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  • Sacred Geometry Healing Cards with Free Flow Ring

    Sacred Geometry Healing Cards with Free Flow Ring

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    • Limited time only. Buy a deck of the Sacred Geometry Healing Cards and receive a Flow Ring free with every purchase. If you are purchasing in a country outside of Australia, a great idea is to get a few friends involved and share the cost of postage. Every deck receives a flow ring whilst stocks last. Saving of $22.

    Purchase a set of the amazing Sacred Geometry Healing Cards created by Emily Kisvarda, and for a short time only or until stock runs out, receive a FREE Flow Ring with each set. Save $22.

    Flow rings are a wonderful tool to use when feeling stressed or wanting to create some harmony and feeling relaxed in the present moment.  Great to play with and the kids think they are awesome. Carry in your bag or have it sitting on your desk, kitchen bench or next to your bed. The flow ring is also an amazing teaching toolas it represents the torus. The torus is a geometry that represents integrity and wholeness. It is natures way of sustaining life and is the most fundamental form of energy that is balanced. energy flows in and out and around, much like a doughnut.



    "Emily's focused work is a revival of a set of psycho-active yantras or Power Art,
    that affect consciousness on a deeper level. These beautifully crafted disks of Ancient Sound Frequencies assist us in remembering the knowledge that has been lost, yet it is contained within our cells. Her choice of Harmonics and Symbols that have been colourfully executed and explained, give insight into the deeper meaning of Sacred Geometry, the Art of Remembering who we are and where we came from, utilizing the Universal Language of Shape and Pattern Recognition. For those students who were fearful of mathematics and numbers, here is a set of exciting new Templates that translates Number Into Art and permits whole-brain Learning. I look forward to seeing your next stream of timeless new codes."
    Jain 108



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