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  • Sugilite Natural 1
    Sugilite Natural 1Sugilite Natural 1Sugilite Natural 1

    Sugilite Natural 1

    • $46.75
    • Beautiful natural sugilite.


    sugilite is known as the stone of dreams by allowing one to have vivid and lucid dreaming and as a spiritual protector by emersing the wearer of the stone in a ‘shield of light’. it protects sensitive souls from the disharmony of those around them.
    It is considered one of the new age stones of light at carries the highest vibration of the purple ray.
    it is a powerful stone for opening up the third eye, crown and etheric chakras.
    sugilite activates the heart and mind, helping one find their true spiritual passion.
    The more vibrant and brighter colours tend to open and activate the higher chakras and the darker colours assist one in grounding their dreams into physical reality.
    Emotionally sugilite helps with overcoming helplessness, overwhelm and the feeling of having no options in life.
    Physically it is excellent for counteracting headaches due to the manganese within sugilite. Great for insomnia and to counteract nightmares. Calms the nerves and helps release worries.

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