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  • Lepidolite3- 160GM, 8.5X6.5X1.5CM

    Lepidolite3- 160GM, 8.5X6.5X1.5CM

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    • Beautiful Brazillian LEPIDOLITE3- 160GM, 8.5X6.5X1.5CM slices, layered lithium mica.
    Lepidolite transmutes negative energy. An excellent tool to use to ‘mop up’ electromagnetic pollution, especially when in its mica form as its properties are greatly amplified. It’s extremely useful for stress and depression as it contains lithium. It can balance out mood swings and bipolar disorders. It creates emotional healing, balance and stability. Lepidolite encourages independence and achieving goals on one’s own. It’s a stone that stimulates the intellect and can speed up decision making. It’s a calming stone that helps with sleep disturbances and emotional stress. Excellent for use in classrooms, work places and group therapy sessions. Physically, they say Lepidolite can locate the site of dis-ease. It strengthens the immune system and relieves exhaustion. Great detoxifier for the skin.
    Weight 160gm


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