How to Choose Crystals

Choosing a crystal is a very personal choice. There are 3 main ways in which you can choose your crystals.

  1.  Intuition: you may have a sense or gut feeling on which crystal is right for you at the time in which you are purchasing your crystals. Intuition is very important as my belief is you are going with a gut feeling and help from a higher source. So go with it.
  2.  Scanning: you can use your hands to feel which crystal emanates more energy at the time of purchase. Run your hand over each crystal and FEEL which one is right for you. To find out which hand you use to scan, rub both your hands together and slowly pull them apart. As your hands move away from each other you should be able to feel more energy coming from one hand. This is your receiving hand. Some people may find the energy is equal and that is fine. You can use either hand.
  3.  Attraction: you may choose a crystal purely for its beauty, colour or shape.

Once you have taken your crystal home, it is important to cleanse them. Please refer to my section on cleansing and care of your crystals.

When you have cleansed and energised your crystals you are ready to use them. Crystals will work far more effectively once you dedicate and program your crystals. This can be done with intent. By holding each crystal in your hand you can program each crystal with the intention you want. For example black tourmaline is one of the most effective stones for protection from negative energies of all kinds. With the intent of protection, it can shield the aura from negativity entering your field.

There are a number of ways in which crystals can be used. Crystals can be carried, held, worn in beautiful pieces of jewellery, gridded around the house. They can also be used in meditation, crystal layouts on the body or even in dream work. They have even been made into crystal oracle cards. You may even chose to have a show piece just for its natural beauty. Crystals can also be bought as tools to use in massage, reiki, ceremonies or in a healing session. Crystals are also made into pendulums and different carvings.

Because crystals come in a multitude of colours, they can be used and placed on the body with the corresponding chakras.

Base chakra is red, sacral chakra is orange, solar plexus is yellow, heart  chakra is green and pink, throat chakra is blue, third eye is indigo and crown is purple.

To do a general layout on your own, you can choose a colour from each spectrum mentioned above and place a crystal on each of these chakras. This is also a way in which you can do a chakra balancing on yourself. Please note that crystals do not have to marry up to the colour of your chakra to use them. I always intuit what I need and feel is right at the time.