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  • Selenite Wand Naica 11 – 340gm, 21x3x2.5cm
    Selenite Wand Naica 11 – 340gm, 21x3x2.5cm

    Selenite Wand Naica 11 – 340gm, 21x3x2.5cm

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    • High vibrational selenite from Naica 11 – 340gm, 21x3x2.5cm, Mexico
    Selenite Colours are white, clear, orange, brown and green and is a form of gypsum. Selenite is a beautiful stone to ground white light into the body, as well as gridded in a room to ground the light. It’s an excellent stone for clearing and cleansing auras, removing blockages, clearing negative energies from objects or a room or cutting cords etherically to detach someone from negative entities , be it spirit, physical beings or past life connections. Selenite is a stone that never needs cleansing. It removes negative energies and transmutes them back into light. Due to its high vibrational energy, it allows for direct link to higher frequencies of clear communication. It’s an excellent stone to use in gridding of all kind. Gridding a home can be used as a protective grid. Placing a piece in a room can instil calm within ones environment. Selenite is a calming stone, excellent for hyperactive people and a great stone to use in meditation. Selenites structure, especially satin spar or the rod shaped Selenite, has fine lines running up and down it’s body. This allows energy to move at high frequencies, removing all debris as it sucks it up one end and removes at the other end. Physically a good stone to realign the spinal cord, removes blockages from ones energy field and has been used against epileptic seizures.
    Weight 340gm


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