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  • Lemurian Points
    Lemurian Points

    Lemurian Points

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    • There are 4 lemurians left here looking for their keepers. If you have a preference let me know at check out in comments and I will endeavour to keep that aside for you.
    Lemurian seed crystals- these are different in structure, displaying ladder-like grooves crossing the bodies of the crystals and very clear interiors. On many of these crystals, there’s a reddish pink tinge caused by a light, transparent coating of iron oxide. These crystals are just what their name implies; they are coded, programmed with the Lemurian consciousness vibrations. When worked with, the crystals can infuse one with the pure emotional/intuitive/spiritual awareness of the Lemurians. With these stones they can be wonderful experiences of heart opening and the healing of the emotional bodies. As we lift our own vibrations and universal consciousness increases, more of these beautiful crystals are becoming more readily available to help us with our ascension.
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