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  • Larimar Nuggets
    Larimar Nuggets

    Larimar Nuggets

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    • Beautiful blue Larimar nuggets approx 1.5-2cm. Only 2 remaining
    Larimar This is one of my personal favourites. It is a form of blue pectolite only found in the Dominican Republic. sometimes there is a trace of a red/brown mineral which is hematite. It is a very calming and tranquil stone. Bringing inner peace and calm to the holder of this stone. It is a water element which makes it very soothing to the emotional body. Excellent to use at the throat chakra as it enhances communication. At the heart it is very soothing and teaches one to respect, love and nurture one’s self. As this stone is born of volcanic activity, it actually takes on both fire and water elements and can work with these polarites as a balancer. Larimars energy is cooling and soothing. It can calm excessive fears and diffuse anger. it can reduce the stress knots and muscle tension. It’s an excellent stone to usefor facilitating emotional release. Excellent stone for mothers to use during pregnancy during and after. Can help alleviate post partum depression and help with breastfeeding mothers. Excellent stone for both men and women to get intouch with their feminine sides, teach self nurturing and self respect. It also has connections with goddess energies. To me, larimar is the stone of Atlantis and with it bring the wisdoms of that time. Physically, excellent for use during ante and post pregnancy. Helps relieve high blood pressure and stress related illness. Larimar can relieve excessive fire element energy such as infection, fever and inflammation. Excellent for sore throats and fever.
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