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  • Nirvana Quartz1-295, 12×4.5×3.5cm
    Nirvana Quartz1-295, 12×4.5×3.5cmNirvana Quartz1-295, 12×4.5×3.5cm

    Nirvana Quartz1-295, 12×4.5×3.5cm

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    • Icy clear Nirvana Quartz. Divine

    Also known as Himalayan ice quartz or growth interference quartz. Colour normally white or pink. A high vibrational stone which is considered a spiritual-alchemy stone. It’s attuned to the pure consciouness that facilitates spiritual enlightenment and opens the soul star chakra and then grounds these energies to the earth. Nirvana quartz integrates the spiritual energy into the lightbody. It is a stone, as its name suggests, of spritual enlightenment or a state of nirvana. it teaches the purity of all that is and unconditional love. It creates a profound shift and acceleration into the spiritual. it removes the barriers to get you to this state of mind. It can help channel information to another person and can remove attachments. It works a little like a blower that totally cleans out the outer bodies and creates pure light within, creating like a bubble of light around a person.

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