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  • Prasiolite – green amethyst rough pieces

    Prasiolite – green amethyst rough pieces

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    • Prasiolite – green amethyst rough pieces. These pieces I have been told are straight from the mines and not heat treated. Great for gridding or for jewellery.
    Prasiolite assists in bringing spiritual ideals into expression in every day life. It is a beautiful soft stone that carries the frequencies of the purple ray of divine connection and the green which is more heart centred. It balances that of the spiritual quest with the manifestation of divine energy on the earth’s plane. It brings the frequencies of love, peace, consciousness and compassion to one’s energy field. Physically it works well on heart centred matters and is an all round good healing stone for recovery from physical injury or trauma. Key words – mind/heart integration, spiritual connection, compassion, psychic ability, emotional healing
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