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  • Set of 12 A4 Templates
    Set of 12 A4 Templates

    Set of 12 A4 Templates

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    • Gridding templates and essences are useful tools that can help open your mind and soul Gridding is an art form which can be expressed in many different ways. When we grid, we are bringing in light, colour and sound comprising of different vibrational frequencies – much like a musical composition. Placed together with such things as crystals, herbs, feathers or fruit, we can create a specific ‘musical’ harmonic giving the most amazing vibrational frequency which can be felt within us and may even be heard by some. The 11 templates include- Rebirth Dreamweaver Merkabah Healing Take Hold Raven Magik Ancient Sound Frequencies Pineal Activation Unlimited Potential Shape Shifter Love Frequency Awakening Receive a $20 saving when purchasing the pack of 11 as well as a free copy of the Ebook - Phoenix Gateway Master & Healing Gridding Templates.
    The templates that I have created for purchase are gridding mats and the focus of each came via a passion for creating essences and using sacred geometry. There are many ways to use them and some are: . Placement in a particular area around the home, office and garden or around a part of Gaia you feel may need some healing. . On your client during a healing or under the healing bed during a healing. . Templates are great if you are looking for a message for the day and need to know direction. . Sleep with the templates under your pillow, bed or on your bedside table. . Create grids using one or more for meditation or self-healing. . Pick a template for a client/friend to work with. Meditate on a template. You can also make your own divine essences using the templates! Or why not try one of the pre-made essences available in my range.
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