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  • Munay – Ki Medicine Essence

    Munay – Ki Medicine Essence

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    • Use Munay-Ki Medicine Essence for- Opening and expanding your heart self-realisation and self-discovery self-love Self-acceptance Self-nurturing Self-truths
    Munay- Ki in Quechua means I Love You or energy of love. It is about the 9 steps of initiation and empowerment which stem from the Q’ero shamans of Peru. Are you ready to open your heart to divine love and healing? This beautiful medicine has been created in the heartland of Peru. It carries with it the vibration and soul essence of San Pedro, the Grandfather medicine. It is renowned for opening your heart on all levels of love. That being self-love, self-acceptance, self-nurturing, and self-truths. For many of us, we have a lifetime of learning how to accept ourselves on all levels. For some this is easy but for the rest of us it is a journey of self-realisation and discovery. As we start to work through the layers and find the acceptance and love we need, the ability to love others becomes a given as we start seeing the beauty and mirror image of ourselves. This medicine can also open us up to finding our soulmate. Whether it be that of a friend or lover.
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