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  • Octahedral Pyrite4- 55gm, 4x3x2cm
    Octahedral Pyrite4- 55gm, 4x3x2cmOctahedral Pyrite4- 55gm, 4x3x2cmOctahedral Pyrite4- 55gm, 4x3x2cmOctahedral Pyrite4- 55gm, 4x3x2cm

    Octahedral Pyrite4- 55gm, 4x3x2cm

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    • Divine Octahedral Pyrite4 is not easily attainable, hence the price. Each piece is unique and are amazing to grid with.
    Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral which is a gold, metallic colouring. it has been nicknamed ‘fools gold’ because of its appearance. Pyrite is a very masculine stone and has a direct link to the sun. It makes an excellent stone to use at the base chakra for grounding and anchoring higher frequency information into the physical world. It’s excellent for developing spiritual vision and psychic ability and then grounding into the physical body. It helps one attract and create abundance into one’s life. Excellent to use at the solar plexus to enhance will power. Emotionally it helps one overcome fears and create confidence to then take action in one’s life. It is an excellent stone for students and it helps with concentration and enhancing memory, especially when needing to remember new information. Due to the sulfur conent in pyrite, it helps to purify the body of infection and stimulate the endocrine system to function properly. excellent for male impotence and infertility. the iron component of pyrite works on the blood system Pyrite is considered one of the stones of the Mental Trinity. The other 2 being calcite and fluorite. These 3 stones are excellent to have at the students work station. a good stone to protect against negative energies. Use at the computer to block EMFs. Octahedral Pyrite Octahedral Pyrite Peru I stumbled across this form of pyrite and was drawn to it immediately. It is immaculate, with the most beautifully formed octahedrons. To know that these are formed by Mother Earth is amazing. I decided to sit with its energy to see what the Crystal Devacould tell me. “As I started to meditate, I felt the golden flame rising in my heart centre. This stone made me feel really grounded whilst working with it. A real aspect of calm came over me. The golden Ray working its way into my throat as if it was allowing me freedom of speech or self expression. I could start to see a web being created around my body, weaving itself perfectly from the Earth star all the way to the Cosmic Gateway. This to me is the integration of the 8 dimensions being weaved, creating total harmony and balance, allowing any healing to take place. I could see that this piece of pyrite being placed on my solar plexus and being turned clockwise to activate this healing. It gives the true meaning of relationship between heaven and earth, hence ‘as above so below’. There is a real connection I feel to Atlantis and to the Mayans. Keep seeing the Sun Dial.”
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