gland, opening and activating the third eye. The greater the clarity, the greater the insight. See it as a dimmer switch, getting brighter and brighter.
    Shifting old patterns of belief
    Feeling psychically blocked
    Emotionally down
    Needing insight and clarity
    Finding your path both spiritually and physically
    Attune to higher vibrations



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