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  • Laser Wand3- 80gm, 10.5x3x2cm
    Laser Wand3- 80gm, 10.5x3x2cmLaser Wand3- 80gm, 10.5x3x2cm

    Laser Wand3- 80gm, 10.5x3x2cm

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    • Laser Wand3- 80gm, 10.5x3x2cm Brazil .
    Clear Quartz Clear to milky, with or without inclusions Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It is known as the grandfather of all quartz. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it. Quartz has been used within acupuncture needles, in watches and many other devices that can be used in our daily lives. Clear quartz works on all levels of our being. Storing Information like a computer, these crystals are a natural library waiting to be accessed. They are brilliant to use in healings or for manifesting with intention. Clear quartz is like a shape shifting stone. If this is the only crystal you have, with intention, you can ask the crystal to work as the energetic vibrations of other stones. Some healers will only use clear quartz within their work. Clear quartz is a master healer and can basically be used on all levels of healing, that is , on a mental, physical , spiritual and emotional level. There are many different formations in which quartz grows and each form has it’s own energetic and uses. Laser wands- these crystals have immense power. Not to be used light heartedly. They should be used by healers or a person who knows what they are doing. A tool used in psychic surgery. These little beauties can cut through anything. They remove detachments, cords and entities. They should not be pointed at anyone unless doing a healing as they can cut through the etheric layers of the body and may cause disharmony. They are crystals that have a wider base and taper in toward the point or apex of the crystal. Double Termination- when both ends of a crystal come to point. Some are natural and some are artificially made. A DT radiates or absorbs energy from both ends simultaneously, channelling it in two directions at once.. They are perfectly balanced and integrates spirit and matter. Great for removing blockages, enhance telepathy and can help break old habits by absorbing the negative energy.
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