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  • Sphalerite and Galena – 250gm, 6.5x5x1.8cm
    Sphalerite and Galena – 250gm, 6.5x5x1.8cmSphalerite and Galena – 250gm, 6.5x5x1.8cm

    Sphalerite and Galena – 250gm, 6.5x5x1.8cm

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    • A divine combination of Sphalerite and galena that has melded into one. I also feel there is some chalcopyrite and quartz on the underside.
    Sphalerite energizes the base chakra, increasing one’s life force, courage, strength and vitality. It stimulates sexual energy and creative inspiration within the sacral chakra and at the solar plexus it strengthens the ability to manifest, expand willpower and have clearer thought. It allows you to not only draw energy up from the earth but to send excess energy back to the earth. Excellent for balancing and grounding. Also a stone of discrimination, which is it will tell you truth from fantasy, fact from fiction, between true spiritual insights and wishful thinking. It physically supports the immune system, increases stamina and energy levels. Galena is a transformation stone. It is effective when embarking on a personal spiritual journey. It is sometimes used in past life regression therapy as a guide to inner vision. It assists in facing and overcoming one’s deepest fears. A very good grounding stone.
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