Gridding + Essences

List of Essences


Bear Medicine

Use Bear Medicine :
-To find inner strength and confidence
-Courage and will power
-Inner healing
-Shamanic work

Owl Medicine

Use Owl Medicine
Excellent to use for;
-Shifting old patterns of belief
-Feeling psychically blocked
-Emotionally down
-Needing insight and clarity
-Finding your path both spiritually and physically
-Attune to higher vibrations

Wolf Medicine

Use wolf medicine when;
-You need to help clear childhood issues
-Self-love, self-worth, compassion of self and others
-Acknowledgement of self, nurturing
-Speaking (voicing) your heartfelt desires
-Activating and opening the heart centre and throat

Snake Medicine

Use Snake Medicine for;
-Transformation, reweaving, reactivating and cleansing our DNA patterns
-Quantum leaping and Evolutionary changes
-Adapting to new frequencies
-Shift of consciousness
-Opening our heart and anchoring our body of light

Trilogy Essence

The Trilogy Essence is a combination of Owl, Wolf and Snake Medicine Essences
Refer to write up.

Spider Medicine

Use spider to;
-Create firm foundations in your life
-Help with our ambitions and will
find balance within our lives
-Manifest dreams and desires
-Release fear holding you back

Starlight Essence

How the essence will work;
-It is grounding and makes the person taking it more tolerant.
-It will give the person the ability to cope and work within the specified parameters  of whatever they are doing.
-Refines behaviour.
-Reactivate DNA coding.
-Reawaken the subconscious and help remind them of who they are.

The Triple Goddess Essence

It is an essence for empowerment, nurturing, self-loving, creativity and healing. It assists you on all levels emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
Excellent to use during pre, peri and post menopause, to call upon the inner goddess/feminine energies, to assist with fertility, to assist with inner balance, nurturing and harmony.

Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz Essence

Use this Frequency to:
-Restore balance and harmony
-Repair damaged DNA to its original state
-Cleanse your physical and auric fields, bringing a sense of wellbeing and clearing  of unwanted energy/debris.
-Work within the heart space.

Pain Away Essence

Use this essence to:
-Treat physical pain on all levels
-Use after a medical procedure to help ease pain
-Dealing with painful emotions
-Get to the root problem of your pain

When using the essences, it is important to shake the bottle well or succuss it each time you use it.
I recommend 9 drops/3times a day or intuit how much you feel you require. Sometimes you need more or a little less. You can take more than one essence at a time.
As a general guide, 20 drops = 1 ml of the vibrational medicine.
The essences are all kept with either brandy or vodka.
The essences can be ingested, rubbed on a particular body part, used in your bath or placed in your water.