You are the Master Weaver of your Life

You are the Master Weaver of your Life


You are the Master Weaver of your Life.

Reading 17/12/2018

Last weeks reading is still very pertinent this week and I am finding personally that my messages are coming through numbers . It is very significant.

This year has been crazy and I feel it safe to say that each of us has been challenged in some way . Many of us have been ‘forced’ to look at our personal relationships and where they are at- whether it be spouse, business partner or friend. Not everyone grows together and people are in our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. We are challenged and learn at the same time and it’s important to honour whatever outcome is there as it is our biggest teachers.

Dreamweaver shows us that we are in charge of our foundations and can build the life we choose. As certain businesses or relationships fizzle our, new and exciting ventures and people await. Whatever it is you are working on currently, is in its gestational stage and will birth when the time is right. Keep

Working at it and don't give up. As unlimited potential states that we can manifest and create all that we need and want now. The more we see it, believe it, trust it, know it and breather it ( Tesla’s law of attraction), we will physically bring it to fruition and anchor it into our reality.

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