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  • Thulite tumbled Stones
    Thulite tumbled StonesThulite tumbled Stones

    Thulite tumbled Stones

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    • Thulite tumbled stones are approximately 25mm. Beautiful pink and green throughout. It is a stone of affection, joy and pleasure.


    Thulite is a stone of affection, joy and pleasure. It stimulates will and action, love and relationship and communication.
    It encourages happiness, contentment, enthusiasm, affection, pleasure and joy.
    It allows you to see the overall goodness of the world and ourselves.
    It is excellent for making new friends or wanting to start a romantic relationship.
    Thulite is a beautiful stone to gift to children as it allows for them to feel safe, happy and at home in this world.
    Excellent for using to help break self destructive patterns.
    Also a great stone for giving up addictions such as smoking and for emotional imbalances such as shame and self judgement.

    It is a pink version of epidote.


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