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  • Apatite - Yellow or Golden
    Apatite - Yellow or GoldenApatite - Yellow or Golden

    Apatite - Yellow or Golden

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    • Divine, terminated yellow apatite.

    Colours yellow, green, blue, colourless, pink, violet, brown

    Apatite is a stone of manifestation and promotes a humanitarian attitude, inclining toward service. It develops psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepens meditation, aids communication and self expression on all levels. Very much a teacher’s stone. It is said to help you maintain focus, learn, concentrate effectively, think clearly, and communicate better. Apatite can be used to enhance the energies of other crystals and stones. Having apatite near you can bring harmony on all levels, and brings inner peace.

    Yellow or Golden Apatite– excellent for creativity, manifestation, confidence and clarity. Excellent stimulator to the endocrine system and can be used to help with weight loss.

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