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  • Pyrite Sun6- 49gm, 6x5.2cm
    Pyrite Sun6- 49gm, 6x5.2cmPyrite Sun6- 49gm, 6x5.2cm

    Pyrite Sun6- 49gm, 6x5.2cm

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      SKU: B2RMDYI00S
    • Pyrite Sun. Excellent to use in gridding and body layouts or just to display in your environment.

    Pyrite Sun Sometimes also known as pyrite dollar.

    Scientists believe that this form of pyrite is flat as millions of years ago when it started to form, there wasn’t enough room for it to grow, hence the flat shape. It has a direct correlation to the sun and has a  masculine energy.

    It activates the base and solar plexus chakras bringing forth one’s grounding and anchoring, releasing fears and encouraging the strength of willpower.

    Excellent to attract abundance and manifest what one needs in this lifetime. Increases vitality and brings about joy.

    Weight 101gm


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