Crystal essences

Crystal essences are a form of vibrational medicine. Crystals are either placed in purified water or in a bowl in the purified water (indirect method). For me the purified water sits within a complex grid and is surrounded by other crystals, sacred geometric  forms, plants, feathers, singing bowls or whatever I may be guided to use. The essences I create have been intuitively made or guided through my dreams.

I take great pleasure in being able to create an essence for individual needs and will do so intuitively. I will create a mother tincture out of this essence and depending on the individual, will depend on whether I send it as is or I will make a stock or dosage bottle.

A Crystal essence is another way of using vibrational healing. All healing that takes place is done through the auric field or the outer (invisible) layers of the human body as dis-ease enters these layers before it enters our physical body where illness is then seen. The essences are of a very high frequency and as with other forms of healings, can bring issues to the surface, whether they be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual depending on what the essence is for. They help to bring about changes needed and imbalances that need rebalancing.

For any more information or if you would like to order an essence, please use the contact page on my website and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

All essences I create can be ingested, rubbed into the body or even put under your pillow. No essence I create is toxic or unsafe.. They are purely vibrational essences. All essences that are available for purchase, are created via the indirect method and set up within a grid formation. Please note as with all forms of complimentary therapy, essences ARE NOT a substitute for any form of medical treatment or a replacement for medication.

As a recommendation, 9drops/3 times a day to be ingested. Essences can also be intuited to how you want to take them as there is no set rule.

Shake bottle well before use.