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  • Vanandanite2- 38gm, 6x5x1.5cm
    Vanandanite2- 38gm, 6x5x1.5cm

    Vanandanite2- 38gm, 6x5x1.5cm

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    • Vanandanite 2 is the stone of service. This is a beautiful quality piece of vanandanite

    The colour of vanandanite range in colour from red, orange-red, brownish-red, brown or yellow. Vanandanite is considered the stone of service. When there is work to be done, this stone can help make sure the work will be accomplished and completed. It activates the lower 3 chakras, promoting endurance, persistence, power and will. This stone also stimulates the mind, allowing for clear thought and good organisational skills and help you remain on task. Vanandanite has a direct link to earth energies and it can increase one’s sensitivity to elemental forces. This stone can help one who works with geomancy will have an increased awareness of the position of ley lines and vortices. It stimulates creative and sexual energies. It supports the production of hormones. Can be used to protect against certain EMFs such as computers.

    Weight 38gm


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