Chakra is Sanskrit for vortex or spinning wheel. They are so called named as they spin like a wheel of energy.  There are seven main chakras in which we work by. Some work with twelve.

When the chakras are balanced, the energies are flowing freely and  we have a state of  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. When these centres are blocked or imbalanced, we experience illness and or emotional imbalances as well. Each chakra emits its own frequency and has its own colour. Also the endocrine system is directly related to each of these chakras.

Root/Base Chakra

Endocrine gland; ovaries and testes

This chakra deals with grounding, having a solid foundation. It relates to our survival instincts and security on a basic level. Money issues, career, needs vs. wants arise in this chakra.

The emotion to stem from this chakra is fear.

Colour is red

Affects our spine, skeleton, legs, feet

Sacral Chakra

Endocrine gland; adrenals and continuation of reproductive glands

This area deals with sexuality, creativity, addictions, birth of ideas and giving birth, issues  of worth and your body. Also ambition and drive. fight or flight. Control issues can arise in this centre. Our intuition starts within this chakra.

Colour orange

Affects our genitals, womb, kidneys and bladder

Solar Plexus

Endocrine gland; pancreas

This centre deals with the lower self or the ego. Issues of personal power, self esteem, self worth, freedom of choice and confidence arise in this centre.

Colour is yellow

Affects our spleen, stomach, liver, pancreas

Heart Chakra

Endocrine gland; thymus

This is the centre of our higher self. The heart is considered the seat of the soul. Within this centre we  deal with the issues of unconditional love, self acceptance, peace, purity, forgiveness and unity. We learn to love everything. We learn there is a gift in everything and give gratitude for all that we have.

Colour is green and pink

Affects blood, circulation, immune system and lungs

Throat Chakra

Endocrine gland; thyroid and parathyroid

The throat is the seat of our will. When our will is strong we act from our inner knowing, we live according to our truths.  It deals with issues of communication, creativity, integrity and truth.

As the saying goes; when you live and speak your truth, you will march to your own beat and walk your talk.

Colour is blue

Affects vocal cords, neck and shoulders

Third Eye

Endocrine gland; pituitary

This is the centre of wisdom, intuition and imagination. The centre of inner knowing. An open and correctly functioning 3rdeye will lead to clairvoyance. It is how we perceive the world

Colour is indigo

Affects central nervous system


Endocrine gland; pineal

This chakra is our gateway to source, the divine. The crown is where we receive and experience wisdom and enlightenment. We deal with spirituality and serenity. Essential to claircognizance or clear knowing

Colour is purple

Affects eye sight, autonomous nervous system