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  • Merkabah Chakra Set

    Merkabah Chakra Set

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    • This 7 piece merkabah chakra set are excellent to use for grids of all kind and body layouts. They come in a wooden box. Each piece is approx 1.5cm
    MERKABAH/MERKABA Merkabah is a shape I work very heavily with within my own practise. The merkabah consists of 2 tetrahedrons which make a 3d shape of the Star of David. ‘Mer’ means light, ‘Ka’ means spirit and ‘Ba’ means body. Thus the merkabah is counter rotating field that encompasses both spirit and body. Merkabah is our light body, an inter-dimensional time travel vehicle which is self created within the energy field, using concepts of Sacred Geometry. The Merkabah is 2 counter-rotating fields of light (spinning at the speed of light) generated from the spinning of specific geometric forms. As stated by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It will help us with our ascension process. It symbolises heaven and earth, male and female, balance of polarities and fire and water. The configuration of the Star Tetrahedron is formed within the first eight cells of life and remains fixed at the base of the spine throughout one’s life. Sacred Geometry is the basis of all creation and everything organic. The five basic sacred geometrical structures are called the platonic solids. These are visual solids that can bring our vibrations into harmony with the rhythms of nature. Everything you see around us is ultimately made up of these solids, so we are taking the rhythms of nature and helping us to reorganize our own thought patterns and ultimately ‘switch on’ our DNA . These solids are cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedrons and dodecahedron. In actuality, our bodies are made up in a set of geometrical patterns. To understand a little more, our auric field is divided up into 3 main categories which include 7 layers in all. These are the Physical body, the Astral Plane and the Spiritual Plane. The physical plane consists of the physical body, etheric body, emotional body and mental body. The Astral plane consists of the Astral body and the Spiritual plane houses the Etheric Template body, Emotional template body and the Ketheric body. They say the merkabah is not activated around our energy fields unless we consciously do so. The tetrahedral field pointing up is male in nature and its electrical field rotates counter clockwise or to the left. The tetrahedral field pointing down is female in nature and rotates clockwise or to the right. When the energy fields are ‘switched on’ and you get the merkabah spinning in its counter – rotating fields of energy, mind, body and spirit can work in harmony creating healing and well being. A way you can visualise the counter rotation of the merkabah is to visualise a DNA strand and the way it intertwines. It is used to reactivate and create shifts within DNA patterning, supports reconnections between the physical and etheric bodies, helps healing and bringing together mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies and so on. One of the ways I like to work with this shape is by placing crystals under my bed in a 2d shape of the star of david. To activate it, iuse either a laser quartz crystal or selenite ( can be a crystal of choice), I then energetically mark the outline of the shape. I start at the head of the bed and go down to the right and follow the triangle facing upward. I then go to the base of the bed and follow the outline moving to the right of the triangle. I then go back to the head of the bed to the point of the triangle facing up and move my crystal counter clockwise activating the top triangle (tetrahedron) and then go to base to the point and with my crystal move it clockwise to activate the bottom tetrahedron. I now have a merkabah spinning within its counter rotating energy field and it is bliss to sleep in. You can set what ever intentions you like for this exercise. The same can be done when you ar etreatingf a client in your healing room. Activate the merkabah whilst your client is on the table. At the end of your session you can deactivate it by spinning the opposite way to how you started. Please note, if you have no crystals this is fine. It IS power of intention and will work for you.
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