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  • Ascension Energy Box
    Ascension Energy BoxAscension Energy Box

    Ascension Energy Box

    • $200.00
      SKU: F251BOMKBL
    • Ascension Energy Box. A combination of high vibrational products that are all about energy, frequency and vibration. Each box includes: Sacred geometry healing cards, 3x elixirs, 2x templates, crystal grid pack, platonic solid set. Over $250 worth of products.

    Ascension Energy Box

    I embrace my next level of initiation and rebirth to awaken to higher wisdom and understanding.


    • Sacred Geometry Healing Cards
    • Platonic Solid Set
    • Elixirs x 3 - Seed of the Soul, Whale Medicine, Snake Medicine
    • Crystals - Clear Quartz Points, Shungite, Moldavite, Amethyst, Selenite, Apophyllite Pyramid, Lapis Lazuli, Danburite, Selenite Rod
    • Awakening Template (A6)
    Each box receives my latest template, Seed of the Soul as a gift


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