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  • Smoky Citrine2 with Golden Rutile- 120gm, 7x6x3cm
    Smoky Citrine2 with Golden Rutile- 120gm, 7x6x3cmSmoky Citrine2 with Golden Rutile- 120gm, 7x6x3cm

    Smoky Citrine2 with Golden Rutile- 120gm, 7x6x3cm

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    • Elestiated smoky citrine filled with divine golden rutile
    Citrine is the stone of wealth and abundance. A powerful cleanser and regenerator. It carries the power of the sun. Works beautifully at the solar plexus and sacral centre. Place in the wealth corner of your home which is the far left corner from the front door or place in your cash register or purse. Also raises self esteem and self confidence. Can enhance concentration and revitalize the mind. It brings joy into one’s life. They say citrine never needs cleansing. It is a great crystal to remove and ground negative energies from ones environment as it absorbs, transmutes and dissipates this energy and thus is a protective stone . Physically Citrine is helpful for digestive issues and metabolism. It can be used to support weight loss and to increase energy during exercise. Key words: manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity Rutile are considered like antennas as they tune in to the frequency of Divine Intention. Rutile is a titanium oxide crystal. It stimulates the higher mind, increases creativity and generally enhances learning and thought processes. Rutile pulls the higher frequency energy into the higher chakras and assists in grounding high frequency energy into the cells of the body. Even though rutile stimulates our psychic abilities, it also helps ground energies to counteract spaciness. The presence of rutile in a master crystal formation, greatly enhances the properties of that crystal. however, with any crystal it is present with, it will greatly enhance the properties of that crystal. Physically, rutile offers vibrational support to the endocrine system and cellular metabolism. It enhances digestion and can help control both appetite and emotionally or mentally based food cravings. Elestial- definitely one of my favourites. These beautiful crystals have a direct link to the angelic realm. There are a few varieties of elestials in terms of looks. These have distinct features that separate them from other quartz. The features seen on these crystals have plates, etchings, bulbous points. Due to their nature, they are also nicknamed alligator quartz. They have a direct connection to both heaven and earth. They are great to use when emotional issues need to be dealt with and brought to the surface. They help to heal emotional issues whether past or present or even from past lives.
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