Crystal Properties

Please note: Information supplied in crystal properties has come from a number of sources. Those being; The Crystal bible, The Book of Stones, Crystal Workbook, Love is in the Earth, as well as some of my own information.


Aegirine are green, red to brown and black crystals. Normally long and prismatic crystals.

Aegirine help with body image issues, self acceptance and help you to be more true to yourself. It can be used to augment or increase the energies of other crystals and minerals.

Excellent to use for emotional blockages and also to use in guarding one's self from negative energies and psychic attack as well as clearing your own negative energy, thoughts and blockages from your auric field. Aegirine creates a beautiful protective shield around you.



Agates are very powerful healing stones. They are grounding but also build up energy . they bring about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. They are soothing and calming stones. They help to facilitate acceptance of one’s self and due to their many layers can help shed light at different levels. It enhances mental function and improves concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It encourages speaking one’s truth.
There are many different types of agates and they are normally found with other quartz minerals such as amethyst .
Key words – courage, balance, stabilising
Botswana agate – Grey to pink in colour. Great stone to use for addictions eg smoking. Helps to clear toxins from the body from the use of drugs. They say because this type of agate has the shape of the brain, that it resonates with it.
Blue lace agate – beautiful banded blue and white stone. Works beautifully at the throat chakra to help express thoughts and feelings. Effective for activating and healing the throat chakra. It’s soft energy is cooling and calming. Very nurturing and supportive stone. It can help neutralize anger, infection, inflammation and fever. Psychologically this stone helps counteract the suppression of feelings that stem from fear of being judged and rejected.
Excellent throat healer, useful in thyroid deficiencies, throat and lymph infections.
Dendritic agate – Is known as the stone of plentitude as it brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life. This agate has a strong connection to the plant kingdom and can enhance communication with that realm. This agate really helps withanything that branches such as blood vessels and nerves.. it can treat the skeletal disorders and realign the skeletal system. Great stone to use for healing plants and the earth itself.
Fire agate – has a deep connection to the earth and it’s energy is calming, bringing feelings of security and safety. Assists in lifting lethargy. Assists in circulatory and nervous system disorders. A definite stone for the base chakra. Has a direct link to the fire element. Strengthens physical vitality, cuts through sluggishness and helps focus on the present.
Moss agate – powerful physical healer and strong connection to nature. Beneficial for anyone who works in the agricultural industry. It’s a birthing crystal, it assists midwives in their work, lessening pain and ensuring a good delivery. It’s a stone of new beginnings and release from blockages. It’s a stone of wealth as it attracts abundance. It helps release fear and deep seated stress. It’s a highly optimistic stone. Physically it helps to speed up recovery. It can be used as an anti inflammatory, cleanses the circulatory and eliminating systems, boosts the immune system. Helps to treat infections, colds and flu and lower fevers. As an elixir it can help treat fungal and skin infections.
Snake Skin Agate– This agate resembles the skin of a snake in appearance.
It’s energies promote strength in times of excessive activity. It also encourages  inner peace and an appreciation for the simple joy of being alive. As a result, users of snakeskin agate experience increased cheerfulness and self love as well as a renewed love of life.
It has been used to initiate the rise of the kundalini .
Turritella Agate – is a stone of personal connection with one’s past – ancestry, homeland, and the country from which those ancestors came. As a record keeper crystal, it may be used to gain access to the wisdom of past worlds and past life recall.
It opens communication between the plant and mineral kingdom, providing access to information beneficial in healing the planet. If buried in land that has been neglected or polluted, Turitella Agate cleanses and re-vitalizes. Its healing energies can be projected if placed on a map or photo of an endangered area.
For frequent travelers, Turitella Agate protects against danger, alleviates fears, and keeps the connection to loved ones at home.  Agate is especially effective against traffic accidents.
An excellent fertility crystal, Turitella Agate increases the chances of success with IVF, artificial insemination and other fertility treatments.


Ajoite is a beautiful copper based mineral exhibiting beautiful colours of blue and blue-green. A strong feminie stone which has a very calming and ‘cooling’ influence on the emotional and physical bodies.
Ajoite is an excellent stone to use at the throat and an amazing activator at the third eye to channel communication with the Divine.
It is known to be one of the highest stones of angelic communication. It allows for opening of guidance fro, higher realms but also assists in grounding the information onto the earth plane to use in teaching or other form of communication.
Truly a goddess stone and one that helps instill love and healing. A great stone to use at the heart chakra up .
Physically excellent to lift one’s mood when hormones cause an imbalance, can be used with excessive anger. Said to help strengthen the blood when used in combination with hematite.


Colour blue/green feldspar.
Amazonite heals, sooths and opens both the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication. It also opens the third eye and intuition. The stone dissipates negative energy and blockages within the nervous system. It is soothing to the nerves.
It aligns the physical body with the etheric and astral bodies producing a balancing and preventative energy. Hence it’s an excellent stone for health maintenance.
It can balance the male/female energies, bringing forth the qualities of clarity, clear spirit and balancing of the many aspects of one’s personality. It helps to pacify and eliminate aggravation. Great stone to use to help dispel worry and fear.
It is beneficial for osteoporosis and tooth decay, calcium deficiencies and deposits. It helps relieve muscle spasms.
A good stone to use to block geopathic  stress and EMF’s
Key words – fear, worry, soothing


Colours range from yellows to golden brown. Green is artificially coloured. May have insects or vegetation trapped inside.
Amber is not a crystal. It is a resin that solidified and fossilized over 50 million years ago. Amber has a beautiful subtle energy that is uplifting. Especially useful when you are feeling weighed down with responsibilities. Helps create a balance between daily life and spiritual expansion.
It’s a grounding stone for higher energies. It’s a powerful healer and cleanser that draws dis-ease from the body. Revitalises tissue, helps clean the environment and the chakras. It absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces that stimulate the body to heal itself. It imbues the body with vitality. Amber allows the body to rebalance and heal itself. It’s excellent as a natural antibiotic. It resonates with the throat to treat goitres and other throat problems. It treats the stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder alleviates joint problems.
Key words- soothing, healing, cleansing, warmth


A combination of purple and green (prasiolite) amethyst
Amegreen is a beautiful soft stone that carries the frequencies of the purple ray of divine connection and the green which is more heart centred. It balances that of the spiritual quest with the manifestation of divine energy on the earth’s plane.  It brings the frequencies of love, peace, consciousness and compassion to one’s energy field. Physically it works well on heart centred matters and is an all round good healing stone for recovery from physical injury or trauma.
Key words – mind/heart integration, spiritual connection, compassion, psychic ability, emotional healing


Colour is pale to deep purple
A member of the quartz family. It enhances right brain activity. It’s a blood cleanser and energiser. Assists purification and regeneration, and cuts through illusion.
It has a calming effect, and is one of the best stones to use in meditation. Use for overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed mental states. Great to place under a pillow at night for recurring nightmares. Amethyst helps clear and transform energies in the environment where it is placed, and will help to release unbalanced energies.
Amethyst has strong protective qualities and will enhance  psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Balances and soothes an overactive mind.
They say amethyst can help you to remain sober.
Amethyst can help to cleanse other crystals especially a cluster, by placing other crystals on it.
The endocrine and immune system can be strengthened by amethyst and it’s useful in the treatment of emotional/mental disorders, nervous disorders and easing pain. As an elixir it’s useful for easing the pain of arthritis. Can be used to treat addictive behaviours
Key words-protection from psychic attack, calming, psychic awareness, treat addictions


Colour is purple (amethyst ) and citrine(yellow)
Combines the energies and properties of amethyst and citrine, and is a stone of transformation and change, signified by its changing colour.
It clears blocks at the solar plexus, particularly blocks of the unknown and fear of change. It gives a clearer insight into your reason for being and ease of decision making. It’s an excellent meditation stone that will assist in going deeper and clarifying issues and problems.
Mentally relieves stress and tension and provides a calming effect. Can be used to stimulate the brain, enhancing learning and creative problem solving. Aids in memory and information retention. Can help support the endocrine system.
Key words-mental and spiritual clarity


Ammonite is a fossil and existed in nature about 400 million years ago. Egyptians named this fossil after their God, Ammon. Named after it’s similar shape to a ram’s horns, it was prized by Egyptian and Roman societies because it was seen as a deity symbol. Fossils represent time, eternity and evolution. In general they are used as protective objects.
In healing, ammonite will assist with general good health, stamina and high energy. It can help transmute negativity to smoothly flowing energy. It will also assist during childbirth and will be helpful for general survival skills. Ammonite can help release karmic debris and harmful thought patterns, while helping to attain and enhance personal power within the Self.
Ammonites has a perfect Fibonacci ratio, hence the golden mean is found within. This is where their name nautilus spiral evolves. Hence they are ever expanding and create a beautiful fractal of The All

Amphibole or angel Phantom Quartz

Amphibole or angel phantom got its name due to the white angel wing formations that are present within the quartz.
They emanate a beautiful soft, radiant and powerful energy associated with the angelic realm. It is an excellent meditation stone as well as a manifestation stone of the higher self and the angelic realm. Helps to find inner peace

Excellent for use at the higher chakras. great for dream work. It can assist one in astral travel, lucid dreaming and interdimmensional travel. excellent for children who suffer with nightmares. great stone to use for the nervous system

It has the ability to awaken one to one’s divinity.

the amphibole quartz is made up primarily of the minerals white- caolinite, yellow- limonite and red- hematite. However other significant minerals that can be included are tremolite,
actinolite, hornblende, riebecktite and richterite.

Anandalite , Rainbow Quartz, Aurora quartz

Anandalite is naturally grown quartz with rhodium found in the Himalaya area of India. It is a luminescent quartz

It was named Ananda which is sanskrit for ‘Divine Bliss’.

It’s different from it’s counterpart angel aura which is radiated with platinum, as it occurs naturally within the ground.

It is used at all levels and all chakras. It is especially beneficial for the awakening of the kundalini.

An excellent stone to use in meditation. This stone never needs cleansing.

After sitting with this stone this is what i feel with it.

It is a stone that ‘blows away’ the cobwebs so to speak, creating light filled spaces within the body and auric field, creating a bubble of protection around the physical and etheric bodies.
it cleanses, purifies and protects from negativity( in a way similar to that of herkimer diamonds I feel). It has a gentle soothing effect on the nervous system.
It heightens psychic awareness and is a channelling crystal to use to contact other spirit beings. It has the ability to contact the angelic realm and has beautiful angelic properties. It can assist with astral travel and gently bringing you back.
The rhodium enhances the energetics of the quartz. Not so much a physical healer as it is an emotional blaster so to speak. It helps to deal with and bring emotional issues to the surface.

Angel Aura Quartz

A clear quartz that has been bonded with platinum and silver.
Angel Aura quartz is an  excellent aura cleanser and act to stimulate and clear all of the Chakra Energy Centres. They say Angel Aura Quartz helps bring one into the higher realms in meditation, facilitating conscious contact with angels, spirit guides and inner realm teachers. It is said to assist one in communing with Angels, accessing the Akashic records, channelling higher knowledge, remembering past lives and gaining insight into one’s spiritual mission in this lifetime


Colour is blue and white sometimes with red flecks through it.
Angelite soothes fear, anxiety and trauma and imparts a feeling of well being and satisfaction. It’s known as “the stone of awareness”. It represents peace. Angelite helps you to speak your truth, whatever it may be. It helps you be more compassionate and accepting. Angelite also contains the soothing and calming energies of water. It imparts a care free feeling. Great stone fore public speaking. Enhances telepathy and dispels anger. Great for psychic healers as it deepens attunement and heightens perception.
It resonates with the heart and throat. Good for throat ailments and they say cooling on sunburn. Useful in weight control as it can act as a diuretic
Key words-soothing, speak your truth, calming


Colours yellow, green, blue, colourless, pink, violet, brown
Apatite is a stone of manifestation and promotes a humanitarian attitude, inclining toward service. It develops psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepens meditation, aids communication and self expression on all levels. Very much a teacher’s stone. It is said to help you maintain focus, learn, concentrate effectively, think clearly, and communicate better. Apatite can be used to enhance the energies of other crystals and stones. Having apatite near you can bring harmony on all levels, and brings inner peace.
Blue Apatite– enhances your ability to communicate with E.Ts. Enhances creative expression, and especially good for artists, writers and musicians. It connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance. Yellow or golden apatite works beautifully on the solar plexus. Excellent for creation, clarity and manifestation.
Yellow or Golden Apatite– excellent for creativity, manifestation, confidence and clarity. Excellent stimulator to the endocrine system and good when trying to lose weight.
Green Apatite– A great stone to use at the heart chakra by awakening heart knowledge, allowing one to understand the karmic basis for our current experiences, it helps with relaxation and revitalization. It is both a water and earth element.
Apatite helps to suppress appetite, good for high blood pressure. Aids absorption of calcium.
Key words-psychic activation, expression, heart, creation, clarity, confidence, manifestation.


Mainly Clear, white, green.

Apophyllite creates a conscious connection between the physical and the spiritual realms.

It’s an excellent stone at attuning one to the higher frequency vibrations and energies of the angelic and interdimensional realms.

Excellent to use in meditation. Use apophyllite  in your environment to create peaceful and calm environment.

Excellent stone to activate the heart.  A stone to bring clarity of thought and knowing. It’s uplifting and cheerful.
Beneficial to many organs, but especially the heart, adrenal, spleen and brain. Stimulates intuition and raises energy levels. They say if you place a piece of Apophyllite on the eyes, it helps to relieve and refresh tired eyes.

Green apophylite  is  a stone of the heart, has a connection to the earth elementals and is an excellent stone to use for asthma or other respiratory issues.
Key words- connection to higher realms and nature spirits, calming .

Aqua Aura Quartz

A clear quartz that has been bonded with pure gold
Frees you from limitations and creates space for something new. This crystal heals, cleanses and calms the aura, releasing any stress. Releases negativity from the subtle energetic bodies and from the connections the spiritual body makes to the universal energies. It stimulates channelling and self expression and deepens spiritual attunement and communication. Great to use during meditation.
It strengthens the thymus gland (higher heart) and the immune system.
Key words- calming, relaxing, connection to spirit

Aqua Lemuria

Activates the mind for understanding and interpretation of heart knowledge. it develops powers of the higher worlds for which Lemuria is renowned. It gives a clear expression of this innate Lemurian wisdom, and also for speaking the language of sacred sound. It’s said to enhance clairvoyance, to assist recall of ancient knowledge and to increase capacities for empathic healing. It charges one’s auruc field with the pure energy of the water element, bringing enhanced awareness of the realms of dreams, angels, spirit guides and the ancestors.
This is from the highlands of Sumatra.


Colours blue and green
This crystal to me allows you to speak your heart felt truths. It is a stone to help allay yours fears and find your courage to act. It is reassuring, uplifting and helps point toward spiritual fulfilment.
It enhances clarity of mind and has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, liver, spleen and thyroid. It makes a good tonic to boost the immune system. It activates and cleanses the throat chakra.
Key words- fear, uplifting,  soothing, clear communication


Aragonite comes in white, brown, red/orange, yellow-green and blue.

Aragonite is an excellent earth healer and grounding stone.

It is a powerful ally for healing and balancing the emotional body. Especially in times of stress. It helps heal emotional wounds.

Aragonite teaches patience and acceptance. Is an excellent stone to hold when feeling angry, to help allay these feelings and bring back to balance and harmony.

Aragonite is excellent for supporting healing and regenerating bones, increases vitality and stamina.


Colours red, brown, blue, white
These stones are powerful allies for the healing and balancing of the emotional bodies. Especially those who are over emotional or overly blocked.  Great for those who have a tendency toward angry outbursts. A very calming and nurturing crystal which enhances sensitivity and creativity. Enhances intellectual clarity and perception. Beneficial for the nervous system, heart and brain.
Key words- balancing energy fields and emotions


Astrophyllite highlights your unlimited potential and heightens your perception and inspires realisation of your soul’s life purpose.

It promotes out of body experiences, acting as a guide and protector in other realms. It reminds you thatas one door closes, another door opens.

Beneficial for epilepsy, the reproductive, hormonal and nervous systems, PMS, cellular regeneration, spinal alignment and fatty deposits.


Atacamite is a New Age crystal that embraces one to reach a sustainable level of independence to assist in the completion of their spiritual journey.
It will remove energy blockages and open the Heart and Crown Chakras, which will increase self-motivation, self-confidence and enthusiasm.
This stone acts as a wonderful aid for spiritual connection. It will force open the Third-Eye. This will trigger powerful psychic visions, promote development of intuition and help one contact their spirit-guides.  It connects to the Earth Star Chakra to allow for energy to enter the body.

Physically it boosts the immune system, purifies the kidneys. It is a powerful cleanser of the etheric body. It can help strengthen the reproductive organs and placed at the throat can help heal the thyroid gland. It is also beneficial for the nervous system, overcoming stress.

Atlantasite / Serpentine with Stichtite

Atlantasite is a combination of green serpentine and purple stichtite.

It activates past lives in Atlantis, reconnecting the self to your ancient wisdom and encouraging you to complete projects set in motion at the time.

Helps to lower stress levels and help children to modify behavioural issues and inappropriate behaviour.

Helps one to break away from outworn behaviour and poor choices and instilling a more positive approach.

Environmentally, Atlantasite is an earth healer, bringing peace into the environment.

Beneficial for cellular memory, stress, blood disorders, hypoglycaemia and diabetes.


The name “AURALITE-23” derived from the miracle of earth and sky connections, known as the NORTHERN AURORA BOREALIS LIGHTS. Native American Indians called this phenomenon “THE DANCING OF THE SPIRITS”.
It is said that Auralite 23 crystals are at least 1.2 billion years old. It’s been suggested that meteoric activities at the time brought certain rare metallic ores to the surface which then dissolved and became incorporated into the growing amethyst.
This beautiful mineral has been discovered in the Boreal forest of the Canadian Shield, far north of Lake Superior.
Robert Simmons writes “The stones appear to be primarily composed of Amethyst, but they contain a wealth of other minerals as well. Their discoverer has named them Auralite. (The name Auralite-23 denotes that there are at least 17 different minerals in each specimen of Auralite) As with the mineral known as Super 7, there is a unique synergy of energies in Auralite-23”.
The minerals included are ;Titanite, Lepidocrosite, Cacoxenite, Ajoite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Goethite,  pyrolusite, gold, silver, platinum, nickel, copper, iron, limonite, sphalerite,  covelite, chalcopyrite, gialite, epidote, bornite and rutile. The crystals themselves are structured layers of phantom chevrons composed of 3 quartz species being amethyst, citrine and a rare form of metamicted green quartz. (Information by Robert Simmons).
I couldn’t wait to sit with this amazing crystal which reminds me of a kaleidoscope given all the minerals it can contain.
I sat in meditation with Auralite-23 and found my body gently tingling and a complete calmness overtaking my body. The energy of the crystal went straight to my heart chakra, opening it right up and then I felt it travel to my throat, third eye and crown..
I feel Auralite -23 creates forgiveness of the soul. It will help go back into past life hurts, releasing attachments that have been brought forth into this lifetime. Emotionally soothing to the soul.
Auralite-23 is definitely here as an ascension stone and to help us move toward 2012 and beyond. It will help with the awakening of the New Consciousness. It will help you on your path and remove any obstacles that has stagnated you, clearing the way for you to continue travelling on your journey.
Mentally, it brings about calm, serenity and creates a whole body feeling of relaxation. An excellent stone to use in meditation, past life regression and astral travelling. A great stone to wear on a daily basis for those who suffer from high stress or anxiety in their daily lives.
Spiritually, excellent to use to communicate with your guides, angels or Higher Beings. It can be used as a third eye activator. Excellent to use for spiritual awakening. Auralite-23 I believe will work well with sugilite placed at the heart centre. It will also work with other ascension stones.
Physically, it would make an excellent tonic for stress and calming the nerves ( made in the indirect method).  Great to use for mental tension, creates more clarity to the user and gives a feeling of inner peace.
If you are fortunate to have 2 pieces of Auralite -23, I suggest a piece at the Crown Chakra pointing down and a piece at the Base Chakra pointing up. This would be a beautiful way to meditate with these stones.


Colours green, blue, peach
This stone is sparkly due to an inclusion of mica or hematite. It’s a member of the quartz family.
Green aventurine aids in releasing anxiety and fear. Stimulates muscle tissue, strengthens blood. Excellent for use in high blood pressure. Assists in bringing in feelings of emotional tranquillity and a positive attitude towards life. An all round healer.
Blue aventurine helps you see the way forward more clearly in all aspects of your life and helps solve problems.
Peach aventurine is a good companion to the regenerative and regenerative energies of carnelian. It works on the physical body to help heal damaged muscle tissue. They sa y a good stone to use after childbirth to help strengthen the muscles.
Key words- release anxiety and fear, calming, physical strengthening.


Colour deep royal blue
Azurite guides psychic  and intuitive development. It urges the soul toward enlightenment. It can help show you the way. It cleanses and stimulates the third eye and attunes to spiritual guidance. It helps with clarity of mind and understanding. It helps you let go of old belief systems to move into the unknown without fear.. it helps clear stress, worry, grief and sadness and allowing more light into the emotions. It calms someone who talks too much out of nervousness, or encourages someone to hold back from self expression.
Physically treats throat problems, arthritis and joint problems. Can encourage the development of the embryo in the womb. It has a special resonance with the mind and mental processes.
Key words-clarity, remove blockages, clear insight, calming

Azurite and Malachite

These two stones together are quite powerful.  It unlocks spiritual vision, strengthens the ability to visualise and opens the third eye. At an emotional level, it brings deep healing, cleansing ancient blocks or thought patterns.. Helps with muscle cramps.

Bambu Agate

In early 2009, clusters of agate tubes were recovered from a remote mountainside in Central Java.

According to local folklore, the clumps of finger-like agate tubes form in the earth and villagers think if they bury the broken fingers in the ground, they will grow and broken ends will heal. They attribute the shapes to a local bamboo species they call “Awi” or stumpy Japanese Bambu (spelled “bambu” in Indonesian). They call the agate material “Fossil Bambu”.

Material collected over the last year varies greatly in color and character. The large basal masses consist of hollow tubes several centimeters in diameter with a consistent striated inner wall structure, suggesting that the agate formed around something organic, which subsequently decomposed away.

The individual fingers have become recognized for their unique shapes, colors and patterns. They make mysteriously beautiful specimens, natural beads and pendant pieces


Brown, yellow, blue green, gold or colourless, usually found on their matrix rock.
Barite assists in activating one’s connection to the Higher Self and in bringing that energy into the physical body. Excellent stone to use in meditation.
Helps clear blocked energies, normally related to emotional trauma. It has the ability to draw you out of feeling sorry for yourself into a more positive framework.
Green Barite is particularly useful at the heart chakra. Works within the subtle bodies to clear anger and resentment. Seldom works on the physical ailment as it prefers to work at the source of the issue. A good emotional balancer and rejuvenator. As barite can work as a purger, stones like green or pink calcite, work well to help soften the energies. Beneficial to the bones and especially useful for calcium retention in women.
Brown Barite good to use at the base chakra.Clears subconscious blocks to enable the opening of the base chakra to the earth’s healing energies. Clears unwanted and lingering negative energies, releases feelings of nervousness and fear, and sooths old anger. Beneficial to bladder and helps heal the appendix.
Key words – meditation, inner vision, clears blocked energies, clear emotional trauma


Pink, golden, green, white, blue
Beryl teaches you how to do only that which you need to do. Excellent stone when dealing with a stressed life and shedding unnecessary baggage. Beryl helps to actualise potential. It opens and activates the crown and solar plexus chakras. It enhances courage, relieves stress and calms the mind.
Physically it aids the organs of elimination, strengthens pulmonary and circulatory systems and increases reistance to toxins and pollutants. As an elixir can be used to treat throat infections.


Bismuth is lab grown but still holds fundamental properties metaphysically.
It is a stone of transformation, it calms disorder and helps push changes in the right direction with a physical vitality, connecting to “all that is”. Energy is transformed from the crown chakra to the base chakra, which is something other stones don’t do. It can be used on all chakras. The power of wisdom can be actualized through Bismuth.
Bismuth are like stepping stones and a little like the stairway to heaven. In other words it symbolises the building blocks of creation and ordered change in our every day  world.


Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope. Opaque, dark green  quartz (chalcedony) speckled with red jasper and sometimes yellow
It’s believed to have magical and mystical properties due to the red spots as in the middle ages it was said to be the blood of Christ. Bloodstone instills courage and assists one in taking the right action. Gives strength and stamina during periods of stress, difficulty and loss of hope. It helps calm the mind, dispel confusion and enhance the decision making process. It can revitalise the mind if you are mentally exhausted. Mentally, helps ground the heart energy. It reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience. Assists in realigning spiritual purpose.
Bloodstone is a great purifier and cleanser, especially with all types of blood ailments. It is an overall excellent physical healing stone.  The ancient Egyptians used it to shrink tumors. It cleanses the lower chakras and realigns their energies.
Key words – courage, strength, powerful physical healer, blood cleanser, revitalise and reenergise when body and mind exhausted.

Boji Stone

Blackish, brownish concretion. Main crystallised mineral within the stone is pyrite. Male boji’s  are rough and females are smooth
Boji stones are extremely grounding. They are extremely beneficial to those who struggle with grounding in this time. They have a strong protective function and are very useful for overcoming blockages.
They are balances and energisers and when used in pairs, they balance the male-female energy within the body and align the chakras and subtle bodies.
Physically they heal energy blockages, relieve pain and encourage tissue regeneration. Useful to uplift physical energy
Key words – grounding, balancing, aligning chakras, physical vitality


Blue Andean/Peruvian Opal

Blue Andean Opal is  a stone of courage and ingenuity. It is said to improve self-esteem and self-love. It is also said to be an aid to creativity and communication of all types. It is reputed to help one find a confidant. Peruvian blue opal is also said to help with stress reduction, fatigue, and weight loss.  Physically healing for fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, metabolic balance issues, iron absorption, dizziness, and brain disorders.It is associated primarily with the throat chakra.
Also known as Peruvian opal.


Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg has an extremely high vibration. It connects to All That Is. It is said to be connected to the white flame of pure consciousness and emenating infinite compassion. It makes this stone perfect for deep soul healing and forgiveness work.
Allows the facilitation of interdimmensional work whilst retaining a conscious awareness.
This stone is considered a gatekeeper that protects against psychic attack and repels negativity.
They say each stone is attuned to different forms of healing. Such as one may be attuned to earth healing, whilst another is more attuned to soul healing and carmic release.
Brandberg works by restoring to it’s perfect energetic state the etheric blueprint from which your physical body was formed by tsaking back to the highest vibration and attuning to All That Is: the original perfect blueprint before time began.
Brandberg clears the higher heart and opens the throat so that spiritual truth is spoken with unconditional love and compassion.
Physically it is considered a master healer that supports recovery from illness and depletion and restores vitality. Excellent for chronic fatigue, boosts the immune system.


Brazillianite is cleansing and stimulating on both the physical and energetic levels.
It can help one in releasing anger and resentment and in speaking up when boundaries are crossed. It can help you find the courage to put your ideas forth into the world. It’s an excellent ally for writers and artists.
It’s an excellent stone to use at the sacral and solar plexus.
It is an excellent stone for those who wish to overcome habitual victim patterns or who tend toward the martyr complex.
an excellent stone for taking responsibility of one’s self, one’s talents and one’s abilities.
Brazillianite is beneficial to the kidneys and spleen. it stimulates the endocrine system and hormone production.
It is also said that Brazillianite can attune to the ‘atlantian energies’.


This is a perfect stone when you are unable to just still yourself. It facilitates simply ‘being’. It brings about stillness and serenity.
it’s an excellent stone to use against negativity and ill wishing as it blocks these energies, however, it returns this negativity back to the cursor magnified and each time gets stronger which can make the ill wisher ill whilst totally protecting the recipient.
it is said that this stone becomes even more effective when used in combination with black tourmaline.
It is a stone that promotes decisive action. As it is a very grounding stone, it is helpful when you feel powerless in events that are out of your control. holding bronzite increases self assertion and keeping a cool head. It teaches how to go with the flow.
excellent for supporting and balancing masculine energy.
Physically a good stone to use for chronic exhaustion, assimilation of iron and craming.


It’s colour is mainly dark grey or black
Brookite is considered one of the synergy stones. It’s a stone that will expand your awareness beyond the physical body. It’s considered a powerful activator of the third eye, crown chakra and etheric chakras above the head. It aligns the higher chakras with the rest of one’s energy body, allowing you to explore higher realms with awareness. It allows for communication with higher vibrational beings.
It helps to overcome old patterns and to move ahead to greater inner development. they say to ground the energies of brookite more deeply within the body, use it with a combination of black tourmaline.


Cacoxenite is the bringer of rainbows and is known as the stone of ascension.

It heightens spiritual awareness. Included with amethyst, it activates the third eye and crown chakra.

It helps allay fears and stress. It harmonizes the personal will with the higher self and allows you to see the positive in all that you do.
Cacoxenite creates a peaceful space for you to see events in a positive light.

A great stone for earth healing and gridding. Environmentally, cacoxenite assists with planetary re-alignment to stimulate the vibratory shifts of the earth.

Physically, it balances hormonal and cellular disorders, digestive issues and DNA strand activation.


Huge colour range. Main types are green, blue, yellow, orange, clear, brown, pink, honey, red, grey
If there was any variety of stone to work with on all levels, calcite would definitely be one to keep in mind. It’s a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Calcite can cleanse negative energy from rooms, remove stagnant energy from the body and energises the chakras. The vast spectrum of colours addresses particular areas of the body and energy systems. Calcite has a very gentle energy.
Psychologically calcite connects the emotions with the intellect, creating emotional intelligence. It helps with motivation. It mentally calms the mind and boosts memory. Helps in retaining information. A great stone to use in study. It helps alleviate emotional stress and replaces it with serenity. It’s a stabilising stone, enhancing trust in one’s self and strengthening the ability to overcome setbacks.
Physically, it cleanses the organs of elimination. It encourages calcium uptake in bones but dissolves calcifications. It alleviates intestinal and skin conditions. Fortifies the immune system. As an essence it can be applied to the skin, ulcers, warts and wounds.
Blue Calcite– soothing the emotional body.
A good stone for recuperation and relaxation. Lowers blood pressure and dissolves pain on all levels. Gently soothes the nerves and lifts anxieties, it releases negative emotions. Use on the throat chakra to enhance clear communication. It can help remove blockages from the third eye and stimulate one’s intuitive and psychic abilities.
Clear Calcite– White Calcite works well at calming and is an emotional balancer. Alleviates fear and reduces stress. Use at all chakras , in particular the crown chakra.
Good to use in meditation to help ground excess energies. Enhances spiritual awareness and gives a feeling of well being.
Clear Optical Calcite (Iceland spar) – amplifies images and heals the eyes. It can aid in seeing the double meaning hidden behind words. Used to gain insight and clarity. Use in manifesting one’s desires. Helps show forgiveness.
Cobaltoan Calcite – Cobaltoan Calcite also known as Sphaerocobaltite and cobaltocalcite. It is mainly found around the Congo.It is said to be a crystal of joy and love and aids in activating the heart chakra.
Use Cobaltoan calcite to help release buried emotional states. Bring increased harmony for people or groups working together.
Brings enhanced awareness of our own body language and It encourages positivity and dispels negative energy in the auric body .
Green Calcite – is a mental healer, dissolving rigid beliefs and old programs and restores balance to the mind. It helps in letting go of what no longer serves us. Powerful stimulator of the immune system and great for grid work. Used over the heart it can assist in releasing buried emotions that may have manifested into physical disease.
It ameliorates arthritis and constrictions of the ligaments. It’s green ray help cool fever, burns, inflammation and calms the adrenals and soothes anger generated dis-ease.
Gold Calcite – excellent for meditation and for attuning to the higher mental planes. Place on navel or crown chakras
Orange Calcite – highly energising and cleansing stone, especially for the lower chakras. It balances the emotions, removes fear, and overcomes depression. It dissolves problems and maximises potential. This stone helps thew reproductive system, gallbladder and intestinal disorders such as irritable bowl syndrome.
Honey Calcite – helpful during intense periods of change. Lifts energies in difficult situations. Alleviates tiredness, burdens or feelings of disillusionment. An extremely calming stone.
Pink Calcite (mangano calcite) – Helps heal the heart of emotional pain and trauma. Soothing and calming. Has a very uplifting energy. Excellent stone to help in ‘letting go’.
Red Calcite – provides a safe, grounded space for you to open up emotionally. Absorbs negative emotions that are blocking and unbalancing the lower chakras.
Stellar Beam Calcite – also known as dogtooth calcite. Very powerful for stimulating the third eye and crown chakras and they align these chakras with those in the higher etheric body, making possible an ‘ascension’ into higher realms of consciousness. It’s the most powerful ally for invoking the golden-white light. They fill one’s aura and one’s space with high frequency Light, eradicating negative energy or thought forms. They can be used for psychic surgery. They assist in alignment with one’s highest guides and angels. In addition, stellar beam calcites can facilitate inner travel through corridors of sacred geometric forms, through which one can gain access to the Akashic records, as well as other non physical archives of past knowledge and information. Atlantis, Lemuria and ancient Egypt (with its connection to Sirius) are among the civilisations whose spiritual secrets can be found.
Yellow Calcite – great eliminator and stimulates the will. It enhances meditation, inducing a deep state of relaxation and spirituality and linking to the highest source of spiritual guidance. It stimulates the higher mind. Use at the crown and solar plexus.

Candle Quartz

Candle Quartz Crystal- otherwise known as the Pineapple Quartz or Atlantean Love Star.
It is a main crystal with many smaller crystals around it’s body, like a cathedral. It’s a crystal with a gentle but strong and persistent energy. It is a crystal, bringing hope and comfort where there was unhappiness, hopelessness and pain. Candle Quartz is a heart stone. It can open, balance and soothe the heart chakra.

Ancient knowledge from Atlantis is said to be brought by the Candle Quartz. Legends say that they were given as heart gifts in Atlantis.
Scrying or clairvoyance is often used to access this ancient knowledge and gain insight, though many methods can be used, including meditating with the crystal.

Though Candle Quartz Crystals have high energy, they also ground energy so the energy of the higher planes can be brought into everyday life.

Candle Quartz is also a type of Abundance Crystal which one can use to manifest with.

Capped Quartz

Capped quartz which comes from Holders Road Deposit, Trowutta – Tasmania. It is a banded quartz with beautiful etchings on the main point and resonates a little to candle quartz.
These crystals are quite rare and only found in a few places around the world. Tasmania is one.
The specimens appear to exhibit a cyclic growth event and it seems that some of these overgrowth’s were rich in impurities which consequently caused a zone of weak adhesion, causing the crystal to literally separate. What you are left with is actually a pair of crystals which work like a lock and key.
I find the lock to be feminine and the key to be masculine. They work beautifully together when held one in either hand.
Metaphysically, I find capped quartz true amplifier of energy. The energy runs up your arms and down your body and back up again. What I picture is the energy running like a toroid current within the body.
Ultimately, this crystal can be used on all levels of unlocking from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. I felt a real resonance at the heart and throat as well.


An orange coloured variety of chalcedony
Carnelian activates the first 3 chakras, bringing an influx of life force and vitality, sexual and creative energies and assertive will. It’s a powerful aid to those who wish to build confidence, courage, passion and power within themselves.
The energy of carnelian has the ability to strengthen and fortify the physical body, enhancing the flow of life force energy and it’s expression through physical vitality.
Carnelian assists in taking action to manifest one’s highest goals and dreams. It helps overcome fear of taking action or fear of doing the wrong thing. It assists one to embrace change and transformation in one’s life.
It’s an excellent support for detoxifying from drugs or alcohol, breaking negative or hurtful physical habits, and generally improving overall health. It’s especially useful in balancing and healing the ovaries and testes.
Key words- courage, vitality, life force, sexuality, confidence, action


Tin oxide mineral, colouring is reddish brown to brownish black
Spiritually cassiterite assists in the manifestation of new forms and the destruction of past forms. It acts as a dimensional doorway between the manifest and unmanifest realms and assists with passages of the soul from the light body and back into light.
Emotionally, it assists one in overcoming the fear of death and in moving through change with grace and acceptance.
Physically, it’s excellent for those who have been given a terminal prognosis. It assists in making the transition between the world and the next with grace and without fear.
Key words- manifestation and destruction, birth and death


A beautiful blue nodules that normally grow with stilbite or aquamarine
A stone of the purest blue ray, uniting the energies of the throat and third eye chakras. It facilitates clear insight and articulate communication of what has been seen and understood. A stone of inner truth. It opens one’s mind to direct comprehension and allows one to be a clear channel for higher truth.
Cavansite can help those attuned to channel information from the Akashic records. It can aid one in all levels of intuition, including psychic abilities such as mediumship, psychometry etc.
Cavansite is soothing to the emotions and calming to frayed nerves. It allows one to relax and let go of outdated ideas. It can help one find the courage to speak the words that must be said.
Physically the energy of Cavansite stimulates the endocrine system, especially the pituitary and pineal glands. It can help where stress related illness is present; particularly stress induced migraines or headaches .
Key words-clairvoyance and clairaudience, access to Akashic records, courage to speak, calming the emotions.


Celadonite is bluish green to olive green in colouring.

It’s a great healing stone with a gentle rejuvenating and cleansing energy. Some look like chlorite in quartz. It contains vanadium so not to be used in direct method of creating crystal essences.

Can help access your spirit guides.

Helps bring peace and harmony into your life.

Helps to transport oxygen to body cells in the body. It’s excellent for blood circulation, phlebitis, and varicose veins.


Mainly blue, white
Has a high vibration and is a teacher for the new age. Takes you to the infinite peace of the spiritual and contacts the angelic realm. It stimulates clairvoyant communication, dream recall and journeys out of the body.
It promotes purity of the heart and attracts good fortune. It heals the aura and reveals truth. Assists in conflict resolution and in maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in time of stress.
Creative stone, especially useful for the arts.
Can cool fiery emotions, sharpen the mind.
Treats disorders of the eyes and ears, eliminates toxins from the body and an effective opener and healer of the throat chakra
Key words- angelic communication, access to higher dimensions, serenity


Cerussite is a lead carbonate mineral which are considered to be 2 of the densest of chemical elements.
It is said when these 2 elements are subjected to oxygen , it results in a crystalline formation. hence this mineral creates an alchemical transformation. Thus it supports the manifestation of light into the densest aspects of being.
Cerussite is a powerful storm element stone that teaches lessons about hope, transformation, magic and our own inherent power as spiritual light beings.
Cerussite brings clarity and and presence to the mind.
Emotionally cerussite is inspiring, facilitating hope and a willingness to overcome difficulties.
Physically, cerussite increases brain activity and processing, allowing one to think more clearly and with greater concentration.
It’s an excellent aid for weight reduction, especially where the weight has been created for the purpose of protection or grounding.
It can be used in conjunction to help those with ADD/ADHD or hyperactivity in general.
An excellent stone for pregnant women who wish to bring Light into the deepest aspects of their unborn child.
Excellent stone to support those who suffer from anxiety/panic attacks.


Incredible electric blue chalcanthite. It is used for insight, psychic attunement, enhancing clairvoyance and ability to “read” people and situations.

This mineral can be used to eliminate the feeling of abandonment and restraint and to assist one in continuing toward ones goals without confinement. It has also been used to assist one in the selection of choice – the energy of Chalcanthite tends to reflect the choice of preference which will further ones objectives and desires.
Physically, chalcanthite is helpful for arthritis, anti-oxidant, arteries, water retention, reproductive system, foot and nail fungal infections. Chalcanthite is a copper sulfate that is very susceptible to humidity and moisture and should be kept in as close to a moisture-free environment as possible to keep its crystal structure from breaking down.


Blue, purple
Blue Chalcedony is an excellent stone to use at the throat and third eye. Its energy is very calming. Can assist those who experience bouts of anger, fear, panic or anxiety. It helps with divine communication, speech and channelling work It assists in repairing the energy field and sealing leaks and holes. It helps those who don’t think before they speak, by making one conscious of their words and tones. Physically excellent to use at the throat for all ailments.
Purple chalcedony is an excellent stone to use for awakening of psychic abilities, aura cleansing, purification and union with the Higher Self.


Chalcopyrite is an excellent energy conduit and assists in the assimilation of spiritual knowledge.
It has a link to ancient civilisations, and can assist in ascertaining the cause of present life difficulties or disease. It can work to clear all energy blocks and an excellent stone to use in meditation.
It can help attract abundance into your daily life.
It is an excellent stone to use for meditation as it helps you to achieve and maintain a state of no mind.
Physically, as it dissolves energy blockages, it can enhance the Qi around the body.
This stone has been reported to go ‘walk about’ and locate lost objects. It can disappear and reappear in different realities.


Colour: Purple
Charoite is the stone of transformation. It’s the soul stone that overcomes fear. It stimulates inner vision and aids in coping with enormous change at a spiritual level. To facilitate this, it synthesizes the heart and crown chakras, cleanses the aura and stimulates unconditional love. It assists in recognizing one’s path of service and manifesting it on Earth. It stimulates psychic vision, clears negativity and assists one in becoming a more effective healer. It helps one overcome resistance to one’s sacred path. Assists with energetic boundaries by separating one’s own issues from that of others.
Physically Charoite transmutes negative energy into healing and converts dis-ease into wellness. Charoite bestows deep sleep with powerful dreams, overcomes insomnia and gives children calm sleep. Charoite heals autism and bipolar disorders. A great stone to give someone recovering from surgery.
Key words- revealing one’s path of service, purging and transmuting of inner negativity, protection, healing.


Chiastolite is also known as Andalusite. Brown-grey, reddish-brown, olive green. It has a distinctive cross in centre of the stone.
It’s a powerful protective stone. In ancient time it was used to ward off ill wishing and curses. It’s a creative stone with the power to dispel negative thought and feelings. It transmutes conflict into harmoy and aids problem solving and change.
It is linked to death and rebirth and said to help those making the transition from the physical plane.
Psychologically dissolves illusions and calms fears, enabling you to face reality. Aids problem solving by strengthening analytical capabilities.
Key words-transition to afterlife, protection, calms fears.


Green. Sometimes it’s white or yellow. Normally found as inclusions and phantoms within certain quartz crystals.
A powerful, positive healing stone. It is self healing, excellent for physical regeneration and has an amazing connection with the Earth and nature spirits.

Chrysanthemum Stone

Colour: brown, grey with white. Resembles the flower of the chrysanthemum.
It’s an excellent companion for those working to open to true abundance on all levels of live. It can help stabilize the energy field and is useful in allowing one to manifest soul-level energy in the physical body. A very balancing stone as it has the attributes of balance of yin-yang energy. It allows one to connect to the joys of creation, expression and manifestation.
It can aid women adversely affected in their menses or fertility due to fibroid masses or cystitis. An excellent fertility stone for women. Also used for the skeletal system, skin and eyes.
Key words-grounding, prosperity, balance, fertility.


Opaque, blue-green hydrous copper silicate
Chrysocolla is a stone of empowerment of the feminine energies in both women and men. It emanates gentleness and power, teaching that genuine power best expresses itself through gentleness. It is a stone of the goddess. It stimulates the throat chakra for clear communication of one’s inner wisdom. It helps clarify your spiritual purpose by eleviating the fear of expression. It also helps clear links with the past as you move forward. It enhances creative expression, power and communication. The stone is an activator of feminine qualities, it is used by women to eleviate situations such as menstrual irregularity and the birthing process. Quite useful for men seeking out their feminine aspects. Chrysocolla provides a link to mother earth both physically and spiritually. It relieves distress caused by negative emotions. Enhances insight. Physically it can assist in the regulation of the thyroid and adrenals. Excellent for sore throats.
Key words: communication, goddess energies, gentleness, power


A member of the chalcedony family, colour apple green.
Chrysoprase is a stone of the pure green ray and is a stone of the heart. Its colour speaks of its strong healing energy and of its connection to nature spirits. It helps one remain centred in the heart at all times, providing the courage to face difficult or threatening situations. Helps alleviate anxiety and apprehension with the unknown. It’s a calming, balancing and healing stone on all levels. It provides a sense of continuity as you move forward into the unknown. Balances energies, male and female, positive & negative, and helps maintain equilibrium.
Key words: growth, compassion, balance on all levels, connection to nature spirits

Chumpi Stones

Chumpi Stones or khuyas are carriers of energy.

These Chumpi stones are either carved from a material similar to alabaster called"belenguelastone"or"huamangastone. Thestones are gathered from the Urubamba River and hand carved.

The other material is a meteorite called Jiwaya which contains hematite, goethite and some iron.

The stones are highly energized and are used in ceremony by the Q’ero of the high Andes. They have been used in ceremony for centuries.

Each chumpi is represented by points from 1to7 and normally have 3 bands around each point to symbolise the 3 worlds. They are the upper, middle and lower worlds and each is represented by an animal. That being thecondor, puma and snake in this order.

Each piece represents the Apus meaning the spirits of the mountains.

1Point =Root Chakra (ApuAusangate)

2Points=SacralChakra(Apu Salkantay)

3points=Solarplexus chakra(Apu Pachatusan)

4Points =Heart Chakra(Apu Wuanakaury)

5Points=Throat Chakra(Apu Saqsaywaman)

6Points=ThirdEye Chakra(Apu Wakaywillka)

7Points=Crown Chakra(Apu MachuPicchu)



3points–condor–kuntur and universe


5points–sun–inti and stars

6points-moon and infinity stars

7points–coca leaves and stars

The stones are seen as holding the keys to the cosmos and connect together to work with earth, fire, air, wind and water.









Colour is red or brownish and is a mercury sulphide mineral.
It’s a powerful stone for spiritual alchemists who wish to practice shape shifting, magical manifestation and other types of transformation. It empowers one to fully embody ones spirit, experiencing the power of the divine through the physical form. Emotionally it can help release buried resentment, anger and fear.
Physically, it is excellent in treating deep seated or systemic infections, whether they be viral or bacterial. It helps to stimulate the immune system and purify the blood.
Please note, due to the levels of mercury in cinnabar, it should be handled with care.


Yellow quartz … often heat treated amethyst. Natural colours range from yellow to smoky gold.
Citrine is the stone of wealth and abundance. A powerful cleanser and regenerator. It carries the power of the sun. Works beautifully at the solar plexus and sacral centre. Place in the wealth corner of your home which is the far left corner from the front door or place in your cash register or purse.
Also raises self esteem and self confidence. Can enhance concentration and revitalize the mind. It brings joy into one’s life.
They say citrine never needs cleansing. It is a great crystal to remove and ground negative energies from ones environment as it absorbs, transmutes and dissipates this energy and thus is a protective stone .
Physically Citrine is helpful for digestive issues and metabolism. It can be used to support weight loss and to increase energy during exercise.
Key words: manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity

Clear Quartz

Clear to milky, with or without inclusions
Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet . It is known as the grandfather of all quartz. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it.
Quartz has been used within acupuncture needles, in watches and many other devices that can be used in our daily lives.
Clear quartz works on all levels of our being. Storing
information like a computer, these crystals are a natural library waiting to be accessed. They are brilliant to use in healings or for manifesting with intention. Clear quartz is like a shape shifting stone. If this is the only crystal you have, with intention, you can ask the crystal to work as the energetic vibrations of other stones. Some healers will only use clear quartz within their work.
Clear quartz is a master healer and can basically be used on all levels of healing, that is , on a mental, physical , spiritual and emotional level.
There are many different formations in which quartz grows and each form has it’s own energetic and uses.
Barnacle – is a group of smaller crystals that grow off a larger crystal. The main crystal acts like a teacher and the smaller cluster are like the students. Great to use in environments where there are group situations or even in the family home to create harmony
Bridge– is a smaller crystal that lodges partially or fully into the main crystal. Great to use when needing to bridge the inner and outer worlds of the self or outside worlds.
Cathedral – Cathedral quartz is so named because it’s growing habit is one in which lesser points appear along the body of the main crystal, running parallel to the axis of the body and partially embedded in the main crystal body. Looking at them, reminds us of the turrets of an ancient castle or cathedral. They are also named lightbraries as they contain ‘historical’ records or Akashic records from civilisations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and so on. You can even gain access from the time of the Star beings who taught humans how to use spiritual energies to carve and move huge stones in such monuments as Stonehenge and Macchu Pichu. Cathedral quartz can catalyse almost instant entry into multidimensional consciousness..
Channelling– has a primary face of 7 sides, followed by a 3 face then a 7,3,7,3. So 6 faces/sides in all. When you hold the crystal looking at the main 7 sided face, there will be a 3 sided face directly opposite it. Chanel crystals have been throughout time to channel the wisdom of our higher selves as well as from the angelic realm, guides and masters as well as from ancient times of older civilisations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. The best way to gain the information held within this crystal, is through meditation.
Crystal balls– crystals that have been man made and cut into spheres. In ancient time and the present, many have used these for scrying to either see the past, present or future. They are wonderful to have around the home or working place, as energy is evenly dispersed from every point on the sphere.
Crystal clusters– are a group of crystals that have grown together, with many of the crystals having natural terminations. Amethyst clusters are a beautiful tool for cleansing and recharging your crystals.
Curved – Curved crystals have a curved or bent  shape . This happens during the crystals growth and is a fairly rare occurrence. Sometimes just the sides are curved or sometimes the whole crystal looks bent. They have a gentle yet powerful energy and are said to help promote a flexible attitude. Ultimately it’s a crystal that goes with the flow. Curved crystals may bring flexible attitudes that help see beyond superficial surface of matters. They help bring the inner essence to light. They can also be useful to help in decision making.  It is also possible for a crystal to bend after it has broken and ultimately becomes self healed.
Devic-  A devic crystal contains within it either  an inclusion, marking, rainbow etc that give the appearance of a being or deva residing in the crystal. you may see a shape that resembles an animal or even a fairy. Ultimately can take on any form. Use the devic crystal to help guide you in a healing or for your own use as you lift your vibrations.
Double Termination– when both ends of a crystal come to point. Some are natural and some are artificially made. A DT radiates or absorbs energy from both ends simultaneously, channelling it in two directions at once.. They are perfectly balanced and integrates spirit and matter. Great for removing blockages, enhance telepathy and can help break old habits by absorbing the negative energy.
Dow– also called the temple Heart Dow, has three, 3 sided faces and three 7 sided faces. Thus combines both the transmitter and channelling crystals. It has the potential not only to channel the wisdoms of the higher self and higher realms, but to also receive guidance by putting your questions out to the universe and receiving the answers you have asked for.
Elestial– definitely one of my favourites. These beautiful crystals have a direct link to the angelic realm. There are a few varieties of elestials in terms of looks. These have distinct features that separate them from other quartz. The features seen on these crystals have plates, etchings, bulbous points. Due to their nature, they are also nicknamed alligator quartz. They have a direct connection to both heaven and earth. They are great to use when emotional issues need to be dealt with and brought to the surface. They help to heal emotional issues whether past or present or even from past lives.
Enhydros– is a cavity within a crystal filled with water. The water has become trapped and has been encased over millions of years of the crystals growth. Enhydros are directly linked to water and thus work specifically on the emotions on all levels. These are truly beautiful crystals.
Faden crystals– have a distinct white, milky line that runs through the middle of them. It is formed when there has been a fracture in them and have regrown. These fractures may have been caused through earthquakes or other shifts in the earth’s core. A great stone for healing the etheric bodies and auric field. Excellent crystal to help in the mending of bones, tears in muscles etc. to me it symbolises a crystal of strength due to it’s own ability to mend under such intense conditions. A powerful ally to have on all levels of healing.
Generator – have naturally formed 6 sided crystal faces which come to a point at the tip. As its name suggests, it is used to generate energy from the point and is directed in a powerful beam from the tip.
Growth Interference Quartz- Found in glacial areaswhere sheets of Calcite inter-grew with the Quartz, and was subsequently dissolved out during the final stages of the growth process. Ultimately the crystals look as if they have ‘cuts’ throughout. Excellent for releasing energy bolckages. They are said to be capable of helping us to grow and adapt on all levels, and are said to balance the energy fields. It creates a profound shift and acceleration into the spiritual. it removes the barriers to get you to this state of mind.
Golden Healer – A Golden Healer is quartz with a distinctive golden hue.

The golden hue is bestowed by a wash of iron hydrate on or near the outer surface of the crystal. The crystal may be partially or fully covered.

Golden Healer crystals are master healers, accessing the gold ray, the highest vibration of light the human body can receive and sustain, raising  the body’s frequency, to dissolve and release blockage or foreign energies, replenish on a cellular level, and restore the body’s natural pace and harmony. golden healers can be used to treat any disorder.

Isis– the main face has five sides and directly opposite it is a perfect triangle. This crystal has a direct link to the story of Isis and Osiris who were rulers in Egypt. It is a crystal that works beautifully as an emotional balancer and stabiliser. Helps to release pain and suffering and helps one to move forward. Has a feminine quality to the stone.
Key– is a 3 or 6 sided key hole normally found on the body of the crystal. When held, touched and meditated on, said to unlock the key and access the crystal’s records.
Laser wands– these crystals have immense power. Not to be used light heartedly. They should be used by healers or a person who knows what they are doing. A tool used in psychic surgery. These little beauties can cut through anything. They remove detachments, cords and entities. They should not be pointed at anyone unless doing a healing as they can cut through the etheric layers of the body and may cause disharmony.
They are crystals that have a wider base and taper in toward the point or apex of the crystal.
Lemurian seed crystals– these are different in structure, displaying ladder-like grooves crossing the bodies of the crystals and very clear interiors. On many of these crystals, there’s a reddish pink tinge caused by a light, transparent coating of iron oxide. These crystals are just what their name implies; they are coded, programmed with the Lemurian consciousness vibrations. When worked with, the crystals can infuse one with the pure emotional/intuitive/spiritual awareness of the Lemurians. With these stones they can be wonderful experiences of heart opening and the healing of the emotional bodies. As we lift our own vibrations and universal consciousness increases, more of these beautiful crystals are becoming more readily available to help us with our ascension. Lemurian seeds are also Dow crystals (refer to section on the Dow).
Manifestation crystals– is a smaller crystal that is fully encased within a larger crystal. A manifestation crystal is exactly that . it helps to manifest your dreams. Used to manifest on all levels with intention. Another form of this type of crystal is an 8 sided face on a crystal point. The 8 sides is also referred to a grounding crystal. Manifestation and grounding crystals work on the principal of ‘As above so below’. A true connection to heaven and earth.
Phantom– these are crystals with phantom like growths with the main body of a crystal. They are an inclusion of minerals which range from chlorite, hematite, limonite and some others. To look at, the inclusions seem layered and can paint pictures of mountains or pyramids. The layers show the growth patterns of the crystals over millions of years. Phantoms are excellent when needing to do a lot of inner self work and give you access to your soul. It is about ‘inner work’ of yourself.
Rainbows– are caused by fractures within the crystal itself. When held at different angles, beautiful rainbows can be seen. Another great crystal to work on the self with. It brings through the whole colour spectrum.
Record Keeper– a crystal which has raised triangular shapes on its faces. Triangles that are upside down are called trigonic. These markings hold the records and knowledge of the ancient civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria. These civilisations programmed the crystals with information passed down to them to keep it safe from darker energies. Working with these crystals in meditation, can give you access to the information stored. Sometimes when you become the owner of a crystal, record keepers may just appear when not present before.
Sceptre– a sceptre is a crystal that has a long rod and large bulbous (head). A reverse scepter is when a sceptre has a smaller head. These tools were used in Atlantis and Lemuria by the High Priest/ess during healing practises. They are excellent amplifiers of energy. Reversed scepters are an excellent tool to use for blockages in all the bodies. Sceptres can also be used to bring through the wisdom and knowledge of higher realms.
Self Healed– is a crystal that at some point within its existence has broken off and has healed itself by growing many small terminations at that site. Excellent to use in self healing and past traumas. It is a stone of strength and rejuvenation, which is evident in its ability to self heal. Makes it a great learning tool.
Shovel- a shovel-like formation on a particular face. Looks as if you can dig with this quartz. They are said to assist us in finding all kinds of solutions. They can help us find the information that may assist us in our progress towards resolution. They are said tohelp us gather knowledge throughout lifes travels.
Singing Quartz– Singing Crystals are quartz crystals that make a high pitched “singing” or “tinkling” sound when rubbed or rolled together. Singing crystals often are long, thin lazer wand type crystals. They are used for getting stagnant energy moving, breaking up static, smoothing energy, and shaping energy fields. They can also be used to charge other stones and gems. Singing quartz are said to be imbued with the ancient force that created the universe, resonating the high pitch OM vibration when 2 singing quartz crystals are gently brought together like tingsha.They provide a gateway to higher level of commbunication with other worlds and with vibrational consciousness when used in meditation. They instill a sense of happiness and acceptance of one’s place in the here and now.
Starburst- are crystals that have points that burst from it’s centre, a little like a star. Excellent for energy to travel in a number of directions. Use it to help unblock blockages in yourself or a client. Visualise energy starting in the centre and working its way out in all directions.
Tabular or Tabbys– these crystals main body are wider than their sides. Hence, they appear flat. Excellent to use during periods of rapid change, to help stabilise the self.
Time Link– time link (future) is a rectangular window that faces right. Time link (past) is a rectangular window that faces left. These appear next to or on the faces of the crystal. Depending on future or past, depends on the knowledge you will access from either direction. Also future said to work on right side of the brain and past on left side of the brain.
Transmitter– is a crystal that has 3 sides as its main face, followed by a 7,3,7,3 combination. 6 sides in all. It’s the opposite configuration to a channelling crystal. The 3 sides have a direct link to the Holy Trinity. This formation is more about asking questions. Putting your question to the universe and in return receiving an answer. Use in meditation.
Twin Crystals– when 2 crystals grow side by side and co-join. They are of equal length. Also known as a soul mate or tantric twins. These are specifically used for relationships. Either to help find your soul mate. You can place them next to your bed or in the relationship corner of your home or bedroom. That is the farthest right hand corner from the front door. Sometimes the soul mate may not be of the sexual kind.
When the twin crystals are of unequal size, they are better to work with relationships such as mother-daughter, employer-employee. It helps more unconditional love to manifest in the situation and brings the two people into greater harmony.
A double terminated tantric twin is the perfect stone for ascension- raising your vibration; it brings the higher self into line with the soul’s purpose.
Window– a window is a diamond shaped formation that can be found between two faces. These are windows to your soul, allowing you to access your true essence of whom you are. Excellent to use on yourself when working with issues of love and self worth.



Cornetite crystallizes in a beautiful blue/green colouring.
This is more prominent blue. It helps one to move forward and progress. it helps one to understand that the quality of grace rests in forgiveness and love. a good stone in helping one with patience. it opens and activates the heart and throat chakras , bringing clarity to communication, whilst instilling an affinity for the truth of self expression. Beautiful to use at the higher heart (thymus) region to open this centre right up. Can lessen headaches and bring mental acuity. Use in the disorders of the feet and legs, nervous system and blood vessels.


Colour is white, orange. Needle like crystals set on a matrix.
Creedite facilitates out of body experiences, guiding the soul to its destination and allowing total recall of the experience. It attunes to a high vibration and clarifies channelled messages received from the higher planes. This stone assists in enhancing communication and understanding of wisdom at any level, including the Akashic record. Emotionally assists in understanding the reasons and gifts behind experiences.
It is an effective stone for cleansing, realigning and recharging all the chakra systems of the energetic bodies.


Colour red. Small needle like crystals that grow on a matrix.
Crocoite is a highly energised, vital and fertile stone. It is a catalyst for a breakthrough at any level. It supports everything you feel passionate about and assists with the flow of Kundalini energy.
It energises the creative process and brings about a profound spiritual shift by igniting the fire in your belly and aligning it with the fire of awakened spirit.


Cuprite is a copper oxide mineral. It is a stone of feminine power and it activates the feminie archetype of the Earth Goddess. It is also a stone of fertility on all levels, especially for those wanting to conceive and also those who want to birth their creative projects into the world.
Vuprite is a stone of alchemy and it resonates with the archetypes such as the Magician and the High Priestess.
Physically an excellent stone for dealing with issues of the root chakra to do with healing, anxiety, fear of death and issues related to past traumas.


Colours clear, pink, yellow.
Danburite is a higher vibrational stone. Although powerful, it has very gentle energies which can be used to evolve spiritually and to enhance psychic ability and other world connections. It’s an excellent stone for connecting with angelic entities and energies. It soothes the emotional body, bringing in a frequency of comfort and angelic rescue. It can help one release grief, intense fear and anxiety, resentment or anger.
Key words: angelic communication, psychic ability, calmness

Darwin Glass

Darwin Glass is an impactite (tektite) from Mount Darwin in Tasmania. It was formed approximately 800,000 years ago by the impact of a large meteorite up to 50 mtrs in diameter which made a crater about 1km across.

It is light to dark green, white or black. Created with elements of the earth and extra – terrestrial elements, it is a stone that binds both.

It’s capable of awakening the kundalini energies, expands consciousness, enhances insight, increases clairvoyance and deepens dream life.


Green, black or white
It is a stone of service. It increases compassion, opening your heart to the suffering of others and encouraging you to be of service to the planet through connection with the earth. It teaches humility and assists in honouring what you really feel. It supports you in following your intuition and enhances your ability to sense. It teaches the value of trust and forgiveness and assists in reconciling with anyone or anything that has hurt you in the past. Helpful for creative pursuits or academic study. Can be used to support the study of mathematics. It is beneficial for those who cannot show their grief as it promotes letting go.
Physically Green Diopside enhances recovery from surgery, trauma or severe illness. Black Diopside is attuned to the root and earth chakras and can be useful for earth healing. Green Diopside is good for hormonal balance and blood pressure. Beneficial for inflammation, muscular aches and spasm, stress and the heart.


Emerald -green, blue- green
Dioptase is a powerful healer for the heart and opener for the higher heart chakra. It promotes living in the present moment and can activate past life memories. It supports a positive attitude to life and instils the ability to tune into one’s own resources. It works on all levels of life to turn negative into positive. It’s a strong mental cleanser and detoxifier. It releases the need to control others. It can act as a bridge to emotional healing, especially for the child within. It dissolves grief, betrayal and sorrow and is extremely effective for healing heart ache and the pain of abandonment. It teaches that ultimately pain and difficulty in a relationship is a mirroring of an inner separation from the self. By placing on the third eye it activates spiritual attunement and psychic vision.
Physically, eases high blood pressure, alleviates pain and migraines. It prevents heart attacks and heals heart conditions. Helps to lessen fatigue and overcome shock. Excellent for use at the liver.


Emerald is a beautiful water element stone that has wonderful effects on the emotional and physical bodies.
It’s a stone of inspiration and infinite patience. It is known as the “stone of successful love”. It enhances unity, unconditional love and partnership and promotes friendship.
The stone ensures physical, emotional and mental equilibrium. It eliminates negativity and brings in positive actions. It enhances psychic abilities and opens clairvoyance. It imparts mental clarity, strengthens memory and inspires a deep inner knowing.
It opens the heart and alleviates the heaviness in the emotional field and infuses the aura with a pure ray of green light. it is a strong heart healer.
It connects to the frequency of Divine love and compassion. works beautifully as an emotional healer and encourages acceptance of others without judgement.
Can assist the physical heart in recovering from all manners of disease and imbalances.


Black, dark green or yellow green
The main purpose of Epidote is to enhance your spiritual path. If you are already on your path of spirituality it will act as the catalyst for going deeper. Excellent for clearing the atmosphere after an argument. Good for easing tensions in offices and other work places. Calms and soothes emotions and restores balance. Good for healing recent emotional wounds. Used at the base chakra, Epidote’s energies will ground you to mother earth. It enhances your relationship with nature, especially animals and enables you to better appreciate the natural environment.


Pink/red, purple, violet, magenta, fuchsia pink mineral which looks like a velvety covering on its host rock. Also known as cobalt bloom.
Erythrite is a hard hitting, bursting through emotional blocks and opening the heart. It teaches self love and love of others. It speeds up the path to self love and self acceptance. It won’t allow you to sit back and wait for things to happen. Rest assured that working along with your higher self, Erythrite will guide you along your spiritual path.


Red, green & black
Eudialyte opens the heart chakra, allowing one to find one’s true heart path. It links it to the base and earth chakras and aligns chakra flow to connect spirit and mind with the emotional body. It helps dispel fear and assists one in recognising the infinite abundance of the creator. It assists in overcoming self doubt and self criticism. It allows you to understand your worth so that your gifts and abilities can be shared with the world.
Excellent for depression or for those who feel detached from the earth plane. It is stabilising to the nervous system and assists with disorders such as M.S., Parkinsons Disease and Alzheimers. It’s a wonderful stone to use with premature infants or critically ill children.

Fairy Quartz

Fairy quartz links to the Faery Kingdom and to planetary and earth devas.
Helps to draw out emotional or physical disease, removes emotional pain and introduces healing energy into the body, especially that of a child.
It harmonizes the home environment and helps children who suffer with nightmares.
This stone is perfect for programming to support your creative inner child.
Physically it draws off pain, detoxifies tissues and stabilises vertigo.

Fairy Stones

The Fairy Stones can be found at the origin of the Harricana River in western Quebec.
The Native Americans found them on the beaches of James Bay where the Harricana River starts. They thought the Fairy Stones looked like biscuits, so they named the river Harricana because it means ‘river of the biscuits” in the Algonquin language.
They often carried for good luck when they went on fishing or hunting expeditions. Lovers offered the most Fairy Stones to their loved ones. The largest specimens occupied a place of honour in their homes. According to the legend, these special stones provided protection against the bad spirits. They also brought good health and prosperity to the occupants of the dwelling.
Moulded by nature, each stone is one of a kind and a unique piece, making them personal collectors pieces.

Flame Aura Quartz/ Titanium quartz

Flame aura Quartz is clear quartz bonded with titanium. It is also known as Titanium quartz. It is a high vibrational crystal.
Excellent for use at the third eye and higher chakras. It allows one to go into deep meditation and receive spiritual attunement and psychic visions..
It brings insight, compassion, energy and joy into our life experiences. Excellent tool for psychics.

It protects from EMFs.

Physically it is a master healer for any condition. It can help a sluggish immune system and helps to stimulate the endocrine system. Helps treat disorders of the eye, ear and throat.


Colours- clear, blue, green, purple, yellow, brown
It is a highly protective stone especially on a psychic level. Its an excellent cleansing and stabilising stone for the aura. Excellent stone to use against EMFs. Fluorite draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds. It cleanses, purifies, dispels and reorganises anything within the body that is not in perfect order. It grounds and integrates spiritually energies. Fluorite can help dissolve fixed patterns of behaviour and gently opens the door to the subconscious, bringing repressed feelings to the surface to be resolved.
Fluorite is an excellent learning aid. It organises and processes information. It increases concentration. It helps you to absorb new information and aids quick thinking. Emotionally it has a stabilising effect helping you understand the effect of the mind and emotions on the body.
Physically it is a powerful healing tool. It regenerates the skin, it is beneficial for colds, flus and sinusitis. It alleviates arthritis and spinal injuries. Stroked across the body toward the heart, Fluorite provides pain relief. Also beneficial to the bones and teeth.
Clear Fluorite – stimulates the crown chakra, aligns all chakras bringing universal energy into the physical body.
Blue Fluorite – enhances creative orderly thought and clear communication. It calms or revitalises energy. It is effective for eye, ear, nose and throat problems. Can invoke spiritual awakening.
Green Fluorite – grounds excess energy, dissipates emotional trauma and clears infection. It’s particularly effective at absorbing negative energies within the environment. Excellent cleanser for the mind, auric field and chakras. Can relieve stomach disorders and cramp in the intestines.
Purple Fluorite – stimulates the third eye, is an excellent meditation stone, useful in the treatment of bone and bone marrow disorders.
Yellow Fluorite – enhances creativity and stabilises group energy. Supports intellectual activities. At a physical level, it releases toxins.
Key words: mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision making, clearing the energy fields.


Fuchsite is a form of mica and when found within quartz is known as green aventurine.

It is excellent for herbalists, naturopaths and homeopaths as it helps channel information regarding herbal treatments and remedies.

Fuchsite enhances your connection to nature spirits, Elementals, fairies and Devas, and allows you to see the beauty in nature and its surroundings. Placing these stones within your garden, can help attract the fae and other elementals to it.

Fuchsite amplifies the energy of other crystals and helps in facilitating their transfer of energy. It releases blockages caused by excess energy, shifting the energy into positive channels.

It increases flexibility in the musculoskeletal system, can assist with RSI, treat carpal tunnel.

Ruby in Fuchsite

Ruby in Fuchsite is known to balance stimulation with intuition, making it a great stone for psychic work in a very powerful way. It can also bring a great deal of awareness of problems of all kinds, whether emotional stress, social issues, lifestyle or physical health, and use this awareness to find solutions. Ruby in Fuchsite is also said to help one understand Love at a Higher level.
Physically, it is said in crystal healing to be helpful with ailments where body functions are out of balance, carpal tunnel syndrome, blood and spleen issues, and virility. Ruby in Fuchsite is also said to be helpful when used in groups of multiple stones for crystal healing to amplify the healing energies of the stones.


Fulgurite is a natural glass tube formed in sand or rock by a lightning strike. The meaning of the name Fulgurite comes from the Latin word ‘Fulgur’ meaning lightning. Metaphysically, Fulgurite enhances communication on the physical plane and strengthens the connection with other worlds and beings in those worlds. It Intensifies concentration and eliminates distractions. They facilitate clairaudient experiences and may also be used to grid an area to enhance the energy for welcoming UFO landings.
A common use for Fulgarite is for manifesting dreams through the power of prayer. By praying  and then blowing your prayer out… through the center of the fulgurite, to the universe.
Can be gridded around the body to draw off negative energies.


Galena is a lead sulfide.
Galena grounds and centres your energies and allows the pathway between your physical and etheric bodies to align. It is a stone of harmony, stimulating interaction on all levels and assisting you in the elimination of self-limiting ideas.
Physically , galena helps reduce inflammation and stimulates circulation and benefits veins.


Garnets are gemstones that come in a variety of colours and are all named individually. most are familiar with red. Overall it’s a powerfully energizing and regenerating stone. It revitalizes, purifies and rebalances energies. It enhances body systems, especially the blood stream and it stimulates blood flow.
It can provide a sense of grounding in times of change and upheaval. It teaches and inspires love and compassion. it is a stone of commitment.
Garnets in general carry the energy of prosperity.
Almandine Garnet – colour ranges are from orange-red to purplish red.
It enhances ones vitality and endurance. it has a strong connection to earth. it aids in integrating truth.
It opens the pathways between the base and the crown chakras. it allows for channeling and grounding spiritual energies into the physical body.
Black Andradite Garnet- Extremely grounding and protective. Powerful stone that can connect one’s life force to that of the core of the earth. It’s also a powerful energy purifier and is said to be an excellent stone to use in a healing room. it fills the aura with life force and helps you on your spiritual path.
Excellent stone to use in resisting infection and powerful ally when the immune system is compromised.
Grossular Garnet- a group of garnet that includes tsavorite and African green garnet. Hence it’s colour is green.
Is a stone of abundance on all levels. not only physical wealth but also to spiritual connection to the Divine.
Grossular garnet helps balance cell growth and speed physical healing after physical trauma. It shows you how to be responsible for your own healing.
Rhodolite Garnet- Excellent for emotional healing and well being, increase self worth and help you walk your spiritual path.
Physically helps you recover from sexually related abuse. Can help bring a gentle heart energy into the lower chakras.
Spessarite Garnet- it’s colour is yellowish orange.
It is known as the stone of attraction, whether it be a new job, lover or even a creative project. It encourages you to take action toward your dreams, visions and goals. it’s a stone of creation, manifestation and birth. Excellent stone to use if you are suffering from creative blocks.
Physically it is a stone that aids in fertility and sexual reproduction. can help with weight loss. Excellent stone for the endocrine system.
Uvarovite Garnet- It is a deep green colour and can sometimes be mistaken for emerald.
It stimulates the heart chakra and enhances spiritual relationships. it’s a calm and peaceful stone. It’s a detoxifier, reduces inflammation and lowers fevers.


Gaspeite is an apple green mineral mainly found in Australia and Canada. found in 1966 and was initially a discarded byproduct of nickel sulfide mining.
It is a very earthy stone, lending strength during the Earth’s evolution and to those upon it. It grounds spiritual energy into the body. emotionally gaspeite is helpful when you feel resentful or bitter about life. Helps dissolve anger , hurt, distress or pain in ther heart and is an excellent higher heart opener.
Physically supports the liver and gallbladder. soothes nausea and travel sickness.
Aboriginals use gaspeite to bring on visions and grant success.

 Golden Aura Quartz

Golden Aura quartz is 24K gold infused with iron oxide. Also known as Imperial golden quartz. It links the solar plexus with the heart chakra. making for a blend of their highest traits.It supports the unity of love and will, helping you to devote your power of manifestation to the guidance of your heart’s wisdom. It helps eliminate self-sabotage by bringing your actions into alignment with your highest good, and supports all benevolent wishes and helps them to manifest. It assists you in developing generosity, which increases the flow of abundance into your life.
Physically,  it benefits your heart and lungs, as well as your stomach and digestive system. also beneficial to your gall bladder, liver and spleen.


Halite is a dissolvable salt that is excellent to use for purification and helps dissolve negativity and any form of negative entities or attachments.
It works beautifully in a room that needs clearing and cleansing .
Halite helps to dissolve old behavioural patterns, negative thoughts and emotions.


Hematite is an iron oxide mineral which is metallic grey in colour.
It’s extremely effective in grounding one’s self into their physical body.
It is an excellent stone for mental attunement and is known as ‘the mentalist’ stone. excellent in use for studying maths. It stimulates concentration and focus.
It is a balancing stone and helps to align the meridians.
This stone helps remove self limitations and aids expansion. It helps find the silver lining and gives support when integrating the shadow self.
It has a powerful connection to blood. it helps restore, strengthen and regulate blood supply. It can draw heat from the body. It stimulates the absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells.
Aids in spinal alignment and fractures.


Hemimorphite is a stone of light activation. it is considered a storm element which touches one’s energy on many levels.
It assists one in integrating more light into the energetic, emotional and physical bodies.
white and light coloured hemimorphite emit frequencies that activate the etheric, crown and third eye chakras. It’s an excellent stone for channelling, angelic communication, connecting to guides.
The blue varieties carry a frequency that clears and energises the heart, throat and third eye chakras. it helps enlighten and heal the emotional bodies, can help one express oneself more truthfully in matters of emotion.
Brown hemimorphite assists with grounding light in the physical body. it’s an excellent stone to work with nature spirits.
Physically can help with hormone related headaches,excellent stone for pms symptoms and is an excellent stone to use when going through hormonal shifts.

Herkimer Diamond

These crystals are of the purest spiritual light. They are of a high vibration. They not only emit their own energies but can pick up on the energies of other stones and magnify their frequency.
They stimulate psychic ability and promote dream recall and understanding. Extremely beneficial in body layouts. These stones cleanse all bodies on all levels and then place a protective ‘bubble’ around the auric field, enhancing energy and grounding the purist of spiritual light within this field. They can remove etheric cords from the emotional body.
Herkimer’s are an excellent detoxifier. It protects against radioactivity and are one of the best stones for clearing EMFs from ones environment.


Ilvaite is grey to black.
Intensifies one’s patience and provides information to higher self-concerning perseverance. Helps search for truth. Provides grounding and centering while enhancing the creative aspects of one’s nature, allowing access to information from advanced realms. Helps align subtle bodies and enhances emotional stability and heightens distinction.




Howlite has an extremely calming energy and can be used to relieve anxiety, tension and intense emotions. It is said to be able to calm the mind reducing fretful thoughts and helping you to relax in preparation for sleep or meditation. If you suffer from insomnia, caused by racing thoughts at bedtime, a piece of Howlite placed under your pillow or gridded around your bed may help.

Howlite is said to help calm unreasonable anger, either your own or that directed at you. Carrying a piece around with you, in your pocket, can act as a shield against rage and can encourage reasoned and calm communication.

Howlite is thought to help you become aware of your goals and ambitions and to aid you in achieving them. It is also said to encourage patience, to reduce a tendency to over criticize and to promote selflessness.

In healing Howlite is believed to help balance calcium levels, aiding teeth and bones.




Hypersthene is an excellent stone to give you yes and no answers. Carrying a piece in your pocket makes an easy way to receive your answers and if using in meditation, your answers will come easily and be shown to you. It’s an excellent stone also for those who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Helps lift the burden you carry. Helps with clairaudience and clairvoyance.

Infinite Stone

Infinite Stone is a trademark for a variety of serpentine from South Africa. They say the energies of Infinite stone is greater than all other serpentine.
It’s an excellent stone for healing the etheric body and therefore rejuvenating the physical body. It has the ability to clear feelings of fatigue, depression and exhaustion. Carrying or sleeping with an Infinite stone can reweave and replenish the structure of the etheric body. It brings a clear, soothing and renewing energy in.
A good stone to use in study for focus or in meditation.
Emotionally it helps one with self confidence and allows one to move forward without hesitancy or fear.
Physically it’s an excellent stone to use against EMFs. It protects the auric field and also protects the DNA and cells of the physical body.


Jade is a stone that brings you joy, love, abundance and prosperity.
Jades are stones of peace and calm and can be extraordinary helpers and silent companions which are able to delicately promote their beneficial energies to help advance human consciousness to higher levels. Due to their excellent general effectiveness, jade stones stand side by side with diamonds which are known as the most efficient gemstones of all. Owing to the widespread beliefs identifying jade as incarnation of the universal cosmic principles, jade has been treated as royal stone in many different cultures.
Jade is associated with the heart chakra and & is a protective stone that is said to bring the wearer harmony and keep them from danger.


Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate, hard and lustrous, rarer than Nephrite, and usually more expensive. It occurs in various colors, including white-gray green, leafy green, blue or blue-green, emerald green, lavender or purple, pink, red, orange, greenish-black or black.
It is the ultimate “Dream Stone,” revered in ancient cultures, as well as today, to access the spiritual world, gain insight into ritualistic knowledge, encourage creativity, and dream-solve. It is cherished as a protective talisman, assuring long life and a peaceful death, and is considered a powerful healing stone. An amulet of good luck and friendship, Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see oneself as they really are.

Japan Law Twin Quartz

Japan law twin are 2 crystal points cleaving together at approximately 90 degrees. They are excellent for clearing the aura and subtle bodies, creating more light to penetrate and be absorbed.
Many are heart shaped and are tabby in nature as many are flat. Given the shape they also work beautifully at the heart.
As the angle of these work at 90 degrees and when this number is compounded, it is 9+0=9. As 9 is known to be the harmonic number, these divine souls will resonate beautifully at any healing level.


Jasper is known as The Supreme Nurturer. It is used during times of stress and brings tranquillity and wholeness.

Used in healing, it unifies all aspects of your life. Jasper aligns the chakras and excellent in a body layout. Different jasper colours relate to the specific chakras.

Jasper balances yin and yang energy and aligns the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Jasper can clear EMFs and environmental pollution.
Blue Jasper – connection to spirit world. Stimulates the throat.
Brecciated Jasper -has the qualities of enhancing organization abilities, relaxation and acquiring a sense of wholeness. It is used occasionally to assists when dowsing, it brings happiness and a good outlook on life as it eases stress. It is an excellent stone for grounding oneself; as well it is a stone of protection, especially during times of astral travel.

Physically Brecciated Jasper encourages attunement and communication with animals and can help with animal allergies specifically as well as other allergies in general. It can also increase physical endurance and ward off dehydration.

Dalmatian Jasper – is a stone that lessens or removes disillusionment, it will help one see their strengths and weaknesses, as well as encourage grounding both with the earth and reality. Dalmatian jasper not only increases loyalty and beneficial in long term relationships, it also brings a sense of fun to one’s life.

Physically Dalmatian jasper can help to purify the blood, it is also a stone of protection from nightmares, depression and negative thinking. It is particularly beneficial for healing people who have trouble relaxing and having a bit of fun.

Eclipse Jasper – Also known as Bumble Bee Jasper, Witches Whisper Stone.

Eclipse Jasper is considered a Power Stone and a Protection Stone, much more than that it is a powerful incantation stone. Jaspers gives one the courage to speakout and have personal independence, excellent protective energies, although it is not the “quick energy lift” of others. This stone has over 30 minerals in its makeup and is dominated by its dual personality of protection and intention sulphur and arsenic.

“Witches Whisper” or “Stone of Shadows” is in relation to how this jasper is used for Incantations, spell casting and more importantly removal. It protects its wearer and will even reflect the incantation or spell back on the caster many fold. The longer one possess this stone the
greater their powers grow. Having all the aspects of Jasper and all the advantage of the mineral cocktail within this stone make it the ultimate mystic stone of power.
Green Jasper – heals and releases disease and obsession. Stimulates the heart chakra, treats skin disorders and dispels bloating. Releases toxicity and inflammation. Heals ailments of the digestive tract.

Kambaba Jasper -is exotic looking jasper found in Africa. It is told that this jasper will mystically soothe the nerves and your state of mind. AS with other jaspers, traditional lore states that it is good for grounding as well as protection. It is purported that ocean jasper is beneficial for plant growth and general health, particularly in arid environments or where the soil is quite poor.

Physically Kambaba jasper is said to help in dietary stabilization, assimilation of via tams and minerals as well as cleansing the body of toxins.
Leopardskin Jasper -is a stone of shamanic journeying, as well as aiding is service to others. It helps discover and connect one with their given animal totems (or power animals), and makes it easier for one to take responsibility properly. This jasper is also useful in heightening creative visualization to gain the advantage.

As with all jaspers this is a protective stone, and it is particularly protective during shamanic journeys.

Physically it helps eliminate toxins and decrease body odor, it is quite helpful in self healing as well.
Mookaite Jasper – Helps with decision making, shields against negative or dangerous situations also helps with emotional growth. Helps with kindness to ourselves as well as others. Helps us with decision making when we are having a difficult time. Provides flexibility and openness in our opinions and faithfulness in promises. Promotes energy and new ideas, helping us gain enthusiasm to bring the excellence of ourselves. It can help remove things that may slow our growth. It is an excellent stone of shielding, even during combat, brings well being to our body. Helps with contacting those that have passed on, both human and animals. Helps eliminate distractions and revealing what is concealed. These are drilled stones, for jewellery or just using as a pocket stone.

Ocean Jasper – is a very calming and soothing stone, as well as one of the most protective. This jasper is specifically used to align all of the chakras. Ocean jasper encourages the love of oneself and of others, the healing of the emotions and the sense of peace it brings helps us connect to nature and all of the earth. Ocean Jasper attracts the Devics (nature sprites or faerie kingdom), it is used to encourage the acceptance of responsibility and also thought to increase patience.

Physically this stone is thought to be useful in removing toxins from the physical body as well as the aura.

Polychrome Jasper or Desert Jasper – Polychrome Jasper is grounding like all Jaspers, with the creativity and visual communication enhancement of Mookaite or Picture Jasper. It’s brilliant to work with! It has a much lighter, more whimsical, magical energy than most Jaspers.

Red Jasper- is called a stone of fairness and justice because mystical lore claims it will decrease unjustness and helps to aid in unfair situations. It is also told to aid with dream work, and enhance dream recall. It is said that this stone will enhance responsibility, choice and compassion. Metaphysically it is purported to have a stabilizing effect, and can help one take all one’s energy and use it in a more balanced manner. It is told to be a stone that helps in all areas of survival, and as well is of course a protective stone.

Picasso Jasper – has strong metaphysical qualities with a message, which is to celebrate life. It is told that this stone can most easily assist in transformations in the area of relationships. Specifically, it is said to attract like minded people who become loyal and trusted friends, as well it can also help to renew old friendships that have been lost.

Some suggest using it for the transformation of one’s creativity. Anyone feeling an artistic block, whether new or lifelong, can reap benefits by letting the eyes travel through the patterns of Picasso jasper and allowing thought to dissolve while in the meditation.

Picture Jasper – feeling much like Mother Earth, has long been used to create harmony, balance and positive energy flow in your life, especially in your business pursuits. It is often called the stone of Global Awareness. It is often used to stimulate creative visualization. It is told that it is used to bring out into the conscious mind, old and often hidden messages from the past. It is often used to bring out hidden fears as well as hopes. Once the repression is released, the lesson will be revealed.

Physically bringing out the past memories is helpful in healing the emotions that are attached to them. It will bring comfort and alleviate fears. It is a wonderful stone to use to give a boost to the immune system as well as to cleanse the kidneys.
Rhyolite or Rainforest Jasper-
Rhyolite or rainforest jasper  helps people deal with past-life issues, by helping one to see the relationship between karma and what is happening now, making these issues much easier to accept and work though. Rainforest Rhyolite will assist one in the laying down of burdens which no longer act to serve in one’s life. Using Rainforest Rhyolite may help with healing old and deep emotional wounds in this lifetime as well.
A balancing stone, it can  help with issues of self-esteem and emotional strength. It aids in finding your expression in the wake of problems and anxieties. Rainforest Rhyolite helps to stimulate insight into solutions and alternatives.
It helps to eliminate procrastination and distractions. It is an excellent tool to use when communicating with animals.
It helps with the creative process and makes an excellent stone for teachers, builders and the like.
Physically, Rainforest Rhyolite helps to boost the immune system and cleanse the kidneys and liver.

Yellow Jasper – in addition to all the general qualities of jasper, also may assist one in rectifying unjust circumstances. The vibrations communicate that all choice is singularly ones responsibility. Yellow jasper has been credited with the ability to help you “clear your mind”, to help prevent setbacks in progress, and even to eliminate the aspects of digression. It allows one to understand and maintain a realistic attitude during any personal evolution. It is a slow working stone, that takes time to ingrain its positive qualities into any situation.

Physically carrying yellow jasper with you when you need a boost of energy


Jet is a dark brown or black variety of coal called lignite.
It is extremely grounding, purifying and protecting. It neutralizes negative energies, cleanses one’s field of disharmony and offers psychic protection in astral travelling or spiritual mediumship.
Jet draws out negative energy and alleviates unwanted fear.
It guards against illness and violence.
Jet is said to stabilize finances and protect businesses. It can be placed in the wealth corner of your home (farthest left corner from the front door or same applies for a specific room) or in your cash box.
Jet helps to alleviate depression and balance mood swings, bringing stability and balance.
Jet cleans the base chakra and stimulates the rise of kundalini energy. Placed at the chest, it directs the kundalini energy toward the crown chakra.
Jet treats migraines, epilepsy and colds. It diminishes glandular and lymphatic swelling and heals stomach pain.

Kundalini Quartz

Kundalini quartz is a natural citrine from the Congo in Africa. It is comprised of Quartz with Smoky Quartz phantoms and Hematite inclusions.
The hematite helps to ground one, the smoky quartz balances and moves primal energies in the body, and the quartz amplifies and transmits energy. It is said to activate the Kundalini energy upwards in a snake like or DNA helix like pattern. It has the ability to unblock the chakras along the way.
This stone was named for its ability to raise one’s energy from the base chakra (1st) through the crown chakra (7th), and above. Raising the Kundalini will lead one to a more spiritual, less ego-centred life.


A variety of spodumene. It’s colours are pink, green (hiddenites), lilac, clear.
A high vibrational stone. It awakens the heart chakra to unconditional love. It radiates peace and connects you to universal love.
It helps create a deep meditative, relaxed state. A great stone to use if you find it hard to find it hard to enter into meditation.
A highly protective stone for the person and the environment. It protects from unwanted energies and strengthens the auric field.
It encourages self expression. Beneficial to people with addictive behaviours due to its lithium content. Aids manic depression.
It strengthens the cardiovascular system and is generally a good balancer on all levels.
Green Kunzite or hiddenites benefits intellectual and emotional experiences.
It’s a stone that supports new beginnings. It helps with heart healing and rediscovering the joy of relationships.


Kyanite colours are mainly blue,green, black and orange.
An excellent stone for attunement and meditation. Blue Kyanite is of an extremely high vibration and creates rapid energy movement. It opens the psychic channels and allows one to download information from higher sources. Sleeping with blue Kyanite creates lucid dreaming.
It can facilitate telepathy and the transfer of energy from person to person. It stimulates the third eye and psychic abilities.
As Kyanite does not hold negativity as it transmutes the energy, it never needs cleansing. Excellent to use in a healing session as it aligns or the chakras.
It encourages speaking ones truth. It removes blockages, anger, frustration and stress.
Physically good for working with head traumas and stroke. Works on thyroid and throat. Lowers blood pressure and heals infection.
Black Kyanite–  ground the body when aligning the chakras and during and after meditation. Highlt protective stone . It’s nickname is that of a witch’s broomstick as it looks like one. As it’s name suggests, it can sweep negativity under the carpet per say.
It can also be used for taking one back to a past life and then the other way to probable futures.
Green Kyanite- has a strong resonance to the nature devas and spirits.
Orange kyanite– Balancing the Sacral Chakra, Orange Kyanite increases our senses, self-esteem and communication skills, enabling us to use our intuition in our decision-making.  It increases creative thinking, sexuality, and clairsentience.


Labradorite is also known as spectrolite. It is considered the stone of magic. It is a highly protective stone and can shield you from negaitive energies.
It connects with universal energies. It is known for its ability to facilitate initiation into the mysteries. It’s a stone of esoteric knowledge.
Labradorite aligns the physical and etheric bodies. it raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies into the physical body.
This stone enhances your ability to receive messages from your unconscious and interpret them.
This stones removes fears and insecurities from this life and past lifetimes.
This stone is a grewat companion during change, imparting strength and perseverence.
Physically, it’s beneficial for the nerves, brain, pineal and pituitary glands and lymphatic system.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a deep royal blue with white specs which are calcite and gold specs being pyrite.
Lapis opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. Excellent stone to enhance dream work and increase psychic abilities and receive visual guidance and information. Definitely a stone for clairvoyance.
It has a very strong connection with ancient Egypt. Many a Pharaoh , king, queen, was adorned in Lapis and then when they died, they were buried with Lapis. It is seen as a stone of royalty.
Lapis allows one to see where they have become stagnant and identify behaviours that one may have difficulty seeing. It enhances strength and vitality and releases tension and anxiety.
Excellent stone for past life work.
Eases depression and balances male and female energy.


This is one of my personal favourites.
It is a form of blue pectolite only found in the Dominican Republic. sometimes there is a trace of a red/brown mineral which is hematite.
It is a very calming and tranquil stone. Bringing inner peace and calm to the holder of this stone. It is a water element which makes it very soothing to the emotional body.
Excellent to use at the throat chakra as it enhances communication. At the heart it is very soothing and teaches one to respect, love and nurture one’s self.
As this stone is born of volcanic activity, it actually takes on both fire and water elements and can work with these polarites as a balancer.
Larimars energy is cooling and soothing. It can calm excessive fears and diffuse anger. it can reduce the stress knots and muscle tension.
It’s an excellent stone to usefor facilitating emotional release.
Excellent stone for mothers to use during pregnancy during and after. Can help alleviate post partum depression and help with breastfeeding mothers.
Excellent stone for both men and women to get intouch with their feminine sides, teach self nurturing and self respect.
It also has connections with goddess energies.
To me, larimar is the stone of Atlantis and with it bring the wisdoms of that time.
Physically, excellent for use during ante and post pregnancy. Helps relieve high blood pressure and stress related illness. Larimar can relieve excessive fire element energy such as
infection, fever and inflammation. Excellent for sore throats and fever.

Lemon Quartz

Yellow Quartz or Lemon Quartz symbolizes optimism, well being and creativity. It helps in performing deep meditation and enhancing wearer’s focus on goals. It makes the mind clean and clear with a bright and sharp outlook which helps in the future. It enables control on evil thoughts and makes life free from any anxieties making the wearer stress-free.
Lemon Quartz can  help to  balance and strengthen communication capability with more clarity and satisfaction.


Lepidolite- purple, lilac, pink.
Lepidolite transmutes negative energy. An excellent tool to use to ‘mop up’ electromagnetic pollution, especially when in its mica form as its properties are greatly amplified.
It’s extremely useful for stress and depression as it contains lithium. It can balance out mood swings and bipolar disorders.
It creates emotional healing, balance and stability. Lepidolite encourages independence and achieving goals on one’s own.
It’s a stone that stimulates the intellect and can speed up decision making.
It’s a calming stone that helps with sleep disturbances and emotional stress.
Excellent for use in classrooms, work places and group therapy sessions.
Physically, they say Lepidolite can locate the site of dis-ease. It strengthens the immune system and relieves exhaustion. Great detoxifier for the skin.

 Libyan Gold Tektite

Libyan Gold Tektites carry remarkable energies for enhancing the strength of your will, your ability to create, and your power of manifestation. Libyan Gold tektites can be powerful access keys to the Akashic Records.
they work beautifully with other tektites such as moldavite and tibetan tektites. using all 3 together can create powerful transformation and speed up the process of manifestation.
Supports spiritual healing of stomach and digestive issues.


Beautiful azure blue colouring
Limonite is a beautiful azure blue colour. Holding it I felt a real pull toward my higher heart and throat chakra. At the third eye there was a warm pulling feeling. This mineral can be used to stimulate the psychic centre and to promote astro travel. Also used to facilitate contemplation, enjoyment and telepathy. In terms of the heart /throat connection, it’s about speaking your truths. The Deva of this crystal is called ‘Soul’ and he is telling me it helps to awaken the soul which makes sense and the heart is the seat of the soul. Held or placed at the third eye during meditation, you will gain insight into your future .during healing, definitely place at higher heart and throat chakra.
Physically has been used in motion sickness, alleviation of genetic disorders, and alignment of meridians of the body. Can assist in the rejuvenation of the male reproductive system. Can assist with hydrophobia and acrophobia (fear of high places).

Lithium Quartz

Lithium quartz. They are very claming, excellent for inner peace, heart and higher heart healer by creating calm and healing nerves.
Help harmonise relationships, and help become free from stress.
Excellent for panic/anxiety attacks. Excellent in meditation as well. they calm the mind and heal the heart.
Excellent to use in meditation by calming the mind and opening the heart.
they work vibrationally to reduce the intensity and frequency of anxiety and panic attacks.


Malachite is a green mineral which is copper based. This stone is toxic and is best used in its polished form and if making an essence, used in the indirect method.
Malachite is seen as the stone of transformation. It helps uproot fears. Whether they are of moving forward or of confrontation or even fear of self expression. Malachite can be quite intense and probing. It helps you break free from limitations and thus increases courage, strength and determination. When using malachite to bring old belief systems to the surface for release, it is good to use a soft gentler stone to help ‘break the fall’ as such. Rose quartz is an excellent accompaniment for this.
Malachite grounds spiritual energies. It has excellent protective qualities energetically and psychically. It absorbs negative energies and pollutants easily, in particular EMFs .
Malachite has a strong connection to the earth and is therefore an excellent stone to use for earth healing.
It’s an excellent stone for clearing and activating all chakras. At the heart it balances and restores harmony. It opens the heart to unconditional love.
Malachite enhances intuition and insight. It strengthens the ability to absorb and process information.
Physically, this stone helps draw out pain from arthritis and injuries. It reduces inflammation from sprains, strains or other injuries. It can draw out toxins from the body. It can help restore vitality after illness and in repairing soft tissue after surgery. Good as a digestive aid .


Magnetite is an iron oxide mineral that exhibits magnetic properties. Magnetite can align your Chakras and balance yin/yang energies. Magnetite can help to  dispel anger and fear, and enhance tenacity and endurance. It is also considered a stone of stability, appropriate for balancing emotions and attracting love and healing energies.
Physically it  alleviates pain, boosts the immune system, and relieves agitation and depression. Magnetite strengthens the circulatory system, helps with healing blood and bleeding problems.


Manganite has a metallic lustre.
Manganite helps you to let go of control in relationships and day to day life. It shows you how to be responsible for your own actions and not of that of others. It shows you how to develop self respect and develop love of self.
It can help you find solutions to problems at hand.

Maw Sit Sit

Maw sit sit is a rare gem related to Jade (but is NOT a jade) and found only in the jade deposits in the Himalayan foot hills of Hpakan, Burma. The name is derived from the location where the material is mined. The intense green is most likely from chromium content.
Helps you to find joy in your life and revitalise your energy stores.


Merkabah is a shape I work very heavily with within my own practise. The merkabah consists of 2 tetrahedrons which make a 3d shape of the Star of David.
‘Mer’ means light, ‘Ka’ means spirit and ‘Ba’ means body. Thus the merkabah is counter rotating field that encompasses both spirit and body.
Merkabah is our light body, an inter-dimensional time travel vehicle which is self created within the energy field, using concepts of Sacred Geometry. The Merkabah is 2 counter-rotating fields of light (spinning at the speed of light) generated from the spinning of specific geometric forms. As stated by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It will help us with our ascension process.

It symbolises heaven and earth, male and female, balance of polarities and fire and water.
The configuration of the Star Tetrahedron is formed within the first eight cells of life and remains fixed at the base of the spine throughout one’s life.
Sacred Geometry is the basis of all creation and everything organic. The five basic sacred geometrical structures are called the platonic solids. These are visual solids that can bring our vibrations into harmony with the rhythms of nature. Everything you see around us is ultimately made up of these solids, so we are taking the rhythms of nature and helping us to reorganize our own thought patterns and ultimately ‘switch on’ our DNA . These solids are cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedrons and dodecahedron. In actuality, our bodies are made up in a set of geometrical patterns.
To understand a little more, our auric field is divided up into 3 main categories which include 7 layers in all. These are the Physical body, the Astral Plane and the Spiritual Plane. The physical plane consists of the physical body, etheric body, emotional body and mental body. The Astral plane consists of the Astral body and the Spiritual plane houses the Etheric Template body, Emotional template body and the Ketheric body.
They say the merkabah is not activated around our energy fields unless we consciously do so. The tetrahedral field pointing up is male in nature and its electrical field rotates counter clockwise or to the left. The tetrahedral field pointing down is female in nature and rotates clockwise or to the right. When the energy fields are ‘switched on’ and you get the merkabah spinning in its counter – rotating fields of energy, mind, body and spirit can work in harmony creating healing and well being.
A way you can visualise the counter rotation of the merkabah is to visualise a DNA strand and the way it intertwines.
It is used to reactivate and create shifts within DNA patterning, supports reconnections between the physical and etheric bodies, helps healing and bringing together mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies and so on.
One of the ways I like to work with this shape is by placing crystals under my bed in a 2d shape of the star of david. To activate it, iuse either a laser quartz crystal or selenite ( can be a crystal of choice), I then energetically mark the outline of the shape. I start at the head of the bed and go down to the right and follow the triangle facing upward. I then go to the base of the bed and follow the outline moving to the right of the triangle. I then go back to the head of the bed to the point of the triangle facing up and move my crystal counter clockwise activating the top triangle (tetrahedron) and then go to base to the point and with my crystal move it clockwise to activate the bottom tetrahedron. I now have a merkabah spinning within its counter rotating energy field and it is bliss to sleep in. You can set what ever intentions you like for this exercise.
The same can be done when you ar etreatingf a client in your healing room. Activate the merkabah whilst your client is on the table. At the end of your session you can deactivate it by spinning the opposite way to how you started.
Please note, if you have no crystals this is fine. It IS power of intention and will work for you.


The name merlinite is given to a stone that has a combination of quartz and Psilomelane (manganese oxide). This stone is also known as Psilomelane or Dendritic Opal and is found in New mexico.
It is known as the stone of magic and bringer of luck into your life. known as a stone for shamans, alchemists as it holds the wisdom of these people. It supports shamanic practicesor magic rituals. It is attuned to all elements of earth, air, fire and water.
excellent to use in the centre of a shamanic wheel or that of a grid due to all it represents.
due to the dual colours of black and white, it brings harmony, balance as in yin/yang energies, male and female aspects and blending of spiritual and earthly vibrations.
merlinite has been known to reprogramme ingrained patterns of behaviour in the mental and emotional layers. it brings about negative experiences and turns them into positive ones. Excellent for karmic healing.
physically an excellent stone to use on the nervous system, respiratory and circulatory systems. Good for use with headaches. A very balancing stone physically.


Mica is a group of minerals, also known as muscovite. All share common properties as well as each type having its own properties. Mica has reflective qualities to recognize flaws and see them with love. It is used to improve visions and clarity in mysticism. It is said to help eliminate negative personality traits by helping one recognize them. Mica is said to enhance flexibility in all realms and also assist growth in those areas. It is used to diminish anger, hostility, and nervous energy. Mica aligns energy of the body and releases blockages of energy within the body. Mica comes in many colors and is associated with the chakra of similar color.


Moldavite is a tektite. The colour is a deep forest green. Moldavite formation coincides with a huge meteorite that crashed in the Czech Republic. There are a number of theories to how moldavite formed but which ever may be right, it’s a stone that has fallen from the sky. It’s creation was made through high a high impact explosion, which makes this a powerful stone for transformation and acceleration, particularly on a spiritual evolution path. It also can be used as a physical cleanser.
Moldavite as such is not a physical healer. It is used more to understand your physical being and the path you are to follow. An excellent stone for our Crystal children who are coming through.
Most people who hold moldavite for the first time can feel it’s energy as warmth or as a pulse sensation in the hand. Normally felt in the hand first followed by the body. Its energy may be felt around the heart. Due to the intensity of this stone, it can cause one to have a facial flush. Most people will find that moldavite has to be used in small doses and built up over time. As its energies can be so strong that it takes time to build a tolerance to it.
Moldavite can activate all chakras. It has a tendency to work on blockages by releasing and clearing them.
It’s a powerful aid for dream work and meditation, especially when placed on the third eye.
Moldavite is a powerful catalyst for self healing, clearing blockages and opening the meridians as well as energizing the different layers of the body.
An excellent stone to use to enhance the energies of other stones.


Molybdenite is known as the dreamers stone. If you want insightful, vivid dreams, program a piece and put under your pillow.It brings stability, consistency and order into your life and helps you to hold onto what you have got.It can help facilitate intergalactic contact.It is a stone that helps you see your shadow self and access the gifts it offers.It encourages you to look within yourself without judgement and forgiving any imperfections. It helps sharpen the mind.Physically keeping a piece on you helps to recharge and balnce your energy field.Beneficial in helping release mercury toxicity, jaw pain, teeth and good for circulation.


Mookaite is an Australian jasper that combines the colours of yellow, red, brown and purple.  It encourages the desire for new experiences and helps to keep a balance between external activities and the internal response to these. It imparts a deep calm while encouraging versatility.
Mookaite was and still is considered to be a healing stone that bestows strength. It is said to shield the wearer from difficult situations and to connect us to loved ones who have passed away. It is believed to bring us into the “here and now,” aiding with problem assessment and decision making.
It is considered sacred by the Australian Aboriginal people.
Mookaite is often used to treat glandular or stomach disorders, hernias, ruptures and water retention. Excellent for use at the base, sacral and solar plexus.


Colours range from rainbow, white, cream, yellow, blue, green.
Moonstone is the Goddess stone. It’s energies resonate to that of the feminine. It has a direct and powerful connection to the moon, so everything is part of a cycle of change. Its most powerful effect is that of calming the emotions.
It has the ability to enhance the intuitive side of the mind. It helps develop and enhance clairvoyance.
Moonstone helps to balance out male-female energies and is good for men wanting to become more attuned to their female aspect. Moonstone soothes emotional instability and stress. It provides deep emotional healing and can heal disorders of the upper digestive tract that are due to emotional stress.
Physically, it works brilliantly on the female reproductive system and helps relieve menstrual related problems. It’s link to the pineal gland, helps balance out the hormonal system.
Excellent for use in PMS, conception, pregnancy and birth. Helps the digestive and reproductive systems.

 Moqui Balls

Moqui Balls (Mochi Balls) – are Iron and Sandstone concretions used to journey by shamans and other mystics – considered sacred among the Shamanic members of ancient tribes, they were used in rituals to contact extra-terrestrials, for visioning and for out-of-body journeys.

They don’t need special care, they realign the energy centres (chakras), release energy blockage, stimulate Chi energy, ground, center and protect, they are equally balanced between grounding and energizing, and act as a connector to the Earth’s energies.


Morganite is a form of pink beryl that has a high vibrational frequency, yet very soft. It attunes to the frequency of divine love and compassion, opening the heart up to a deeper level of knowing and understanding.
It allows for release surrender of pain which has been underlying and allows for emotional self healing. It soothes the soul with divine love.
It is a stone that helps facilitate communication with the angels.
It supports the physical heart and its energy fields.


Muscovite’s colour ranges from white, grey, colourless, yellow, red, violet, green or brown. It’s a form of mica.
Muscovite is said to have a strong angelic connection and stimulates awareneness of the higher self. A visionary stone linking to the highest spiritual realms.
It stimulates the heart chakra, facilitates astral travel and opens the intuition and psychic vision.
It’s a stone of high positive energies. it effects the mind and mental processes so is an excellent stone for students, teachers and anyone who has a mentally stimulating job.
It’s a stone that can also assist those awakening spiritually, and opening psychically by slowing down the process so it’s not too rapid an awakening. Can help physically with headaches and migraines caused by psychic stimulation or just from ‘normal’ headaches

Nirvana Quartz

Also known as Himalayan ice quartz or growth interference quartz. Colour normally white or pink.
A high vibrational stone which is considered a spiritual-alchemy stone. It’s attuned to the pure consciouness that facilitates spiritual enlightenment and opens the soul star chakra and then grounds these energies to the earth.
nirvana quartz integrates the spiritual energy into the lightbody.
It is a stone, as its name suggests, of spiritual enlightenment or a state of nirvana. it teaches the purity of all that is and unconditional love. It creates a profound shift and acceleration into the spiritual. it removes thge barriers to get you to this state of mind.
It can help channel information to another person and can remove attachments.
It works a little like a blower that totally cleans out the outer bodies and creates pure light within, creating like a bubble of light around a person.


Nuumite is also known as the sorcerer’s stone. It protects against ill wishing and psychic manipulation.
It is considered one of the oldest minerals on earth and is a combination of anthophyllite and gedrite. It is only found in Greenland.
It is a stone to use for personal magic, inner journeys and self mastery. It enhances clairvoyance and intuition. It is an excellent stone for shamanic journeying.
It can assist you in attuning to the elemental forces of the Earth and calling upon them in times of need.It can increase the frequency of synchronicities and good luck in one’s life.
In meditation it can open the inner doors of self discovery.
It helps calm and balance the nervous system and encourage self acceptance and recognition of inner strength.
Beneficial for insomnia, stress, degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, insulin regulation, the eyes, brain.


The colours of obsidian range from brown, black, blue, green, rainbow, red-black, silver, gold sheen.
Obsidian is molten lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallize.
It’s a stone without boundaries or limitations. Thus it works extremely fast and with great power.
Obsidian is best used under the guidance of a healer as it can bring negative emotional issues to the surface quite quickly and can be unpleasant to deal with. Normally in this situation, obsidian is best used with a softer stone like rose quartz to lessen the emotional trauma.
It’s a highly protective stone and protects against negative energy by forming a shield from it around the body. It’s extremely grounding and anchoring to the earth’s core.
It can help draw out mental stress and tension from the body. It can block geopathic stress or pollution from the environment.
Obsidian expands consciousness and brings clarity to the mind. Obsidian can make you face your shadow side to understand who you really are and teach you how to integrate it.
Can aid digestion, detoxify, dissolve blockages and tension in the physical and subtle bodies. Can warm the extremities, good for circulation.
Black Obsidian– a very powerful and grounding stone. Grounds the soul into the physical plane, allowing conscious will to manifest spiritual energies on earth.
It can force you to face your own truths. It brings imbalances to the surface to be fully experienced and then released.
It’s a protective stone from negativity.
Obsidian has been used for scrying and has the gift of prophesy.
Blue Obsidian– aids astral travel and enhances telepathy. Activates the throat chakraand supports communication skills.
Blue-Green Obsidian– activates the heart and balances the heart. Activates the throat chakra allowing one to speak their truths. Balances the mind, body, spirit.
Electric-Blue Obsidian– An intuitive stone, enhancing telepathy and facilitating divination. Used in shamanic journeys and for psychic communication.
Gold Sheen Obsidian– excellent for scrying. Takes you to the future and past and takes you deep into the core of a problem and can show what is needed for healing.
Green Obsidian– opens and purifies the heart and throat chakras.
Mahogany Obsidian– has a much gentler energy than black. Its colours are red and black. It resonates with the earth, grounds, protects and gives strength in time of need. Helps remove energy blockages.
Rainbow Obsidian– is a much gentler obsidian than the others but with strong protective qualities. It can teach you about your spiritual nature. It can cut old cords of love that have been left behind and gently release them.
Red-Black Obsidian– raises the kundalini energy. Promotes vitality.
Silver Sheen Obsidian– can help with astral travel by connecting the astral body with the physical body. Can be used for scrying.
Apache Tear- Are black and often water warn. This stone was so named from a story about an Apache Indian Tribe. Apache tears were apparently formed from the tears of the grieving apache women after the men were killed in battle.
They are great to use to bring negative energy to the surface and transmute it. They can be used in times of sorrow as a comforter for grief. Apache tears help remove self limiting behaviours, allowing one to find the joy in physical experiences.
Good for strength and stamina, help to vitalize and purify the blood and boost the immune system.
Snowflake Obsidian– The colours are black and white. It’s a stone that balances mind, body and spirit. It calms and soothes. It teaches you to value mistakes as well as success. Very grounding. Very yin-yang energy.
Can be an empowering stone, that can also help with standing your ground and giving courage to speak in public places.


A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief. Black Onyx fosters wise decision-making.

Use Black Onyx to encourage happiness and good fortune. Black Onyx is a strength-giving stone and can provide support for self-discipline issues. Because it helps to hold physical memories, Black Onyx can be useful in healing old wounds or past life issues.


Orpiment contains Arsenic and Sulfur and should only have minimal handling and good handwashing afterward.
Orpiment works with your mind helping you to reason from a more aware perspective. It is useful in clearing and balancing your Solar Plexus Chakra, and is considered a high energetic mineral. It helps you to take action, and is also a great mineral for use while studying as it brings in the energy of analysis.
Use in the indirect method of essence making.


Orthoceras are the fossilized remains of an extinct marine animal. It has a long conical shape. Like the ammonite it is a cephalopod.
Fossils are believed to increase life span, reduce toxins, anxiety, stress, balance the emotions and make one more confident.
I see the orthoceras as the backbone of creation. It is about strength and balance. I feel a sense of pride when I visualise these and a sense of connection to our earth.


Papagoite is a copper rich mineral with a blue colour. it is normally found within quartz. it’s locality is Messina, South Africa.
A return to grace and is truly majestic.
it is known as a wind element mineral that activates and clears the third eye, crown and etheric chakras above the head. it opens inner vision and enhances communication with guides.
Emotionally it’s a supportive and calming stone. it raises the frequency of the emotional body , allowing one to enoy a peace filled consciousness.
Physically, it helps in alleviating menstrual discomfort and can be used directly on the third eye to help relieve migraines.


Pentagonite is a brilliant blue starburst found on its host rock which consists of zeolite. It looks very similar to Cavansite .
When channelling this piece, the first thing I saw was a stellated dodecahedron. This really becomes endless in terms of healing properties on both a physical and spiritual level as this type of geometric shape can actual shape shift. Hence it becomes interchangeable with the icosahedrons and can go back and forth. The dodecahedron pertains more to spirit and the icosahedrons more to the throat. This crystal works on both these levels, hence it is interchangeable.
On a physical level, it helps calm and soften emotions of the heart and clears the mind. Can activate the higher heart .Thus it contains the elements of water and air.
Its gentle energies soothe the soul and help create a level of balance, decrease anxiety as well as stress.
It is beneficial to the throat as it calms the nerves to allow one to speak in front of an audience and relay messages with confidence.
Spiritually it opens channels at the soul star level, allowing for communication with higher beings. This includes the angelic realm as well as your guides. Increases clairaudience.
On a spiritual level, it can help to activate the Stellar Gateway (10th chakra).( It is here where we work with 6th dimensional frequencies. This is where we work as one and unite as a whole).
Phoenix Gateway


Also known as Olivine. Olive green, yellowish green.
This stone is a powerful cleanser. It opens, cleanses and activates the heart and solar plexus chakras. It helps to release ‘old baggage’ that no longer serves.
It enhances a feeling of inner joy and lightness. It opens you to giving and receiving and expressing this joy. Many people are very good at giving but not receiving. Peridot helps to remove this block of receiving. It helps to build ones confidence.
Peridot can be used to manifest the increase of wealth, health, joy and emotional wellbeing.
Peridot is excellent at the heart chakra and can deal with al related imbalances of the heart.
Excellent to use in recovery from tobacco addiction.


Petalite is known as a stone of the angels as it can connect to the angelic realm. It is a high vibrational stone that activates the higher mind. It is closely linked to the energies of danburite due to its higher mind activation energy.
As it contains lithium, it is a very calmong stone. an excellent stone to use during meditation as it lifts one quickly into higher realms of awareness. It can also maintain a higher state during every day activities.
Excellent for balancing the energies of those who have been through emotional and mental trauma. it can assist those to see the spiritual lessons behind the traumatic experiences.
Exceelent for those who have scattered energy mentally, as it allows one to focus on each task at hand, calmly and centred.
It is soothing and healing for the emotional body, bringing a frequency of calm and self love.
Petalite can be used to aid ADD, ADHD, excessive worry or stress, anxiety attacks and can help lessen blood pressure.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is also named fossilised wood. Basically, the wood has been replaced by silicon dioxide. The organic wood is no longer present, only its form.
It’s a stone of patience, of slow, steady growth towards the goal of spiritual transformation.
It teaches of the beauty and power of the physical realm and understand the reasons behind being a spiritual form within a physical body. It allows us to recognise that the earth supplies us all that we need in this life time.
It can help and release the limiting emotional patterns that have been present for generations that had been created as ‘survival’ tools.
Physically it is good for balancing the gallbladder and liver.


Phenacite’s colour is clear. In Greek, phenacite means ‘deceiver’. So named because phenacite varies greatly in form and has been mistaken for other crystals.
Phenacite has one of the highest and purest of vibrations. It’s best work is done at the third eye, crown chakra and chakras above. It allows access to higher levels of awareness and spirituality activating and promoting psychic awareness , thoughts and dream states.
Phenacite activates the light body and stimulates and expands every chakra and energy pathway in the body.
Phenacite has the ability to ground light energy within the body. By doing this, it allows for expansion of our spiritual paths. It deletes old belief patterns from the light body and replaces them with new knowledge and understanding to take one to a new level of growth and understanding. Phenacite acts like a powerful vacuum to remove, absorb and cleanse and then is replaced by ‘computerised’ higher intelligence, like a lightbrary full of information and hidden understanding. Pathways to the unknown, yet to be discovered.
Physically, phenacite is excellent to use for the brain, whether it be damage, imbalances or genetic disorders that limit brain function.


The colours include brown, grey, blue-gray and black. Pietersite is also known as the Tempest stone due to its connection to the storm element.
This stone reminds you that you are a spiritual being inside a physical body. It stimulates and activates the third eye chakra and pineal gland . It activates mind and imagination, stimulates psychic vision and enhances telepathy. Pietersite acts like a bolt of lightning grounding the high-frequency energy into the physical realm. It is a spiritual activation stone.
As a storm element , it can bring about change very quickly. It helps remove blockages when one feels stagnant and then reveals new directions for one’s life.
It activates the whole chakra system, allowing a full spectrum of light to fill the body.
Pietersite activates the base chakra in such a way that can show one the changes needed to make in life to create the changes needed.
Physically Pietersite stimulates the pituitary gland, balancing the endocrine system and the production of hormones that govern metabolism, blood pressure, growth, sex and temperature. It’s a nervous system stone and is useful in stimulating and strengthening the nerves and the brain.

Platonic Solids

The platonic’s were derived from Plato, a Greek Philosopher. Aristotle, one of Plato’s students, then expanded on the solids by documenting the energetic of each platonic solid and how we can use them in our every day life.

Sacred Geometry is the basis of creation. The five basic sacred geometrical structures are called the platonic solids. These are visual solids that can bring our vibrations into harmony with the rhythms of nature. Everything you see around us is ultimately made up of these solids, so we are taking the rhythms of nature and helping us to reorganize our own thought patterns and ultimately ‘switch on’ our DNA . These solids are cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedrons and dodecahedron.

These 5 platonic solids are formed within Metatron’s Cube as per creation. From The Seed of life or Genesis Pattern, to The Egg of Life, Flower of life, Fruit of Life and Metatron’s Cube.

Metatron’s Cube holds within it all of creation, yin and yang, the 5 elements and thus can be seen as the map of creation
The platonic’s were derived from Plato, a Greek Philosopher. Aristotle, one of Plato’s students, then expanded on the solids by documenting the energetic of each platonic solid and how we can use them in our every day life.

Each platonic solid activates certain chakras using the elements of fire, earth, air, water & spirit. It is through the platonic solids, sound and colour we can reactivate dormant DNA, it can help us with our connection to nature and the higher realms within our galaxy and help find the common pattern which links us all at a molecular level and at a spiritual level.


Prehnite aids in spirit communication through meditation or visualization, supports out-of-body travel, and is a powerful dream stone. It can be used for dream recall and journalling. Prehnite is also known as a stone of prophesy and stimulates inner-knowing, helping you prepare for future events.
It is also a very protective stone on all levels .It also helps accuracy of your predictions with regards to your own personal growth. Prehnite can be used to multiply energy and enhance your protective fields. Using it to grid produces peace and calm in your environment. Physically, Prehnite is helpful in the healing of gout, anemia, and kidney problems.


Purpurite is a stone that helps break away from self-destructive or self-limiting patterns, as well as external restraints. It helps one speak with confidence. It increases spirituality, promotes inner growth, and stimulates the ability to absorb spiritual insights. Purpurite is also a stone that can bring prosperity and help with finances.
Physically, purpurite is helpful for wounds, bruises, uric acid levels, and purifying the blood.


Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral which is a gold, metallic colouring. it has been nicknamed ‘fools gold’ because of its appearance.
Pyrite is a very masculine stone and has a direct link to the sun. It makes an excellent stone to use at the base chakra for grounding and anchoring higher frequency information into the physical world.
It’s excellent for developing spiritual vision and psychic ability and then grounding into the physical body.
It helps one attract and create abundance into one’s life. Excellent to use at the solar plexus to enhance will power. Emotionally it helps one overcome fears and create confidence to then take action in one’s life.
It is an excellent stone for students and it helps with concentration and enhancing memory, especially when needing to remember new information.
Due to the sulfur conent in pyrite, it helps to purify the body of infection and stimulate the endocrine system to function properly. excellent for male impotence and infertility. the iron component of pyrite works on the blood system
Pyrite is considered one of the stones of the Mental Trinity. The other 2 being calcite and fluorite. These 3 stones are excellent to have at the students work station.
a good stone to protect against negative energies. Use at the computer to block EMFs.

Octahedral Pyrite

Octahedral Pyrite Peru. A rarer form of pyrite which has a magnificewnt energy. Excellent to work with at the solar plexus and heart.
My account of meditating with a piece.
“As I started to meditate, I felt the golden flame rising in my heart centre. This stone made me feel really grounded whilst working with it.A real aspect of calm came over me. The golden Ray working its way into my throat as if it was allowing me freedom of speech or self expression.I could start to see a web being created around my body, weaving itself perfectly from the Earth star all the way to the Cosmic Gateway. This to me is the integration of the 8 dimensions being weaved, creating total harmony and balance, allowing any healing to take place. I could see that this piece of pyrite being placed on my solar plexus and being turned clockwise to activate this healing.It gives the true meaning of relationship between heaven and earth, hence ‘as above so below’. There is a real connection I feel to Atlantis and to the Mayans. Keep seeing the Sun Dial.”

Quantum Quattro

This is a combination of minerals being shattuckite, dioptase, malachite and chrysocolla on smoky quartz. May at times contain ajoite.
Q.Q has a dramatic effect on the immune system , DNA and energy fields as it is strengthening and helps to activate the 12 strand DNA healing.
It grounds spiritual energies within ourr light bodies as well as on to the planet.
It’s an excellent protection stone as it absorbs negative energies and pollutants.
It prevents healing crisis from occuring.
It clears psychic vision and protects during channelling, ensuring that no entities take over the physical body.
This stone is aligned with the energies of 2012. The combination of minerals symbolises wholeness and peace.
Psychologically, this stone helps heal grief from this life or a past life and helps release heartache held within the physical body. It is a strong mental cleanser and clarifier.
Emotionally, this stone heals the heart and higher heart centres. It cleanses the solar plexus of guilt and can reverse destructive emotional programming.
This stone brings in a new vibration of love, releasing all misconceptions on how love ought to be. It gives inner strength to the user and enhances personal power.. It inspires creativity on all levels.
It teaches how to leave behind all that no longer serves us.
It efficiently breaks the cycle of karmic co-dependancy that occurs within addictions or obsessive relationships.
Physically, it’s a master healer as it brings the body back into balance and acts as a general tonic. Can be used for high blood pressure, cell disorders, lungs, pancreas, insulin and the thyroid. Lessens nausea, supports the kidneys and digestive tract. Alleviates PMT, addictions and stress. Beneficial for arthritis and ulcers.

Que Sera

From “Love Is In The Earth, THE Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia, by Melody . Locality is approximately Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil “Que Sera” is stone of the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). It has been shown to facilitate the amassing of ones mental, physical, psychic and spiritual powers such that one is always ” On” (no matter the circumstance). .. Que Sera stone is a super station for receiving energies from the higher planes of existence, and sending these dynamic energies to all recipients (hence is an excellent energy for groups and organizations).
Melody says these stones are “from one of the “Grand Formations” of our planet, and, hene, each minute piece of the combination continues to exhibit the properties of the combined mineralogy”
Que Sera promotes “backward reasoning’… Que Sera furthers one to take risks… A Stone of the Angel of Air… ir brings a sparkle to ones eyes, a shine to ones life and a substance to ones aspirations… it helps one to “let their hair down”… it is used to understand the emotions… has been used to dispel truancy with respect to school and work.
It has been used to provide a shield for Wi-Fi.
It has been used to enhance practice of kinesiology and to further insights for medical intuitives.
There is a presence of quartz, Feldspar, Calcite, Kaolininte, Iron-oxides, Magnetite. Clinozoistite, and Leucozene are present in trace amounts.Melody states that regardless of whether you can see each mineral within the stone, it still will carry these energies even if not visible. a little like Super 7.
Que Sera acts like a battery to activate your personal power. With this stone, you truly create your own reality. This stone energises the earth star, base, sacral and stellar gateway chakras.
If you have a tendency to dwell on problems this crystal helps you find constructive solutions and to be confident about your actions. With Que Sera there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. Although Que Sera means “what will be,“ this stone helps you co-create your own future. Pointing out the long way and the more direct route, it encourages you to take the most appropriate pathway for your evolution, which can be instantaneous.


Realgar is an arsenic sulfide mineral, also known as “ruby sulphur” or “ruby of arsenic”. Thus minimal handling and good handwashing is necessary.
Realgar is a very unique and rare gemstone which is used mainly to bring energy into the body.
Realgar is a rare deeply cleansing crystal, which pulls deep inside the subconscious, illuminating lost thoughts, lost lives, forgotten past. Can be used also stimulate growth at a cellular level, expelling toxins and dependency. Can also be used unlock the hidden, be that desires, lust, dreams or memories.
It is also used to increase sexuality and fertility.
Use in the indirect method of essence making.


Rhodochrosite balances and enhances love on all levels. It allows fuller love to enter one’s life, in part by calming excessive passions. It balances the mental and emotional processes. It is also said to be a stone of freedom because of this helping to balance inner conflicts. This can bring a deep sense of happiness and relief from ongoing stress.
Rhodochrosite is used to ease issues caused by past lives, and to help to bring those issues to resolution. It is used to elevate the mind to a higher plane in meditation and energy work.
Rhodochrosite is a self-confidence booster owing to bringing a sense of realistic balance to life. It is also used to help cope with problems in life in a graceful, balanced manner without avoidance or dential.
Physically, good for the digestion, the heart, the kidneys, spleen, pancreas, the pulse rate, and the thyroid. It is also used for stress related illness by transforming the energy of the illness with a balanced love of self and the universe.


Rhodonite is a stone of Grace and elegance. It decreases anxiety while increasing attention to detail. It works beneficially on the heart chakra, opening one to unconditional love and increased service to mankind. It is a stone of inner growth as well, and helps with self-love. It is also a calming stone, with energies used for easing anger as well as calming stress and anxiety. It is said to bring emotional balance, and as such bring confidence in one’s life in many areas. Rhodonite is also a stone of contrasts. The bright pinks indicate energy that enhances passionate love, and is used in metaphysics to attract a good mate. This stone can help one have a passionate love that is also grounded, or help mend a broken heart. Rhodonite is a stone often used in crystal healing for healing trauma and abuse issues. Physically it has been said in crystal healing to help with emphysema, joint inflammation, ears, heaing, immune system, the pituitary gland, thyroid, light sensitivity, strep throat and heart disorders.

Rose Quartz

Colour: pink
Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.It would have to be the most important crystal for the heart. It teaches the true essence for love, for the self and to show others. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels, and brings deep inner healing and self love. It’s calming, reassuring and excellent for use in trauma or crisis.
Rose quartz helps to attract love. Put in the relationship corner of your house which is the furthest right hand corner from the front door, or next to your bed, it helps draw love and relationship toward you. In existing relationships it restores trust and harmony.
RQ gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes. It helps release unexpressed emotions and heartache. RQ opens your heart so that you become more receptive. This stone encourages self forgiveness and acceptance, and invokes self trust and self worth.
Physically strengthen sthe heart and circulation. Placed on the thymus RQ aids chest and lung problems. It’s said to increase fertility. A beautiful stone to give someone diagnosed with cancer.
Key words- unconditional ove, opening of the heart and heart centre, self love/worth.
Rose quartz clusters
Crystallised rose quartz . Harder to come across and more expensive
The rose quartz crystals are very rare and quite small, usually in small clusters. The rose quartz crystals combine the qualities of rose quartz with all of the qualities of the quartz crystal. it produces a powerful loving energy.


Ruby is an excellent stone to use when feeling flat and sluggish as it brings about physical energy and imparting vigour to life.
It’s an excellent energiser and balancing stone but in sensitive people, can overstimulate, making them most susceptible to irritability.
Ruby encourages passion for life as well as motivation. It’s an excellent heart chakra stone and helps balance this area.
It’s an excellent heart protection stone, shielding against negativity toward the heart energy.
Ruby helps bring up and transmute anger and negative thoughts. It imparts a positive state of mind.
Ruby charges up passion and encourages you to follow your ‘heart’ or what makes you happy.
Physically, excellent to use to detoxify the body, blood and lymph. Beneficial for the heart and circulatory system.
Stimulates the reproductive system, adrenals, kidneys and spleen.


Rutile are considered like antennas as they tune in to the frequency of Divine Intention.
Rutile is a titanium oxide crystal. It stimulates the higher mind, increases creativity and generally enhances learning and thought processes.
Rutile pulls the higher frequency energy into the higher chakras and assists in grounding high frequency energy into the cells of the body.
Even though rutile stimulates our psychic abilities, it also helps ground energies to counteract spaciness.
The presence of rutile in a master crystal formation, greatly enhances the properties of that crystal. however, with any crystal it is present with, it will greatly enhance the properties of that crystal.
Physically, rutile offers vibrational support to the endocrine system and cellular metabolism. It enhances digestion and can help control both appetite and emotionally or mentally based food cravings.

Sapphire – Blue

Sapphire is a form of corundum. Blue sapphire is a stone of mental and psychic activation. It enhances insight and ESP.
It is an excellent stone to work with the activation of throat and third eye.
It enhances pyscic ability, mental clarity and insight.. encourages inner strength and confidence.
Aids healing of headaches, vertigo, earaches and vision problems.


Scolecite is a zeolite mineral. it can be colourless, white or yellowish. considered one of the synergy stones, it has a very high vibration. It takes you to a place of inner peace and relaxation, whilst lifting your vibration and linking you to higher realms and helps facilitate interdimensional travel.
It can help stabilise serotonin levels and supports stable brain function brain.
Excellent to use in healing sessions, meditation, lucid dreaming and for restful sleep.
At the heasrt level it enhances heart energies and encourages the spontaneous expression of love. said to be a good stone to exchange between lovers allowing to keep a constant connection between hearts.
It is definitely the stone of inner peace.


Colours are white, clear, orange, brown and green and is a form of gypsum.
Selenite is a beautiful stone to ground white light into the body, as well as gridded in a room to ground the light. It’s an excellent stone for clearing and cleansing auras, removing blockages, clearing negative energies from objects or a room or cutting cords etherically to detach someone from negative entities , be it spirit, physical beings or past life connections.
Selenite is a stone that never needs cleansing. It removes negative energies and transmutes them back into light.
Due to its high vibrational energy, it allows for direct link to higher frequencies of clear communication.
It’s an excellent stone to use in gridding of all kind. Gridding a home can be used as a protective grid. Placing a piece in a room can instil calm within ones environment.
Selenite is a calming stone, excellent for hyperactive people and a great stone to use in meditation.
Selenites structure, especially satin spar or the rod shaped Selenite, has fine lines running up and down it’s body. This allows energy to move at high frequencies, removing all debris as it sucks it up one end and removes at the other end.
Physically a good stone to realign the spinal cord, removes blockages from ones energy field and has been used against epileptic seizures.


Septarian is a combination of calcite, aragonite and chalcedony.
It is very much an earth stone and encourages taking care of the earth. They say the grey concretions in septarian connect to devic energy.
this is a wonderful stone to use in drumming and chanting circles as it can be used to enhance the cohesiveness of any spiritual group.
Excellent for repatterning and reprogramming. It harmonises the emotions and intellect and mentally is a joyous stone. It imparts patience and tolerance. It’s a useful support in public speaking.
Emotionally it is calming and nourishing and is useful for self-nurturing and for caring about others.
Physically it’s a good stone for detecting and rebalancing blockages. excellent in use for Seasonal affective disorder, self healing, skin disorders.


Seraphinite is a form of Clinoclore. Also called Serafina. Its colour is a dark green and has swirls of white, silvery coloured patterns that run through it.
This stone has a powerful angelic and devic connection and allows communication with these higher realms. The beautiful silvery wings that are displayed within this stone, give it a look as if they are angel wings. It brings healing to all levels of the body, mind, and spirit.
It aids in releasing emotional baggage that no longer serves and creates an emotionally balanced and harmonious outlook.
A beautiful stone to use at the heart chakra. It’s a powerful stone for general physical healing and well being. It’s especially useful to use with people who have cancer.


Seriphos or prasem Is only found on the Greek Island, Seriphos . Also known as green quartz or colouring from the mineral Hedenbergite. It is a deep green leaf shaped quartz crystal.

Seriphos is a heart based stone that is a wonderful support to aid healing. They help you to connect to the higher realms and also assist you to stay beautifully grounded.

These green crystals emanate a strong and quite delightful energy that brings joy, releases negativity and helps you to feel that you are brimming with good health.

Their heavenly energy helps you to connect with the energy of both plants and beings living in the natural world, and they are a wonderful support for healers using herbal medicine.

It helps support enjoyment and love of the body, dispels negative attachments and aids in rejuvenation.


Serpentine is an earthing stone that aids meditation and spiritual exploration.
It clears the chakras and stimulates the crown chakra opening psychic abilities and spiritual understanding. It opens new pathways for the Kundalini energy to rise and lessens the discomfort which is sometimes associated with this movement. Placed on the crown, it provides a drawing force conducive to initiating the movement.

Infinite Stone- normally a light green serpentine It is often called ‘The Healer’s Stone’ and is particularly useful for healers, athletes, chronic pain sufferers, and others who have an ongoing need for healing energies.
It is a soothing and calming stone that can be used to draw pain out from affected areas and must be cleansed regularly.
This stone heals imbalances from past lives and clears emotional baggage from previous relationships.
Helps bring you into contact with angelic guidance.
Use infinite stone if you want to confront anyone from your past as it helps to bring a gentle energy into the meeting.
Light green serpentine is excellent for pain relief, especially menstrual and muscular aches and pains.


Shattuckite is a copper silicate hydroxide mineral which casn normally be found with inclusions of other copper rich minerals such as ajoite, malachite, chrysocoola and turquoise for example.
It is a stone for connection to the inner realms – one that assists in understanding and communicating information from spirit.
It stimulates the throat chakra, enhancing one’s skills in communication. an excellent stone for teachers, public speakers and others who use verbal communication as their primary work. Thus it allows you to ‘walk your talk’.
Shattuckite’s highest use is for communication of wisdom and information from the higfher realms.
it’s a beautiful and peaceful ally that resonates with the water and wind elements.
Shattuckite can help balance spleen, bile and acid in the body.

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingams are egg-shaped stones . They are found in one of the seven holy sites of India – the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata. Villagers gather the stones from the river and hand polish them.
The egg shape is considered a phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva. The shiva lingam represents both male and female, as well as the cosmic egg from which all creation emerged.
This stone resonates with energies of all the elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Stone. Use this stone to- Charge the entire chakra system, Activate kundalini energies, boost vitality, break up old patterns and open the path for new life and boost vitality.

Use shiva lingams to treat impotence, infertility, strengthen and balance the whole body.

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam are an egg shaped stone found in india. They are a tannish coloured stone with red/brown stripes. It’s seen as a symbol of the phallus of the Hindu God Shiva. in the temples it is often paired with something that represents the feminine. however, the shiva linam actually represents both male and female qualities.
Shiva lingams symbolize the primeval energy of the Creator. The shiva lingam activates the kundalini energy that rises from the base chakra, activating all the chakras and ultimately bringing enlightenment.
shiva lingams aid in loving the self and excepting the differences of others as all being part of The creator.
they have been used in healing experiences of sexual abuse and helps aid the emotional pain that stems from this.
Physically, it stimulates the body’s energetic system and supports general healing at all levels. It can help with matters of impotence, infertility and other sexual or reproductive imbalances.



Shungite is named after where it was found in Shun’ga, in the Karelia Republic. Shungite is estimated to be almost 2 billion years and is mainly made up of fullerenes which gives it amazing healing properties.

There are many healing properties of Shungite that being -

. Shungite shields and protects from EMFs

. Shungite is an overall healing stone

. Shungite purifies water so excellent to drink or bathe in

. shungite calms and relaxes you on all levels of your well being

. Shungite is an excellent stone to work with energetically as it grounds energy as well as bringing light down from higher auric fields/planes

. Shungite is used in crystal healing and is an amazing physical healing stone that has been used in a number of illnesses and disease, including cancer.



Smithsonite comes in a variety of colours from blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, white, grey or brown.

Smithsonite is a stone of tranquillity, soothing the emotions and relieving one of stress. It works as a buffer against life’s problems. An excellent stone for one who has had a difficult childhood, especially have felt unloved or unwanted.

Smithsonite helps to heal the inner child and alleviate the feelings of being unwanted or abused.

It also helps aid in times of difficult relationships. It brings about trust and relaxation whilst helping you eliminate fear, anxiety and tension.
It can also help with stimulating psychic abilities.

It is an excellent stone to use for the immune system as well as reproductive organs. Can also assist in weight reduction.

Element is water.

Smoky Quartz

Colour: brownish to blackish hue. Naturally irradiated
Smoky quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones and at the same time raises your vibrations. Grounds spiritual energy and gently neutralises negative energy. It absorbs electromagnetic smog and blocks geopathic stress. SQ relieves fear, lifts depression and brings emotional calmness. It alleviates suicidal tendencies. Cleanses the base chakra so that passion can flow freely. It helps alleviate nightmares and manifests your dreams and excellent to help with sleeping. When it comes in contact with negative emotions, it gently dissolves them. Aids in clearing the mind for meditation.
As Smoky quartz is naturally irradiated, it’s an excellent stone to use in radiation related illness or chemotherapy. Care needs to be taken in choosing those crystals that have been artificially irradiated to those that are more natural and transparent.
Excellent to use over areas of pain. Good for ailments of hips, abdomen and legs. Benefits the reproductive system, muscle and nerve tissue and the heart. Dissolves cramps, strengthens the back . aids assimilation of minerals and regulates liquids within the body
Key words- grounding, anchoring ,raise vibrations, link to heaven and earth, relieve fear and depression, remove and transmute negativity
Sodalite unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception, thus bringing information down into the physical body.
It stimulates the pineal gland and third eye, making it an excellent stone to use in meditation.
Sodalite allows you to remain true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in. It is a stone of insight and calm. The more you are calm, it allows for new information to be received. It also helps with panic attacks. It can also transform a defensive or oversensitive personality.
It enhances self esteem, self acceptance and self trust.
You can use sodalite to protect against EMFs.
Physically, sodalite helps balance the metabolism, overcome calcium deficiences and cleanses the lymphatic system and organs, boosting the immune system. Treats the throat , lowers blood pressure and can cool fevers.

Specularite or Specular Hematite

From the champion mine, Michigan
This beautiful variety of hematite has a rich metallic luster on a sparkling silvery polished surface.
Specularite brings grounding and high energy simultaneously. It promotes the aspiration to your personal goals regardless of what is perceived as acceptable, releasing all judgment. This stone assists in grounding high level spiritual energy to the reality of every day life.
It’s grounding influence allows one to re-integrate one’s awareness into the physical body after travelling to the higher realms in meditation.


Sphalerite energizes the base chakra, increasing one’s life force, courage, strength and vitality. It stimulates sexual energy and creative inspiration within the sacral chakra and at the solar plexus it strengthens the ability to manifest, expand willpower and have clearer thought.

It allows you to not only draw energy up from the earth but to send excess energy back to the earth.

Excellent for balancing and grounding. Also a stone of discrimination, which is it will tell you truth from fantasy, fact from fiction, between true spiritual insights and wishful thinking.

It physically supports the immune system, increases stamina and energy levels.


Staurolite or fairy cross is believed to represent the tears the fairies shed when they heard of Christ’s death.

Staurolite is a protective stone and is a talisman for good luck. An excellent stone to give to children for protection.

These stones are used in white magic ceremonies.

This stone connects the spiritual, physical and etheric planes, promoting communication between them.

Helps alleviate depression and addictions.

Excellent for those wanting to give up smoking. It helps in understanding the hidden reasons behind the addiction to nicotine and provides a grounding energy for airy people who have used nicotine in anchoring them to earth.

Increases assimilation of carbohydrates and reduces depression.


Stibnite can be used like a sword to remove and cut away unwanted attachments, entities and ultimately sever cords.

It can assist one in making profound changes to self. It can also be effective in attracting new opportunities in regards to business and wealth so be clear on your intention.

It works as a barrier around your subtle bodies, enhancing your energetic field.

Physically used for stomach conditions, skin eruptions, supports healing of infections.


Pinkish purple in colour. Normally found growing with green serpentine.
Stichtite activates the kundalini up through the chakras to the crown. it links heart and chakras. it blends the vibrations of love and forgiveness.
It remind you to call upon your angels during good as well as bad times. it activates the third eye.
It is the stone of love and unity. It reminds us of the power of the heart.
It allows us to overcome the fear of asking others for help. it allows us to feel compassion toward those who create a negative emotional field around you..
Physically it calms the nervous system. can help with tension headaches or muscular tension due to stress.
It’s an aid for digestion and can support and prevent emotional binge eating.


Stilbite is a zeolite whos colour varies from white, pink, grey, yellow, red, orange and brown. it is often found with other minerals such as apophylite, heulandite, cavansite and other known zeolites. Most stilbite is found in Poona, India.
Stilbite has a beautiful softness that carries the vibration of love and support. it helps to open the inyuition, create a balance between the hemispheres of the brain and allow for clarity of clear thinking.
Stilbite can be used to enhance learning and help calm ADD and ADHD.
Physically it can be used to treat brain disorders, strengthen ligaments


Stonehenge is bluish grey with white spots.It is a form of Dolerite and only found in the Presili Hills of England.

This is the same material that the original stone circle at Stonehenge was built from. Boulders weighing 2 – 4 tons were transported over 200 miles from Preseli in Wales to Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain by prehistoric people who were certain of its unique energy and power.

On a physical healing level it promotes change and new beginnings by opening doors to new possibilities, fulfilment of your dreams, goals, and ideals.
These stones aid divination helping you to see into the past and the future. It facilitates re-birth and astral travel. Also it gives an inner force, courage and emotional strength that help you to see the funny side of things. It brings peace of mind and can be relaxing helping with the relief of phobias, insomnia, and anxiety and panic attacks. It benefits any type of public speaking. Linking to the priests of old (predating Druidry, these people worshiped the Ancestors) it offers their favour and perhaps “the favour of the ancestors or gods” bringing wealth and happiness and answering your prayers.


sugilite is known as the stone of dreams by allowing one to have vivid and lucid dreaming and as a spiritual protector by emersing the wearer of the stone in a ‘shield of light’. it protects sensitive souls from the disharmony of those around them.
It is considered one of the new age stones of light at carries the highest vibration of the purple ray.
it is a powerful stone for opening up the third eye, crown and etheric chakras.
sugilite activates the heart and mind, helping one find their true spiritual passion.
The more vibrant and brighter colours tend to open and activate the higher chakras and the darker colours assist one in grounding their dreams into physical reality.
Emotionally sugilite helps with overcoming helplessness, overwhelm and the feeling of having no options in life.
Physically it is excellent for counteracting headaches due to the manganese within sugilite. Great for insomnia and to counteract nightmares. Calms the nerves and helps release worries.


Sulphur is an excellent mineral to use to absorb negative energies and emotions, due to its negative electrical charge.
It is volcanically created which makes it good to deal with skin eruptions, tempers, outbursts, violence and fever.
Sulphur helps to ameliorate repetitive and distracting thought processes, and aids in identifying negative traits within the personality. It inspires the imagination and helps to ground thoughts in a practical manner.
Sulphur best works for conditions that flare up such as fever, skin conditions such as eczema as well as infections. As an essence, sulphur can help with painful joints and swelling.
Sulphur is toxic and shouldn’t be made in the indirect method when creating an essence. Please don’t lick fingers after you handle sulphurJ. Make sure you wash hands well.

Super 7

Super 7 is a combination of 7 minerals being; clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, goethite, lepidocrocite, rutile and cacoxenite.

Super 7 carries the frequency of the whole, regardless if some of the minerals are absent.

It is a high vibrational stone which never needs cleansing.

It is said to be shifting the vibrational frequencies of this planet and everything upon it. It is helping us ease into the age of Aquarius which is upon us now.

This stone can heighten the vibration of other crystals around it. It helps activate and align all chakras and subtle bodies.

It can help on all levels of healing being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It reminds us of who we are and that we are all part of The One Source.

Excellent for the immune system, harmonizing the body and healing cellular memory.

Excellent to use in gridding self and the Earth.

Tangerine Quartz

Colour is orange. Colouration due to iron inclusions or encrustations on the quartz.
Tangerine quartz mainly works at the second chakra or sacral centre, activating and stimulating creativity and one’s sexual energies. It stimulates the joyful, creative energy of the inner child, encouraging playfulness and discovering and exploring one’s world without fear.
Tangerine quartz can be used with one who has experienced sexual abuse. Bringing the emotional hurt to the surface and dissipating it gently. Allowing healing on both a mental and physical level.
It can also be used in past life healing and is beneficial where the soul feels it has made a mistake and must pay.
It can aid in overcoming fear, particularly when it’s the fear of being inferior or feeling you are not good enough.
Physically, an excellent stone to use for infertility or lack of sexual interest. Can stimulate sluggish adrenals.


Tanzanite is a stone of extremely high vibrations. It has a direct link to the angelic realm, spirit guides and ascended masters.

It helps in entering altered states of consciousness with ease.

Spiritually tanzanite helps facilitate inner and outer journeying and deep meditation.

It links directly to the Akashic records to help facilitate cellular and karmic healing on all levels so that the soul is ready for ascension. It creates a linkage of heart and mind and allows for compassionate self expression.

It’s an excellent stone for overworked people, allowing one to learn to take time for self.

It can help overcome depression and anxiety.

Supports thyroid and adrenal, enhances neural links between brain and heart.


Tektites are black and are associated with meteoric impacts. Tektites vibrate at quite high frequencies and have a direct link to connections with ETs.
As a storm element stone, it works on all chakras. They have the ability to initiate the flow of energy form the earthstar chakra upward through the chakras to the Soul star chakra.
Tektites stimulate psychic and intuitive abilities. The stones have an intense effect on one’s energy field. Their frequency rapidly expands consciousness and invigorates the aura. Tektites can be used to help the body integrate high frequency energies.
Physically they can help reduce fevers and aid circulation.


Thulite is a stone of affection, joy and pleasure. It stimulates will and action, love and relationship and communication.
It encourages happiness, contentment, enthusiasm, affection, pleasure and joy.
It allows you to see the overall goodness of the world and ourselves.
It is excellent for making new friends or wanting to start a romantic relationship.
Thulite is a beautiful stone to gift to children as it allows for them to feel safe, happy and at home in this world.
Excellent for using to help break self destructive patterns.
Also a great stone for giving up addictions such as smoking and for emotional imbalances such as shame and self judgement.

Tibetan Quartz

From the Himalayas of Tibet, many of these crystals have black inclusions of either manganese or carbon . The points include both single and double terminations, as well as Twins, Channeling, Isis, and other interesting formationsThe double terminated means it can radiate and absorb energy at both ends simultaneously.
They are regarded as being amongst the most powerful stones of spiritual protection ever found.
The crystal tends to contain a very powerful “OM” vibration, prompting the inventive powers. The body can attune to this resonance and radiate the energy and verity of the Higher Self.

Carrying or wearing one of these crystals creates a protective layer and a ‘bubble of light’ around the body, allowing only positive vibrations to penetrate the auric filed.
They will purify an area and removes all negative energy.
The energies of Tibetan Quartz activate and balance the chakras and meridian system.
Excellent stone for healers to use to help ground The Light into the different bodies.

Tibetan Tektite

Tibetan tektites are the property of tektites plus more. Considered one of the synergy stones. It is used for opening the chakra channel along the spine, attuning to the super natural  force, accelerating evolution and  light body awakening. It inspires the joy and wonder of spiritual awakening.
It is known to the Australian Aborigines as Maban, which means magic. The Chinese writer Liu Sun named it Lei-Gong-Mo which means stone of the thundergod and in India it’s known as Saimantaki-mani meaning The Sacred Gem Of Krishna.
It aids with spinal alignment.

Tiffany Stone

Tiffany stone is also known as Bertrandite, purple passion, purple opal and opalised fluorite.
It is becoming harder to get a hold of. It’s a rare and complex gemstone of beryllium and other minerals formed from volcanic ash pressurised for over 2000 million years.
Tiffany stone is spiritually high vibrational , it enhances metaphysical abilities and opens the crown chakra connecting to multi dimmensions and the highest of guidance. It is useful for integratin the light body into the physical.
Tiffany stones encourages following the soul’s path.
It helps to remove emotional blockages and bring about emotional strengths to assist you in all types of transitions.
It helps fill the heart and higher heart with unconditional love.
it brings about mental claritry and acuity and hence makes a good stone for academic study..
As it is a stone that is an excellent conduit for electrical and thermal conductivity, it allows energy to flow freely , hence helps release blockages and energises and cleanses the chakras.
It stimulates libido and sexual energy, hence it’s name purple passion.
I find it an exceptional stone to help me find blockages within the body and auric field.
due to the high fluorite content, it is said to be beneficial for strengthening bones and ligaments. Also great to use with tendernitis , osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Tiger Eye

Tiger’s eye ranges in colour from brown-yellow, blue and red.
It supports physical vitality and energy. It stimulates the first 3 chakras, combining the energies of the earth with that of the sun and grounding these energies into the physical body.
It teaches the balance between polarities and the underlying unity behind apparent opposites. It balances the physical with the spiritual.
Emotionally it is helpful for solving dilemmas and conflicts between people, bringing harmony to the forefront. Excellent for softening stubbornness. Helps heal issues of self worth, self criticism and blocked creativity. It energises the emotional body and helps to lift moods.
Physically it supports general vitality, strengthens the endocrine system and helps bring hormones into balance.

Tiger Iron

Tiger iron is a combination of tiger eye, hematite and red jasper.
A very masculine stone, combining that of 3 minerals. Works well on first 3 chakras.
It helps with strength, stamina and is uplifting physically, increasing physical vitality and strength. A very grounding stone.
Tiger iron strengthens the blood as it resonates with the iron content. Helpful with anaemia. Stimulates red blood cell production in the bone marrow and is generally strengthening to the skeletal system.


Topaz soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, remotivates and aligns the meridians of the body – directing energy to where it is needed most. It promotes truth and forgiveness. Topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It is known as a stone of love and good fortune. Releases tension, inducing relaxation. Topaz promotes openness and honesty, self-realisation and self-control. It aids problem-solving and assists in expressing ideas. Stabilises the emotions, making you receptive to love from all sources.
Topaz aids digestion and combats eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. It fortifies the nerves and stimulates the metabolism.
In addition to the generic healing properties of Topaz, specific colours have additional attributes:
Clear Topaz – helps one in clarifying one’s intention, aligning it with the divine will and manifesting it into the physical world. It has to do with spirituality, enhancing psychic gifts and showing mental clarity.
Golden Topaz or Imperial – this is a stone for manifesting one’s personal intentions, will and desires. It enhances creativity. excellent for creating abundance. Golden topaz activates and clears the second and third chakras.
Blue Topaz- clearly provides an enhancement of one’s mental processing and verbal skills. it is also a natural magnifier of psychic abilities. it has a calming , soothing effect on the emotional body. can be used to calm migraines.


Colour range from black, blue, green, pink, red, brown, watermelon, blue-green.
Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It’s a powerful healing stone. It dispels fear and negative influences and has strong protective qualities.
Due to the striations along the body of tourmaline, it enhances energy flow and is an excellent healing stone.

Black Tourmaline – Also known as Schorl. Protects against all forms of EMFs, negative energies and psychic attack. Due it’s connection with the base chakra, it grounds energy and increases vitality, removing tension and stress. An excellent gridding stone for grounding and removing negative energies.
Physically treat the immune system, spinal column and can help with dyslexia and arthritis.
Blue Tourmaline- Also known as Indicolite.
It activates the throat and third eye chakras. It allows for clarity of self expression.
It can help one communicate with higher beings on matters of healing and spiritual development.
Helps one understand the cause of emotional trauma or imbalance. It’s good for headaches and migraines.
Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite)
helps one to develop psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Especially useful for mediumship and chanelling.
It energises the throat chakra by allowing clear communication and allowing one clear communication to express deep feelings.
It aids in opening of the third eye.
It supports attunement to healing spirits.
Green Tourmaline– Also known as Verdelite.
It’s an excellent self healing stone. It centres the energies of the heart, promoting compassion, tenderness, patience and a sense of belonging.
Helps dispel fear and transforms negative energy into positive energy.
Verdelite allows you to channel nature’s healing powers as it connects you to the Earth.
This stone is good for hyperactive children as it helps quieten the mind. It helps realign the spine, and aid strained muscles. Can facilitate weight loss and is a useful detoxifier.
Pink Tourmaline – Is considered an aphrodisiac stone in both the spiritual and physical worlds.
It teaches you to love yourself before you can love others. It shows you it is safe to love. Through the heart chakra it enables emotional healing by ridding of the old beliefs and cleansing the energy field in the heart.
In healing, it balances a dysfunctional endocrine system and treat heart, lungs and skin.
Red Tourmaline– Also known as Rubellite. Opens the heart to joy and strengthens the ability to understand love. It offers stamina and endurance and increases vitality to the physical body.
It helps one overcome fears about abundance, survival, stability and and safety. It soothes the nervous system.
It balances the base and heart chakras allowing one to see and connect with true abundance.
Watermelon Tourmaline – watermelon tourmaline brings calm and joy to the person who carries the stone. It’s considered the super activator of the heart as it activates, clears and soothes the heart chakra.
Excellent supportive stone for those who suffer from heart conditions.
Golden Tourmaline– helps to release control one has on their own lives and that of others. It helps you feel more empowered and capable. It strengthens the will, increases confidence and inner strength.
Good for those who suffer with digestive problems.
Multi Coloured Tourmaline– also known as Elbaite.
Contains all colours which makes it a perfect stone to bring mind, body and spirit into wholeness.
It provides a gateway into the inner self and higher spiritual realms.
Brown Tourmaline– Also known as Dravite.
An excellent grounding stone. It clears and opens the earth chakra and grounds the physical body in incarnation.
It aids in finding emotional strength and sense of self acceptance. It initiates healing for those who have experienced emotional trauma.
It’s excellent for purifying the blood and for healing the lymphatic system. Good for bowl disorders such as Crohn’s disease or IBS.
Tourmalinated Quartz– This is black tourmaline within clear quartz.
Clear quartz is an amplifier of energy and a master healer. Combined with the properties of black tourmaline, it acts to clean ones energy field, removing all negativity from its field. An excellent stone to wear or carry to protect the body for negativity of all kinds, be it EMFs or someone else’s.


Tugtupite is a stone of the deepest energies of the heart. It can help reawaken lost passion and forgotten love.
It will also help one bring suppressed grief and sorrow to the surface, allowing for the release of these emotions.

It is a stone that creates deep heart activation and awakens the inner fire of love.

It strengthens the heart, nervous system and auric field.


Colours are green or blue. The blue is due to copper and the green due to iron.
Turquoise is a most efficient healer. It’s a protective stone and has been used for amulets in many civilisations. It promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds.
It’s a stone for finding wholeness and truth, it’s also an aid in the communication and manifestation of these qualities. It provides solace for the spirit and well being for the body as a whole.
It enhances intuition when placed on the third eye and at the throat chakra, it helps release old energies and replace it with the souls true expression.
As a purification stone, it dispels negative energy and clears EMFs.
Turquoise is an excellent stone for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks.


The colour of vanandanite range in colour from red, orange-red, brownish-red, brown or yellow.
Vanandanite is considered the stone of service. When there is work to be done, this stone can help make sure the work will be accomplished and completed.
It activates the lower 3 chakras, promoting endurance, persistence, power and will.
This stone also stimulates the mind, allowing for clear thought and good organisational skills and help you remain on task.
Vanandanite has a direct link to earth energies and it can increase one’s sensitivity to elemental forces. This stone can help one who works with geomancy will have an increased awareness of the position of ley lines and vortices.
It stimulates creative and sexual energies. It supports the production of hormones. Can be used to protect against certain EMFs such as computers.


Vesuvianite is also known as Idocrase. It is a highly energetic stone uniting the heart and the will, giving one an enthusiasm for life and the courage to change.

Yellow green Vesuvianite can help stimulate and integrate the solar plexus and heart chakras allowing for one’s will to align with the promptings of the heart. It allows one to manifest their true heart desires on this earthly plane.

The pink purple variety can make one more aware of their true hearts desires.

Vesuvianite brings enthusiasm back into one’s life and can help inspire one toward spiritual growth.

Physically supports muscle strength, especially in the legs and feet.


As per Eclectology

Metaphysically Vivianite (Mineral) is thesupreme meditation facilitator, it quietens the mind and when ritualized will open the inner
conscious to receive messages from your hearts desires, allowing mature and honest appraisals of
love and respect. It helps remove negative thoughts acting as an auric cleanser and is very good for
the heart, throat and brain, both on a physical and emotional level. It helps remove self-inflicted
wounds and low self esteem. It creates a generous heart, seeing the interconnectedness and love that
truly binds all things in everything.

Vivianite is a mineral of peace, love, compassion, caring and spiritual illumination. It gives strength
to carry on through great adversity. Vivianite is a powerful healer, reminding the body how to heal
itself. It opens the Throat, and connects with and clears all Chakras, including Upper Heart and
Upper Crown. It becomes quite hot with use, and burns away any illness or negativity held within
the body.

It stimulates the body’s own healing process for both illness and injury, and aids iron assimilation,
making it useful in treatment of anaemia. Vivianite assists mental clarity, and has been used to treat
cases of dementia, memory loss and confusion. Colour range is blue to green and colourless.
Energy of crystals tends to convey love and inspiration for life. It is the Goal-setting mineral. Helps
in recognizing goals and reflections of memory. Helps delineation of intent, right-mindedness and
clarity of path. In its Australian (blue) nodular form it embodies Truth, Grounding and Spirituality,
the ultimate stone for connection with those that have past and communication.

It holds memories of the long ages of the Earth and the weight of history and can be used in magic
or meditation to find out where you belong in this vast, epic story. Used in spells to increase
patience and endurance or to find the energy to see a difficult task through to the end. In ritualistic
use it reveals ancestral and spiritual wisdoms by quietening the mind and drawing on its elemental connection.

Shaman Rock 
Shaman Rock can have within it Vivianite, Pyrite, Iron Phosphates and Copper and many other
minerals. Internally the colour ranges from deep blues to light blues, dark green to light greenish
yellow and black.


Wulfenite is highly attuned to the earth. Working with this stone one can resonate with the planet’s energetic heartbeat.

Wulfenite can aid in the alchemy of personal development and it can also assist in artistic creation.

It stimulates both inspiration and persistence, assisting one in carrying projects through to completion.

As wulfenite is a stone of originality, it helps bring through new ideas and visions for painting, music, poetry and other art forms.

It stimulates the solar plexus, activating one’s personal power and will. It also activates the sacral through one’s sexual energies and creativity.

Helps to rid of hesitancy and fear.

Physically stimulates metabolism, enhances sexual function


Zincite – colours are red, orange, colourless, and green.

Zincite enhances our life force, creativity, sexuality, personal power and manifestation.

It is a fire element.

Zincite is an excellent stone for those needing the fire of the lower chakra energies in order to bring their aspirations into reality. It stimulates the base, sacral and solar plexus giving you the courage to assist with finding your own strength and help deal with traumatic situations.

It can help alleviate symptoms of depression and release painful memories. Zincite has the power to push you forward into manifesting your full potential.

Zincite improves skin and hair. It is beneficial to the prostate gland and for menopausal conditions. It boosts the immune system. It treats CFS, AIDS and auto immune diseases. Helps alleviate candida, mucous conditions and bronchitis. Has been used to treat problems of infertility.


Zoisite transmutes negative energies into positive ones and connects to the spiritual realms.
It aids you in manifesting your own ideas without being influenced by others.

Mentally it allows you to refocus and centre on your objectives. It can encourage recovery from illness and stress.

It is a detoxifier and helps reduce inflammation. It strengthens the immune system and regenerates cells and treats the heart, spleen, pancreas and lungs. It also helps to stimulate fertility.

Ruby in Zoisite is an energy amplification stone that can energize the entire field of one’s body. It is used for psychic ability and empowerment, as well as altered states of consciousness. Ruby in Zoisite stimulates the crown chakra as well as the heart chakra. Physically, it is beneficial for heart disorders, and physical vitality.
Instills joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage, bringing passion and a zest for life. It increases sexual activity, treating impotency and frigidity.
It powerfully amplifies the biomagnetic field around the body.

Please note: Information supplied in crystal properties has come from a number of sources. Those being; The Crystal bible, The Book of Stones, Crystal Workbook, Love is in the Earth, as well as some of my own information.