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  • Amphibole Points 3 - approx 5cm
    Amphibole Points 3 - approx 5cm

    Amphibole Points 3 - approx 5cm

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    • Natural amphibole points. Peaceful and tranquil . There are 3 available in this lot. Please specify which one you would like on check out . approx4.5-5cm
    Amphibole or angel phantom got its name due to the white angel wing formations that are present within the quartz. They emanate a beautiful soft, radiant and powerful energy associated with the angelic realm. It is an excellent meditation stone as well as a manifestation stone of the higher self and the angelic realm. Helps to find inner peace Excellent for use at the higher chakras. great for dream work. It can assist one in astral travel, lucid dreaming and interdimensional travel. excellent for children who suffer with nightmares. great stone to use for the nervous system It has the ability to awaken one to one’s divinity. the amphibole quartz is made up primarily of the minerals white- caolinite, yellow- limonite and red- hematite. However other significant minerals that can be included are tremolite, actinolite, hornblende, riebecktite and richterite.
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