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  • Shungite Pyramid – 4x4x4cm

    Shungite Pyramid – 4x4x4cm

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    • Shungite pyramids make beautiful gridding pieces. Pyramids hold energy to use on metaphysical levels as well as known to preserve foods and improve health.

    Shungite is named after where it was found in Shun’ga, in the Karelia Republic. Shungite is estimated to be almost 2 billion years and is mainly made up of fullerenes which gives it amazing healing properties.

    There are many healing properties of Shungite that being -

    . Shungite shields and protects from EMFs

    . Shungite is an overall healing stone

    . Shungite purifies water so excellent to drink or bathe in

    . shungite calms and relaxes you on all levels of your well being

    . Shungite is an excellent stone to work with energetically as it grounds energy as well as bringing light down from higher auric fields/planes

    . Shungite is used in crystal healing and is an amazing physical healing stone that has been used in a number of illnesses and disease, including cancer.

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