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  • Pietersite


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    • Pietersite tumbled stone. Known as the tempest stone. A stone of activation on all levels of your being.


    The colours include brown, grey, blue-grey and black. Pietersite is also known as the Tempest stone due to its connection to the storm element.
    This stone reminds you that you are a spiritual being inside a physical body. It stimulates and activates the third eye chakra and pineal gland . It activates mind and imagination, stimulates psychic vision and enhances telepathy. Pietersite acts like a bolt of lightning grounding the high-frequency energy into the physical realm. It is a spiritual activation stone.
    As a storm element , it can bring about change very quickly. It helps remove blockages when one feels stagnant and then reveals new directions for one’s life.
    It activates the whole chakra system, allowing a full spectrum of light to fill the body.
    Pietersite activates the base chakra in such a way that can show one the changes needed to make in life to create the changes needed.
    Physically Pietersite stimulates the pituitary gland, balancing the endocrine system and the production of hormones that govern metabolism, blood pressure, growth, sex and temperature. It’s a nervous system stone and is useful in stimulating and strengthening the nerves and the brain.

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