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  • Fluorite Octahedrons

    Fluorite Octahedrons

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    • Small fluorite octahedrons approx 2cm. Mainly purple, green and clear.
    Fluorite Colours- clear, blue, green, purple, yellow, brown It is a highly protective stone especially on a psychic level. Its an excellent cleansing and stabilising stone for the aura. Excellent stone to use against EMFs. Fluorite draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds. It cleanses, purifies, dispels and reorganises anything within the body that is not in perfect order. It grounds and integrates spiritually energies. Fluorite can help dissolve fixed patterns of behaviour and gently opens the door to the subconscious, bringing repressed feelings to the surface to be resolved. Fluorite is an excellent learning aid. It organises and processes information. It increases concentration. It helps you to absorb new information and aids quick thinking. Emotionally it has a stabilising effect helping you understand the effect of the mind and emotions on the body. Physically it is a powerful healing tool. It regenerates the skin, it is beneficial for colds, flus and sinusitis. It alleviates arthritis and spinal injuries. Stroked across the body toward the heart, Fluorite provides pain relief. Also beneficial to the bones and teeth. Clear Fluorite – stimulates the crown chakra, aligns all chakras bringing universal energy into the physical body. Blue Fluorite – enhances creative orderly thought and clear communication. It calms or revitalises energy. It is effective for eye, ear, nose and throat problems. Can invoke spiritual awakening. Green Fluorite – grounds excess energy, dissipates emotional trauma and clears infection. It’s particularly effective at absorbing negative energies within the environment. Excellent cleanser for the mind, auric field and chakras. Can relieve stomach disorders and cramp in the intestines. Purple Fluorite – stimulates the third eye, is an excellent meditation stone, useful in the treatment of bone and bone marrow disorders. Yellow Fluorite – enhances creativity and stabilises group energy. Supports intellectual activities. At a physical level, it releases toxins. Key words: mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision making, clearing the energy fields.
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