Hands on Healing

My work is all based around sacred geometry. That is a sacred language of the universe using patterns which can be seen within our entire galaxy from the atomic (micro) to the galactic (macro). These patterns present themselves through nature, designs and structures all over the world.  It is the template in which the material universe is based upon in every aspect known.


Vibrational Energy Healing

Everything in the universe is moving, living energy which vibrates to a certain frequency be it plant, animal, human or gemstone. When we are healthy the relationship of our energy systems is balanced. If the relationship between the mind, body and soul breaks down, an imbalance occurs, which will eventually lead to energy becoming stagnant and create dis-ease within the body.

Energetic healing is any form of healing modality that works on restoring and rebalancing the ‘energy circuits’ within the physical and subtle bodies. Some examples of these modalities are Reiki, crystal healing, flower essences and chakra balancing just to name a few.

Energetic healers normally have skills in a number of different modalities and incorporate a few into your healing session.

One example is Reiki which is the ‘universal life force’. It is the energy of love and light. Reiki is a method of healing that allows us to use the universal energy of love and light to assist healing in ourselves and others.

Ultimately all forms of energy healing tap into the same source and are all valid methods of healing and none being more powerful than the other.

In my sessions, I integrate a number of modalities. This includes hands on and hands off healing, sound, crystals, Phoenix Gateway gridding templates, vibrational essences, feathers and on occasion drums and bowls. Any information channelled is discussed with the client during and after the healing session.

I am contactable on 0411335842 to discuss a healing session and to make an appointment for you.